10 back to school tips for parents: Staying organised


Best teacher award personalised cardPostsnap has done your homework for you, and you can copy our answers. Your little cherubs are going back to school, and if they’re organised, then you are too!

Check out our top tips to help everyone stay on track:

1) Set out the uniforms the night before. Missing socks and ties are likely to happen, and it’s better to find them the night before rather than in a frantic rush in the morning.

Extra tip: Don’t forget to put the homework in their bag the night before!

2) Make lunches the night before and put them in the fridge. This will save a good twenty minutes in the morning.

3) Get together an emergency kit. Hand sanitiser, tissues, chap stick, plasters, roll-on deodorant, emergency bus money… Chuck it in your children’s bags as a ‘just in case’.

4) Set alarms for ‘homework time’. If they want to argue, blame it on the alarm. You’re not the bad guy here – the alarm says it’s homework time!

5) Schedules can get out of hand if over used. But I think it’s a great way for everyone to be on the same page – literally. A weekly spreadsheet with Wednesday basketball practice, school trips, Saturday violin lessons… It keeps everyone on track, particularly when the days start to blur into one.

6) White board at the front door. Keys, library books, phone, wallet, homework… Tick it off before going out the door.

7) Get up five or ten minutes earlier than needed, and leave the house five or ten minutes earlier than needed. Being ahead of time allows for traffic, forgetful children and minor catastrophes.

8) Quiet time. This will come in useful! Quiet time is for reading or for doing homework without music blaring (so that you can relax with a cup of tea or glass of wine in peace). A wind-down time for you and the kids after a busy day is a great habit to have.

Extra tip: Wear them out before quiet time! A run, a walk, star-jumps in the lounge… I can guarantee they’ve been sat inside all day and would likely feel irritable. So get that energy out of them before settling down for the evening.

9) Include something fun for everyone to look forward to at the end of a chore. Perhaps every Monday (because Mondays are a chore to most) you could have a takeaway smoothie on the way home. Or, after dragging them around the supermarket at 4pm, they can pick what you should all have for dinner (and ask for their help in making it since they picked it!).

10) Eating healthy is difficult when everyone is in a rush and busy. Perhaps cut some veggies and fruit up before putting them in separate bags in the fridge. This makes them snackable, but also quick to chuck into a stir-fry or fruit salad when time is getting tight.

BONUS TIP: Be sure to use Postsnap to send a photo of the kids in their brand new uniforms to grandparents.

Best of luck to all the students for the new year at school!

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