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Print Locket Photos From Phone

Jewellery is a go-to gift — it’s something special, thoughtful and you can choose the perfect piece to suit the style of those close to you. The joy of a locket necklace is that it adds that unique and personal touch. It’s a timeless and classic piece of jewellery, which holds tiny yet special locket photos of loved ones and allows the wearer to carry their nearest and dearest with them wherever they go. In this article we’ll show you how to print locket necklace photos.

Heart Shaped Locket PhotosOval shaped locket with photos
Locket’s come in gold and silver and many shapes and sizes, from heart shaped lockets to round, faceted and oval lockets. Because they’re often given as gifts to mark special occasions like births, weddings or milestone anniversaries they can hold a lot of sentimental value. However, you don’t need a special occasion to gift someone (or yourself!) a beautiful locket. And these days you’re not constrained to choosing from the simple, classic shapes that lockets are known for – there are many different options for finishes, metals and designs.

The trickiest bit, however, is getting the right size locket photos printed. And that’s where PostSnap comes in because we specialise in locket photo printing. Our locket photos offer you perfectly sized little locket pictures ready to insert into your pendant. The days of having to cut up your 6×4 prints and find a face small enough to fit your locket are well and truly over.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about locket photographs, from selecting, measuring and trimming your locket sized photos to the optimum size and shape to printing your photos direct from a phone and then fitting them into your new pendant locket.

Photo for locket
Step 1: Choosing the right photo for your locket

Lockets are unique pieces of jewellery that people hold close to their hearts, so the photo you choose to go inside it will hold special memories and meaning. In our experience people often choose to use a sentimental photo of family, friends or even a beloved pet. Take your time to choose the perfect photos for lockets and keep in mind that you may need to crop your photo to optimise it for your photo locket.

Here are some tips on how to narrow your options down:

  1. Choose a photo that is not too busy or detailed – the easier it is to isolate your person’s face in the image the better. Plus, any tiny bits of detail will be lost in a very small photo so don’t worry too much about that.
  2. Make sure the photo is not too dark – well-lit photos are the ones we’re looking for!
  3. Don’t forget to consider the impact of the shape of the locket on your picture. For example, if your pendant is a heart shaped, your photo print will have the inverted point at the top of the heart and right in the middle of it. Plus, remember that what works well in a heart shaped locket, may not work as well in a round or oval shaped locket.
  4. Confirm that the image will still be recognisable in a small locket. Locket pictures are usually of loved one’s faces – choose an image that has been shot quite close up, rather than from a distance, so all their features are defined and visible. 
  5. Bear in mind that head shots with some background are a great choice. If there are two people in the shot, make sure their heads are close together. Because locket pictures are so small, it’s best to avoid large group photos — save the big family photos for a large photo print or a personalised photo card.
  6. Remember that as with any photo, the better the quality of the image, the better it will look when printed. High resolution images work best, but most smartphones provide enough megapixels to capture the ideal resolution, even for printing mini locket sized photo prints.
  7. Don’t have any important parts of your photo near the edge of the photo as these may be cut off when you trim your photo to fit the locket photo area.
  8. For lockets which hold photos in both sides, you can choose two images. You may decide to select two separate photos, or crop and split subjects from one shot. 

Make sure that after cropping the image you’ve chosen has the subject in the centre and enough background around the face or faces, so that it’s the background, not the subject, that gets lost if the photo needs to be trimmed.

Step 2: Measuring your locket for the right locket sized photos

You are probably asking yourself what size are locket photos? The truth is there is no standard size because each locket is different. Lockets are manufactured in different materials, in a range of shapes and to different sizes. However, most lockets will have space for at least one small locket picture, and generally two and getting the size of the actual photo print right is important. The majority of locket pictures require photos of around 15 to 25mm x 15 to 25mm (1.5 to 2.5cm x 1.5 to 2.5cm) but not all jewellery pieces are the same and so it’s important to measure the locket template or locket itself accurately.

With PostSnap’s locket photo creator you need to enter the maximum dimensions of the photo area of your locket in order to generate a square or rectangular photo to roughly fit the size of your locket and which you then trim to final size and shape when the printed photo arrives in the mail. Our photo prints are designed to fit virtually any size of locket or pendant.

Some lockets are supplied with a little paper template inside and this makes it easy to measure the two dimensions and trim your photo to share but if you don’t have one don’t worry as you can measure the locket itself to get the two dimensions and you can also create your own locket template to assist in trimming your photo to shape later. 

To get the measurements for your locket photo print if you have a template, lay the paper template supplied with your locket on a flat surface and using a ruler measure the widest and highest points in millimetresTip: A typical photo for a locket measures around 20mm +/- 5mm at its widest and highest point. These are the two measurements you need to input when you order your locket prints online. 

Enter locket photo measurements into PostSnap
Enter your measurements in millimetres and order your locket photo prints straight from your phone, tablet, or PC. If you have measured your template in centimetres or inches you will need to convert your measurements to millimetres before entering the dimensions into the locket prints page of the PostSnap website. Remember that 1 centimetre = 10 millimetres and 1 inch = just over 25 millimetres.

Once you have recorded the relevant width and height measurements put your template aside to use again when your pendant photos are delivered.

If you don’t have a template supplied with your locket, you’ll need to make your own. This is relatively easy and involves measuring the width and height of the locket photo area and adding half the width of the rim if it has one. If the locket doesn’t have a rim simply measure the widest and highest parts of the photo area of the locket. Keep in mind that if you measure the widest and highest part of the locket itself (rather than the photo area) you will need to trim off more of the photo print so that it fits the photo area.

Therefore, to create your locket template open the locket clasp and lay the open locket on a flat surface and measure the widest and highest points of the photo area and add half the width of the rim on each side from the two dimensions (for the typical locket you generally add 2mm to each dimension for the rim (2 x 1mm on each side). Tip: The rim runs all around each side of the locket and is usually around 2mm thick.

These are also the measurements you need to input when you order your locket print online. You can enter your measurements in centimetres or inches and order straight from your phone, tablet, or PC.

Now create your locket template using the two dimensions. We first create a square or rectangular shape using graph paper to help ensure the drawing is accurate and to assist with sketching the locket shape afterwards. Having used your measured dimensions to draw a square or rectangle on the graph paper using a good quality sharp pencil. Once complete put the graph paper to one side whilst you stetch out the shape of your locket using tracing paper. 

Heart shaped locket measurements
Place a small piece of tracing paper over one side of your open locket and carefully sketch around the shape of the rim or photo area if it doesn’t have a rim. You should now have a heart, oval, circular, rectangular or square shape dependent upon the shape of your locket which needs to be transposed on to the graph paper within your square or rectangular box. To do this turn the tracing paper over and put your sketched shape within the box. It may help to tape the tracing paper to the graph paper to hold it in place. Trace over your heart shape for example to leave the heart shape within your box. 

Using a pair of sharp, curved nail scissors cut out the template and put it to one side until your locket picture prints arrive.

What you’ll need: 

Step 3: Printing locket photos from your phone

Enter locket photo measurements into PostSnapLocket photo uploaded to PostSnapPhoto cropped to fit locket necklaceLocket photo preview on iPhoneLocket Photo Tiled

Now you have your locket template and the width and height measurements required to create your locket photo prints we get down to the business of printing your chosen picture(s) as square or rectangular shapes. At PostSnap we’ve made it as easy as possible to print locket photos for which fit your pendant. Here’s how:

1. Navigate to Locket Photos – this is where you’ll find everything you need for getting those locket photos printed.
2. Hit ‘Get Started’ and input the width and height dimensions you measured. Remember to take into account trimming the edges once it’s been printed, and double check you’ve got the right unit of measurements – millimetres. You don’t want to print in inches when you really meant millimetres!
3. Choose whether you want your pictures printed in full colour or black and white, and with a gloss or matte finish (tip: matte usually works better in lockets).
4. Upload your photo!
5. Once the photo is uploaded, you’ll be able to move the red crop box to make sure you are getting the right crop for your locket. You’ll also be able to see a preview of your image below.
6. This step is important so don’t skip it! Make sure you flick the ‘Tiling’ toggle on. This multiplies your image across the print so that you have lots of copies of your cropped photo to experiment with sizing and trimming when it comes to actually fitting the picture into the necklace.
7. Approve your print and check out. 

Locket photos

Remember that PostSnap prints square and rectangular shaped photos and so you will need to trim your photo print to its final shape and size when it arrives.

Step 4: Trimming and fitting your locket photo prints to fit your pendant

Once your prints have arrived, all that’s left to do is trim them and pop them in your picture locket. This is where your little template comes into its own.

locket photo templatelocket photo template 2

locket sketch using tracing paperlocket heart tracing
Place your template over on of your tiled photos and trace around it with a pencil to get a faint but exact trim line. (Tip: using curved nail scissors or really sharp embroidery scissors will get nice clean edges if you are creating a curved shape such as a heart, oval or circle). Remember to trim evenly from all sides so that the subject remains central. Don’t worry if it takes a few tries to get the size right, this is exactly why we recommend tiling your print – so you’ve got lots of backup photos. 

heart shaped locket with photo
Once you have cut out your photo print Insert the little locket photo print into your locket and press gently around the rim at the edges using a pointed or slanted tweezers until it fits underneath the lip of the locket. The rim should hold the photo in place but if it doesn’t or your locket doesn’t have a rim you can add a small blob of glue to the back of the print before you inset it into the locket.

If there are any folds or creases, or the shaped photo print is too large, you should carefully retrim small slivers off the edges of the print until it fits smoothly.

What you’ll need:

Other creative ideas for locket sized photos

Miniature photos can have other uses, too. 

Why not throw a few in with your Christmas cards to give family and friends a visual update on your year? 

If you’re giving jewellery as a gift, you could place a tiny photo inside the box to add that extra personal touch. 

Or simply carry a selection with you in your purse or wallet. 

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Best lockets with photos

A locket necklace is a unique piece of jewellery that people hold close to their hearts. It’s such a timeless and classic piece of jewellery. A necklace with pictures inside is particularly special because it holds small sentimental photos of loved ones close to your heart.

Our customer services team love jewellery and spent hours testing and comparing a range of gold lockets and silver lockets to give you our best recommendations. Whether you prefer a heart shaped locket, an oval locket or a round locket these top-rated lockets with photos have our seal of approval.

So, if you’re buying a locket for a wife, girlfriend or child we think we’ve found the best examples available online today.

We scored each locket out of 100 based upon quality, design, value for money, uniqueness and ease of purchase online.


  1. Heart Locket With Diamond

    Posh Totty
    Score: 91/100

    Posh Totty Locket

    Brand – Posh Totty
    Locket measurements – 18×18 mm
    Colour – Silver
    Metal – Gold plated, sterling silver, 18 Carat
    Length of necklace – from 455 mm (18 inches) to 762 mm (30 inches) chain
    Stones – One birthstone
    Pendant photo size and shape – 16×16 mm, heart shaped

    This is a great quality necklace which is handmade in the UK. It is the most expensive of the picture lockets we reviewed but it’s made extra special because it has a sparkling diamond set in an engraved starburst on the front and can be engraved on the back.

    This heart shaped locket holds 2 photos and is made from sterling silver with 18ct yellow or rose gold plating.

    The choice of chain lengths is a great advantage compared to other lockets reviewed.

    You can buy cheaper lockets from this Posh Totty but we felt the uniqueness, size and quality of this locket justifies its price and it makes the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for someone really special.

    In summary this is an absolutely gorgeous and stunning personalised locket!

  2. Wanderlust + Co Heart Locket Pendant Necklace, Gold

    John Lewis
    Score: 86/100

    John Lewis Locket

    Brand – Wanderlust + co
    Locket measurements – 5×19 mm
    Colour – Gold
    Metal – Gold plated brass, 14 Carat
    Length of necklace – 455 mm (18 inches) chain
    Stones – One Cubic Zircona stone
    Pendant photo size and shape – 5×17 mm, heart shaped

    Heart shaped locket pendants don’t come more daintier and pretty than this. This gold locket features a delicate star engraving on the front and opens to reveal a heartfelt inscription on the inside.

    We couldn’t believe the quality for such a reasonable price.

    If you are looking for a good quality, delicate looking necklace with that all important sparkle this is the one for you. What’s more although the pendant is small it is beautifully packaged and is one of our top recommended lockets for a lady.

  3. Sterling Silver Heart Locket

    Score 84/100

    Goldsmiths Locket

    Brand – Goldsmiths
    Locket measurements – 17×24 mm
    Colour – Silver
    Metal – Sterling Silver
    Length of necklace – 450 mm (18 inches) chain
    Stones – None
    Pendant photo size and shape – 15×22 mm, heart shaped

    This sterling silver locket pendant is a minimalistic piece of jewellery and combines with all outfits to add an elegant touch. Open the clasp and this locket displays two good sized locket pictures.

    We also felt that the simple design makes this the ideal locket for men.

    Although we liked the simplicity and refinement of this heart shaped locket, we did feel it was let down by the price which was higher than many of the others

  4. Radley Love Letters Silver Tone Heart Locket Necklace

    H Samuel
    Score 82/100

    HSamuel Locket

    Brand – Radley
    Locket measurements – 5×19 mm
    Colour – Silver
    Metal – Brass
    Length of necklace – 550 mm (22 inches) chain
    Stones – None
    Pendant photo size and shape – 5×17 mm, heart shaped

    We recommend this cute silver locket necklace for all ages. The Radley logo adds a premium touch and the unusual chain design, albeit a little thin adds a unique touch. This is a pretty piece of jewellery which catches the eye.

    The craftsmanship is good for the price but as it is a small heart shaped locket it may be tricky to find a suitable photo to fit such a small area.

    The picture locket is reasonably priced and H Samuel’s shopping experience in store (Bournemouth) was very good.

  5. Moon & Back Silver Heart Photo Locket Pendant Necklace

    Score 80/100

    Argos Locket

    Brand – Moon & Back
    Locket measurements – 18×18 mm
    Colour – Silver
    Metal – Sterling Silver
    Length of necklace – 457 mm (18 inches) chain
    Stones – 70 Cubic Zircona stones

    Pendant photo size and shape – 16×16 mm, heart shaped

    Made of sterling silver this heart shaped silver locket has an array of tiny crystals on the front and has room for two photos on the inside.

    On the positive side this pendant is a good size, very sparkly and we felt it makes a great necklace for a teenager. However, it is a little flimsy looking and let down by the packaging as it’s a shame it didn’t come in a presentation box like some of the others we reviewed.

    The Argos online shopping experience was great with easy product search, fast checkout and speedy delivery.

Print photos for locket necklaces

Once you’ve purchased your picture locket, you’ll need to print tiny photos to fit. This is where PostSnap comes in. Upload your photos to our online photo printing website and we will print tiny photos at any dimensions you need – order online here.

Photos for lockets

We also have some great advice on how to print photos for a locket and how to put a photo in your locket here.

Picture locketHeart shaped locket with photos

More information about locket necklaces

Lockets a classic piece of jewellery and with thoughtfully chosen photos inside make an ideal, meaningful gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas. There are lockets on the market to suit all styles and tastes and they can we worn with just about anything.

Silver LocketGold Locket

The most important thing to consider here is who the locket is for. If you’re buying it for yourself then you will obviously choose something in line with your own personal taste. However, if you’re buying such a sentimental gift for someone else you want it to be something they will wear and treasure, that suits their style and will still look classy in years to come. It’s not a bad idea to ask them what metal they prefer their jewellery to be, or if you’re subtle, you could take note of the style of jewellery they already wear and find something that would compliment that. Do they favour classic shapes and colours? Or something a little bit different? Once you’ve determined this you’re better equipped to choose whether you want a gold or silver locket, a traditional oval or heart shaped locket design, or something more modern.

The next important consideration are the locket photos you choose because when you open your picture locket you’ll be reminded of memorable people and moments and you’ll carry these memories next to your heart. Therefore, the photo you choose to go inside it will hold special memories and meaning. Take your time to choose the perfect image — enjoy the process of browsing old photos and reliving those memorable moments. Alternatively, you could also consider putting a lock of hair in your locker rather than photos.

Finally, don’t forget that you can also get beautiful lockets that are personalised with an inscription – like ‘we love you Mum’ in a child’s handwriting and this along with a special photo makes a locket necklace a very special gift.

All lockets featured in this article were independently selected and reviewed by our customer service team. We do not earn affiliate revenue or commission if you buy something.

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A4 Photo Prints Framed

Read our top tips for framing A4 photo prints with and without a mount. We also give you some inspiration on where to buy A4 photo frames including our favourite, tried and tested photo frame, the Lomviken from IKEA.

What you’ll need

It has never been easier to buy high-quality A4 sized photo prints online. Thanks to PostSnap’s easy-to-use upload tool – you can order professional quality A4 photo prints in seconds. A4 prints are one of the most popular large photo print sizes, which is no surprise because A4 size is the most requested print size in the world and picture frame manufacturers often make photo frames and photo mounts to fit A4 photos.

Generally speaking, A4 photo prints are purchased to frame photos of the children, family and pets etc and hang on the wall but once your A4 photo print arrives, do you know how to frame it correctly? Making sure your framed photographs are correctly sized and formatted will ensure that your treasured memories look perfect in your home.

In this post, we are going to be answering some commonly asked questions regarding A4 photos like “what finish should I choose for a framed photo print – gloss or matte?” and “should I use a mount with a photo frame?” We’ll even give you advice on the best place to buy an A4 photo frame”.

Understanding the size of your photo print in metric and imperial measurements is your first task because photo prints are usually sized in imperial measurements whereas many photo frames use metric measurements.

A4 photo prints in imperial and metric measurements

To start planning the framing of your A4 photo prints you need to know the size of the photo to pick an appropriate frame.

Standard photo paper is sized in imperial measurements such as 8 inches and 12 inches and so on whereas many photo frames are sized in metric measurements such as 30 and 40 centimetres. Therefore, it is useful to know the size of A4 photographic paper in inches and centimetres.

The size of an A4 print is:

Imperial Measurements

  • A4 Landscape Photo Prints

          11.7 inches x 8.3 inches (length x height)

  • A4 Portrait Photo Prints

          8.3 inches x 11.7 inches (length x height)

Metric Measurements

  • A4 Landscape Photo Prints

          29.7 centimetres x 21 centimetres (length x height)

  • A4 Portrait Photo Prints

          21 centimetres x 29.7 centimetres (length x height)

Although most people are familiar with A4 size it is not a standard photo paper size. However, this size works well with popular 21×30 centimetre frames and mounts sold by most of the leading UK picture frame retailers as A4 is similar in size.

Photo frame sizes

Photo frames, from Ikea for example, are generally advertised at the appropriate photo size required for the frame rather than the actual frame size or mount aperture (opening) size. This sizing allows for a few millimetres of the photo to go behind the frame or behind the mount.

However, it is always advisable to purchase your picture frame before purchasing your photo prints and that way you can double check the photo frame and mount aperture measurements with a tape measure prior to buying your prints. This also allows you the opportunity to consider the option of using a mount or not.

As a few millimetres of the photo print will be behind the frame or mount and therefore not visible it is important that no part of the photo you want to display is close to the edge of the print.

Therefore, if you purchase a photo frame advertised at 21×30 centimetres or which has a mount aperture of 21×30 centimetres an A4 sized photo print should be the optimum fit for your frame or aperture.

Should I use a mount for an A4 print?

A mount is a piece of white card or paper often used when framing photos or prints. It is used for decoration and to provide a frame around the photo or contrast between the photo and frame. However, it also has a practical purpose. A mount made of thick card can separate an A4 photo frame from the print. This stops the photo from sticking to the glass. This can occur when the emulsion in a gloss photo in particular reacts to water in the air, or if a framed photo is in direct sunlight.

A well-mounted A4 photo frame will ensure your prints are the centre of attention and are well protected.

Before you purchase a frame, be sure to check the mount aperture (opening) sizing to see if it corresponds with the A4 print that you want to display.

A4 Photo Prints With MountA4 Photo Print Framed

Bleed for A4 photo prints

It is important to remember that the image of the photo you see on screen includes the bleed area of approximately 3mm around the edge of the photo. A4 prints and other large photo prints are trimmed after they have been printed and this bleed area is typically trimmed off during the final finishing of the photo print. Therefore, it is important to consider adjusting or cropping your image if important details are close to the edge.

It’s also important not to have important parts of the image near the edge of your print because these may be behind the frame or mount. Another option for your A4 photo print is to include adding a thin white border to your print, so you do not lose any of your original image during the final trimming. If you use PostSnap to print your A4 photos this is an easy to apply option before checkout.

Picking the right photo paper for your digital photos is the next challenge. The two main options are gloss and matte. The finish you opt for will depend on your photo and whether you want to display your print in an A4 photo frame with glass.

Gloss A4 photo prints

There are pros and cons to gloss and matte prints, so depending on the type of photo you want to print, and the frame you plan to use, one will suit you better than the other.

For gloss photo prints, one of the main advantages is the shiny, glossy finish. They are smooth and designed to reflect as much light as possible. That means a gloss A4 photo print tends to highlight colour and make photos appear more vibrant. For example, framed beach photos with bright colours may look best printed in gloss.

If you want to frame a gloss print, it is worth looking at an anti-reflective acrylic as the cover. This will ensure your photo is clearly visible – and doesn’t reflect too much light – as it has a matte finish to reduce glare.

The cons are that gloss photos are that this finish is prone to chick to the glass of a photo frame giving the impression that the print is faulty. In addition glossy prints can produce a glare that can be off-putting and take attention from your A4 photo print. You also need to be wary of touching gloss photos, as they show fingerprints. These can be difficult to remove if the photo has been repeatedly handled.

Generally, a glossy photo will not work as well as one with a matte finish with a glass A4 picture frame.

Matte A4 photo prints

Matte, also sometimes described as a lustre finish has its own pros and cons. Photos on matte photo paper have a non-reflective almost textured quality to the finish. That often makes matte prints more suitable for glass framed photos as it is less likely to stick to glass as compared to a gloss print.

Matte photos can be displayed, even in direct light, without glare becoming an issue. They are also more resilient when it comes to scratches and fingerprints.

One of the disadvantages of a matte photo is that the colours can appear duller. While they can really suit black and white and sepia images, they don’t provide as clear definition with really bright colours as do gloss photos.

How to frame your A4 prints

Firstly, decide if you prefer to use the frame in landscape or portrait and with or without the photo mount.

Before you open the back of the frame, make sure the print is ready — minimising the time the cover is open reduces the chance of dust getting onto it. Take out or spin the metal clasps on the back of the frame to release the backing board, then clean the glass or acrylic panel with a microfibre cloth to remove any smudges or dust.

Should you choose to use a mount there are several ways to fit an A4 print to a mount. Make sure that you have a clean surface available as you will need to lay your image on a flat surface. The mount needs to be positioned so that the photo is aligned correctly, and no important aspects of the photo are obscured.

Photo frame with A4 mountA4 photo frame back

Once you’re happy, secure the print onto the mount with longer strips of Scotch Magic tape, making sure they’re nice and smooth. Place the print and mount in the frame, drop the backing board on top and fasten the clips.

If you are not using the mount remove it from the frame and lay the photo on the frame and secure it with smaller strips of Scott magic tape. Once you are happy place the backing board back on the and fasten the clips.

Tour framed print is now read to hang.

Pick the perfect spot

When planning a new large or A4 photo print frame for your home, don’t be too specific about where you will hang or display it. Changing the location of your pictures is a simple and effective way to change the ‘look’ of your interior décor without having to redecorate.

The two main options are to hang prints on the wall, or to display them on a mantlepiece, cabinet or shelf.

Large photo prints framed can make a big impact, and can be hung in sets of four or six, or mixed with smaller prints to create a unique gallery wall.

Framed Photo Prints

Where can I buy photo frames for A4 prints?

If you’ve been asking yourself, “where can I find A4 picture frames?” – we’ve got good news for you. Good quality A4 picture frames for photos can be purchased online and in-store at many well-known brands including:

These frames come in a range of colours and materials including wood, plastic metal and acrylic.

If you think you need help with your framed pictures, an independent framing company can offer specialised support.

The frame and aperture you choose comes down to personal taste. But as a rule of thumb, it should be in proportion to the A4 print. Don’t worry too much about finding a frame that matches your home decoration. Trends change frequently, but you can take inspiration from Pinterest and other creative sources. We believe a simple and timeless design is best.

Be aware that some materials for A4 photo frames are less durable – such as MDF. Metal and wooden frames tend to last the longest.

One of the best A4 photo frames for prints is Ikea’s Lomviken frame. This is a popular frame because it comes in a range of frame& mount sizes including: 21cmx30cm, 30cmx40cm and 40cmx50cm. It is available in classic black that will compliment almost all large photo prints for wall display. It also includes a cream-coloured mount and plastic front protection.

Prices start at just £8 making it one of the best value frames on the market. The largest size of 61cmx91cm is available for just £25 (prices effective November 2022).

Summing it up…

Now that you know how to choose the perfect frame for your large A4 photo prints, you are on your way to displaying your photos beautifully in your home. Whether you’re looking to create a gallery wall, or simply display some framed beach photos on your mantlepiece, knowing they are framed correctly will ensure your pictures look their best!

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Beach personalised holiday postcard


With its effortlessly cool feel, vibrant culture and stunning architecture, it’s no surprise people are finally realising Miami is a contender in America’s great cities. At PostSnap, we’re big believers in there’s no better way to share your vacation photos than creating your own postcards with them. Our free app allows you to send your own postcards straight from your phone no matter where you are in the world. PostSnap means no stamps and no hunting for post boxes is needed so you can spend your time soaking up the city vibes.


We’ve rounded up the top five things to see on your vacation to Miami, and the absolute best shots to take for perfect postcards back home!



  • Everglades National Park


No trip to Miami is complete without a day trip to Everglades National Park. One of the most renowned locations for wildlife in the USA, the Everglades consists of 1.5 million acres of wetlands, marshes and mangrove forest. The entrance to the park at Homestead is an hour’s drive away and it’s only a short drive on to trails, lookouts and abundant wildlife. We recommend taking shots of walkways that stretch out into miles of greenery, views from observation towers (we recommend the Shark Valley Observation Tower) and of course the iconic airboats that are easily the best way to see the wildlife on offer. Bicycles can also be rented out: the flatness of the park makes it the perfect place for a bike ride.

Perfect For: Explorers & Wannabe David Attenbourghs


  1. Wynwood Walls

Wynwood is one of Miami’s coolest neighbourhoods but it’s main attraction is the collection of street art and murals at Wynwood Walls. This outdoor art gallery showcases some of the best street art, and is the perfect way to spend a morning or afternoon admiring the art. Each wall has a unique design, and it’s a perfect spot for brightly coloured photos for your postcard. The gallery also has its own bar and kitchen, meaning it’s the perfect place to chill out and soak up the city vibes. The neighbourhood of Wynwood is also filled with cool food markets, eateries and art galleries, meaning there’s plenty to see and do. Send a postcard with shots of the street art for the perfect colourful message back home.

Perfect For: Hipsters and Art Enthusiasts.


  1. South Beach

A classic and an essential. Palm trees, quirky lifeguard houses and perfect white sand make this one of the most well known beaches in the world. Take photos of the beach to make everyone at home wish they were on vacay with you. South Beach is also home to dreamy art deco architecture that dominates the seafront. Essential shots include the multicolour lifeguard towers which stretch for miles up South Beach and shots of the Art Deco District. South Beach is also home to Miami’s vibrant nightlife; take shots of the art deco buildings glowing with neon and all the hustle and bustle of the city’s most iconic neighbourhood.

Perfect For: Sunworshippers & Nightowls


  1. Fairchild Tropical Gardens


Retreat to the quiet side of town by visiting the Fairchild Tropical Gardens. This expanse of tropical parkland is one of the best tropical gardens, complete with its own tram tours and a butterfly house. The collection of plants in this tropical garden is a beautiful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city, and also offer an array of plants that make perfect postcards for gardeners back home and budding horticulturalists. Spend a morning here for a tropical retreat in nature not far away from the hub of the city.


Perfect For Plant Moms


  1. Little Havana

Cuba and the US’s history is long and complicated, but nowhere do the two merge so wonderfully than Little Havana, east of the city centre. This neighbourhood is home to the large Cuban diaspora and exiles , and is the perfect blend of American cool and Cuba’s latina feel. Stroll along Calle Ocho, Miami’s answer to the Hollywood Walk of Fame honouring Latina artists to see the area’s rich heritage or stop at the many food stalls and Restaurants for some of the best cuban food in the country. With the background of cigar smoke and latin music, this lively neighbourhood is a must see. Take photos of street food to make your family and friends’ mouth water or head to Domino Park for scenes of old men playing Dominos and smoking cigars.


Perfect for: Foodies and Budding Historians


Where are your favourite spots in Miami? Let us know and we’ll keep our eyes pealed. PostSnap is a free app, designed to turn your photos into lovely things that makes it easier to stay in touch. Whether you’re on the other side of the world and sending a postcard back home or you need a last minute birthday card, our easy to use app has got you covered. Download today from the app store or head to www.postsnap.com to make your first postcard!


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Travel Tuesday: Creative ways to remember your journey

To travel is to live

Don’t just take happy snaps while you’re on holiday or travelling – get creative! Capture your experiences in every city/country/town by having a signature look, style or theme. For example, the roaming gnome who was photographed at every location.
Here are five ideas:

1. A selfie in every city
A selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower, a selfie by the Golden Gate Bridge… Get classy and treat yourself to a selfie-stick before you go!
Selfie on the beach

2. Take a photograph of a dog in every city

I personally tried to find a horse in every city – which was surprisingly easy to do across Europe! If I couldn’t find one, a photo of a horse statue sufficed. 
Dogs in the city

3. Try a *
enter your favourite food here
* in every town
I went through a stage of trying an iced chocolate at every cafe we went to. I even went as far as taking photos of each one and rating it in a pocket notebook. Perfect idea for foodies who don’t have a large baggage allowance for heavy souvenirs.  
Food in other countries

4. Visit a film location in every country
Obsessed with movies? Find out where your favourite film was shot here.
Going away? Check what was filmed there and devise a travel itinerary to match.
I went to Bruges and marvelled at the tower where the movie In Bruges was filmed. It was a strange feeling.
In Bruges

5. Same pose in every place

This is a classic one shown below. Or, do a jig at every location – do you remember that YouTube guy who got famous by dancing poorly at every destination?
Pose while travelling

Get your holiday pics printed on postcards while travelling, and have them delivered to your home. When you get back, display your photo postcards around your bedroom mirror or in an album. ? (Download the free Postsnap app here.)

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Say thanks on Father’s Day for these 3 things…
Happy father's day 2017 funny personalised cardShow Dad that you’re his best creation by making him the best personalised Father’s Day card. Say thank you for his humour, advice and wisdom, such as that time when…
  • He unveiled his dad-jokes:
     “Two peanuts were walking down the street. One was a salted.”
    (Or the time when you asked him for his best joke, and his reply was “you”.)
  • He offered his best advice:
    “Make sure you eat before you go; a soldier fights better on a full stomach.”
  • He gave you his best nugget of wisdom:
    “It’s being a bit scared that makes an adventure. Otherwise it’s just a pleasant day out.”
Father’s Day is June 18, 2017. ?
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Fun websites for the bored traveller

Bored at the airport

Stuck at the airport waiting for your flight?
Tapping your nails on the desk until your next holiday?
Imagining what life is like on the other side of the world?

Well, be bored no more! For here are the five most addictive, interesting and entertaining websites across time and space for you to draw travel inspiration from (or just waste your time on):


geoguesser - where in the world am I?Where in the world am I?
The website plonks you on a street somewhere in the world via Google Maps, and you have to pin-point your location on the adjacent world map. It is actually incredibly fun for someone who loves travelling. You could see every corner of the earth within your five rounds. The closer your location is to where you think you are, the more points you get! Play Geoguessr here.

Dark Sky app - bring the weather with youTake the weather with you.

Experience the weather anywhere in the world with Dark Sky. It is an incredibly accurate weather forecaster, and shows you the weather anywhere in the world – future or past.

Radiooooo - sound of a time goneWhere we’re going, we don’t need roads…
Pick a place and pick an era – we are going back in time with Radiooooo! It’s a super cool concept where you can listen to songs that were hits on the radio in the country and time of your choice.

Letters of note - reading interesting historic postcardsGet inspired by reading historic postcards.
Read letters, postcards, memos and notes, from famous artists, writers, musicians and politicians from decades past. Some are inspirational, some are funny and some are shocking… Find them at Letters of Note.
(Make history by creating your own postcard with Postsnap!)

Little Alchemy - create the world around youCreate the world around you.
Travellers are adventurous by nature. Speaking of nature… Use the four elements of water, air, fire and earth to see what you can create on this website Little Alchemy! It’s incredibly addictive. Simply drag the elements and drop them on top of each other to combine them. You can mix and experiment for hours and you can create pretty much anything your creativity and scientific knowledge allows.


I hope these keep you occupied before you next go jet-setting. When you get there, be sure to send back some postcards. ?

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Melbourne should be on your bucket list

Having visited Melbourne recently, staying on the industrial South Bank, I have fond memories of the lively and colourful South coast city. It is truly the arty heart of Australia.Southbank Melbourne

Coffee culture
The coffee-drinking and brunch-eating culture is an important part of life here. You can’t go far without feeling the need to grab a medium trim latte with gluten-free, sour-dough bread topped with crushed avocado and cherry tomatoes with a side of a super grain salad.

Melbourne graffiti artistArtistic hub
On every corner you’ll find a vinyl store, while down every alley you’ll find murals and graffiti art, and along the bricked streets you’ll find jazz musicians and street performers of every kind.

Craft beer brewers are boasted at pubs, married up with their homegrown, organic skewered burgers. It’s like a bohemian, creative hub that attracts street artists of every nature – whether it be food, drink, painting or music.

It won’t take long before you stumble across a market filled with tent after tent of clothes and food and coffee stands, all tucked between and around fire-breathing magicians, Mexican bands, 1920s-style musicians, and exotic pet shops (selling snakes and spiders).

QuirksChimney in Melbourne's shopping mall
Back in central Melbourne, you’ll find the major shopping mall has a 50-metre-tall brick tower growing beneath the mall’s glass ceiling, which is known as Coop’s Shot Tower built in the 1880s.

With the likes of Port Phillip Bay in St Kilda, a beautiful beach, you will find Luna Park. Luna Park is a theme park that sports a wooden rollercoaster that celebrated its 100th year in 2012. It’s these quirks that makes Melbourne’s famous white-sand beaches so special.

Health and well-being
Possibly linked to the healthy brunch habits of ‘Melburnians’, I couldn’t help but notice their active lifestyle. I saw more people taking their dogs for a run along the beach than I did sun-worshippers. On every corner was a gym, and 100% fruit and veggie smoothies were available on tap.

Send a postcard from or to Melbourne, using the Postsnap App. ??

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Six tips for your coach-tour trip

Six tips for your coach-tour trip

by ben

Last summer, I spent 10 days on the road travelling through Europe via coach. I would highly recommend it – particularly if you have limited time and money, or if you’re travelling solo. It’s great if you’re nervous about travelling, because you’re in a big group and everything has already been organised for you.

There are many coach-tour companies to go with, but I happened to go with TopDeck.

If you do choose to go on a coach tour, here are a few tips to ensure you make the most of your time away from home:

Don’t pack your whole wardrobe
Over-packing and over-spending on your travelsI can’t stress this enough. Sometimes the hostels you stay in have awkward spiral-staircases (I’m referring to castle accommodation we had in Germany’s Rhine Valley). Light, small suitcases will be ideal for the few outfits you’d need –  especially since there are usually laundry facilities at the hostels.

My rule of thumb: Pack one clothing option for every weather possibility, and one formal outfit. Everything else needs to be comfy, conservative clothes for walking in – we walked 15 kilometres in Paris including the 600+ stairs up the Eiffel Tower, to give you an idea.

Look out the window, not at the mirror
Travelling to Paris eiffel tower on a coach tourPlease don’t be concerned by how you look. Be natural and don’t spend two hours in your room stressing over what to wear for dinner. Get going – there’s food downstairs, people to talk to and a fantastic country you’ve never been to outside your door!

What’s a ‘comfort zone’? Try everything – go for bike tours in Amsterdam, climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, hike through the mountains of  the Swiss Alps, stroke the horses in Bruges who trip-trop through the city, eat that Italian pizza and pasta, eat those French garlic snails! This is not the time to watch your waistline.

Above all, send your postcards
Take your selfies for sending postcards while travellingMost hostels and some coaches have WiFi, so instead of saving up your photos to upload to Facebook, send them back to friends and family with Postsnap. Upload your selfie from Venice, write a message and send! We have printers all over the world, so no matter where your recipient is they’ll receive your postcard within days. They make great keep-sakes and souvenirs that you don’t have to carry around with you – they’ll be waiting on your doorstep upon your return home, ready for reminiscing.

Shower in the evenings, not in the mornings
Go on an adventure while travellingMornings can be hectic! So have your shower in the evening without worrying about the line of impatient, sleepy people outside. You’ll have more privacy and less stress in the evenings, but more importantly, a lie-in during the morning.

Early birds: Going on a coach tour means a strict schedule needs to be stuck to, and this usually includes early-morning departures. It can be fast-paced – one day we had breakfast in Italy, lunch in Austria, and dinner in Germany!

Hangovers are not fun when on a the road
Drinking while travellingAfter our night in Italy, I remember looking around at my fellow travellers on the coach the next morning and not feeling the slightest tinge of regret in staying [more-or-less] sober the night before. “Sleeping it off on the coach” is not as practical as it sounds, and motion-sickness appears to be much worse when hung-over.

Top tip: Spend your money on experiences, not alcohol. I’m sure you’ve already experienced the feeling of drinking too much, so spend your time staying alert and experience Paris at sunset or early mornings in Switzerland instead!

‘Hello, let’s be friends. Best friends.’
Finding best friends on your travelsOn my trip, there were more than 40 people from every corner of the world, including a woman who lived literally around the corner from me back home! (What!?) You’ll make life-long friends, and you’ll have plenty of offers for free accommodation for future trips to Australia, Canada, Mexico, USA…

Everyone is in the same boat as you, everyone wants to have fun and be kind, so don’t be shy – book your epic road trip and remember it with personalised Postsnap postcards. ?

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Travel destinations that need to be on your bucket list

If you’re starting to think about all the amazing and wonderful places you’d love to visit and send postcards from, make sure you include these top five places!

1. Send a postcard from Iceland

Iceland should be on your bucket list of places to visit

Icelandic ponies

If you enjoy the great outdoors, epic scenery, hotdogs, peace, quiet and horses, then a road trip around Iceland has to be on your bucket list! You can’t ever predict the weather in Iceland – a tiny island in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean is prone to serious cold snaps and rather windy weather.

But as a guide, if you go in the summer you will miss the snow and be confronted with lush fields between the mountains where wild horses graze, but beware of the midges at this time of year. If winter looks too cold for you, I suggest autumn (Aug-Oct). The crisp, cool air can still sting but you may just be lucky to catch the northern lights providing the clouds stay away.

Top tip: The best way to see Iceland is by van as you will likely get bored (and broke) staying in the city. Happy Campers are a great van rental company to use.

2. Send a postcard from New Zealand

Hobbiton in New Zealand should be on your bucket list

Hobbiton (Lord of the Rings movie set), Matamata

But the big question is: North Island or South Island?
North Island is full of tourist hot spots like the hot water beaches of the Coromandel, the luge in Rotorua, 90 Mile Beach, and Hobbiton (Lord of the Rings set). You also have the two major cities of Auckland and Wellington, if you fancy a spot of shopping.

Whereas in the South Island you have about a million people spread out on an island the size of England and Wales combined!* Vast open roads that link pleasant rural and skiing towns such as Arrowtown, Queenstown and the Edinburgh-esk city of Dunedin. If you love the countryside, mountains, lakes and a place to ski (or walk in the summer), then rent a camper van and get going!

*England and Wales is populated by about 56 million people on 151,040km² of land, and the South Island is populated by one million on 151,215 km² of land!

3. Send a postcard from Dorset

Dorset should be on your travel bucket list

Durdle Door, Dorset

If you’re coming to England, I suggest skipping London and coming straight to Dorset! Home of the Jurassic Coast, and the cliffs made famous by Broadchurch. Plus, the beautiful beaches of the Purbecks, the shopping district of Bournemouth and the grand New Forest. There is so much to do here! Just be aware that Dorset is far from being an undiscovered holiday destination, so it may be best to come outside of the school holidays to avoid enjoying the view from inside a stationary vehicle on a gridlocked road.

4. Send a postcard from Paris

Moulin Rouge in Paris should be on your travel bucket list

The famous Moulin Rouge, Paris

Stereotypical, I know, but Paris is a place of expression and stunning sites. Parisians are as brusque and confident as they are elegant and indulgent. Guilt from eating good food doesn’t seem to be common place here as it is in the UK, and quite frankly, I loved this attitude! Eat good food, get inspired by the architecture and art, wear elegant clothes, walk, talk and express yourself confidently. If you go to Paris, get ready to immerse yourself into the culture of simply enjoying life at a slower pace without the guilt.

5. Send a postcard from Melbourne

Graffiti lane in Melbourne should be on your travel bucket list

Hosier Lane (AKA Graffiti Lane), Melbourne

The arty heart of Australia found on the Southern coastline. A broad city of trams and cafes, with streets populated by painters, graffiti artists, performers and musicians. Melbourne is colourful, vibrant and youthful with a distinct character fuelled by independent companies that sell vinyl records and skewered burgers. The coffee-drinking and brunch-eating culture is an important part of life here – a perfect place to shop or to sit in a brick-walled, back-alley cafe and write that zombie romance novel you always meant to.


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