App update for Postsnap

What’s new for Postsnap? Lots! From Facebook sign-in to new currencies, you best be excited to update your Postsnap App. Check it out!

Autumn leaves in November postsnap app update

We have paid close attention to what our treasured Postsnap customers want, and we have granted your wishes:

? In our latest update, you will enjoy the hassle-free Facebook sign-in and sign-up option. This feature will enable you to sign into the Postsnap app quickly and easily.

? We have also introduced a guest checkout for customers paying with Apple Pay. Great for when time is slipping away too quickly on holiday!

? You will be able to refer friends via social media Tell them on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp – a super speedy way to get your free credit in return.

? Postsnap is excited to include more currencies in our next update. Not only will we have British Pounds, but we are also including American, Canadian and Australian dollars. Without the conversion rates and conversion penalties, there will be no stopping you now.

? Postcards now have plenty more space to write on the back without squishing the text so small that your nan has to squint to read it. You will be able to describe your holidays in far more depth than ever before, meaning you get more bang for your buck!

Our most popular request is in our next update:

? Looking back at your order history will be another fantastic new feature. This means you can scroll back through all your previous cards that you sent from holiday, or to your dad on Christmas, and reminisce. You could even resend your old cards without the hassle of replicating them from scratch.

We hope you enjoy all the exciting features in our update.

Go Team Postsnap! ?

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