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Taking a photo in the bright sunshine

Taking a photo in the bright sunshine

Bright sunshine can mean severe glare and harsh shadows in the photos you take. But you can use this beautiful weather to your advantage to create the best snapshots you can on your iPhone. Simply take note of these few simple tips.

1 Whip off those sunniesFacing the sun and taking a photoTake the sunnies off and ask your subject to turn toward the sun to avoid shadows falling on their face. If your subject keeps squinting, ask them to close their eyes and tilt their head toward the sun before taking their photo. This will allow their eyes to adjust to the brightness of the sun before taking their photo.

Top tip: Never look directly at the sun with your eyes open ? ?

2 Come to the dark sidePhotographing trees in sunlight with shadowsEmbrace the shadows! Take photos in forests or wherever you find interesting shadows.  Maybe take a photo of your own shadow if your selfie-face isn’t on point, or a squad photo of your shadows for a Facebook banner. Shadows can make cool and moody photos, no matter where you are on a sunny day.

3 With the sun on your backPhoto of sunflowers in sunshineTake photos of flowers, people and other subjects with the sun behind you. This will create an evenly-lit subject to ensure it’s not covered in partial shadows. But just be wary of your own shadow, you don’t want that sneaking into the photo!

4 Go black and whiteTaking a black and white photo in sunshineMake your photos black and white, if all else fails. The detail of a landscape or face will be vivid because the sunlight brings out more detail than on cloudy days. If the person you’re taking a photo of is wearing sunglasses, play with the reflection in their glasses to catch a glimpse of what they’re looking at.

5 Face the sunshinetaking photos of a silhouette in the sunshineTake a photo toward the sun to create stunning silhouettes! Trees, people, buildings… Create patterns out of the darkness. This is best done at sunset, but with low-angles you can create some interesting silhouettes when the sun is higher. But be careful not to point the camera directly at the sun! ?

?? Put your suncream on and get some great snaps to use on your next postcard. ??

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Send a family photo for Mother's Day

Make Mother’s Day extra special and create a personalised card using your own photos. If you’re not sure what photos to use, here are some ideas…

Send a photo of the kids for Mother's DaySilly photos
Dress up the kids and take a few silly snaps for a montage photo card for mum. Or dig out a fun family photo to make into a Large Postcard – these are bigger than a standard card and easy to frame as a gift.

Spot the difference
For the adult daughters out there, dig around for a photo of you when you were 21 and find a photo of your mum when she was 21. Upload them to Postsnap and use the two-photo layout to show the photos side-by-side. You may be surprised by how similar you both are!

pet dog photo for Mother's DayPets
Find the cutest photo of your mum’s beloved dog, cat or horse. For those days when you haven’t got your selfie-face on, a photo of the fur-babies (or as my mum has referenced them as: ‘your adopted siblings’) should do the trick!

Find your favourite family holiday photo together. Maybe it was 10 years ago, or perhaps last summer. If you can’t choose one, select a few and make a photo montage with them.

Embarrassing photo of Mum
Perms from the 80s, shoulder pads, puffy high school ball gowns, drunken dance at Christmas two years ago… You know where the photo evidence is. And they all deserve to be on a card.

Mum and daughter photo for Mother's DayJust the two of us
Find a lovely photo of you and mum – maybe even look into getting a professional photo done of you both. It’ll be perfect to have on a card, and perhaps even get a print done to make into a canvas to display on the wall.

No matter what photos you choose, a personalised card will surely make Mum’s day!

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Mum and daughter photo sent for mother's day

Mum and daughter photo sent for mother's dayIf you’re overseas, travelling, or on the go and can’t meet up with Mum on Mother’s Day (Sunday, 26 March), these gifts are quick, light and convenient ways of spoiling her while you’re away.

  • Afternoon tea for two
    Buy a voucher for Mum (plus one) to go for a special afternoon out to a classy tea room for scones and cakes. It won’t take much time to buy, and it would be a lovely, relaxing afternoon. Vouchers tend to be available online, and can be emailed – so no hassle there! ??  ?
  • An adventure!Buy mum a hot air balloon ride for mother's day
    A booking or a voucher for an adrenaline-fuelled tandem skydive or paraglide. For the more mellow adventures, perhaps a relaxing hot air balloon ride over the countryside. ?
  • Delivery for a super Mum
    Buy online with delivery to Mum’s doorstep. Perhaps flowers?  or a dress you know your mum would love. Alternatively, there are some great hamper delivery sites. You’ll find a great range online, from cheese, crackers and wine hampers, to chocolates, tea and biscuit hampers.
  • Dinner and a show
    Book a reservation for two, and buy theatre or movie tickets for Mum plus one. Now she has a great night out, already organised for her!
  • Buy mum a cocktail making course for mother's dayAn educational experience
    Candle-making, baking or a cocktail master class?, there are loads of social and fun classes to take. They tend to be held at local schools or community halls during the evenings. Mum could take a friend along and have a laugh, even gaining a certificate at the end of the class. (A little something extra to put on the CV.)

Top Tip: Don’t forget to check the time difference before ringing home on Mother’s Day!

  • A personalised gift
    Making a special card can go a long way. Using Postsnap, you can send an up-to-date photo of yourself for Mum to open on the day, maybe even frame it! ?

    • Or try out our new app Aftersnap for personalised mugs, calendars, posters, bags and more! ?

Mothers day postsnap personalised greeting card. Mum you're the best



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Best way to make and flip pancakes on pancake day

This year, Pancake Day lands on Tuesday, February 28. The date changes every year as it always falls 47 days before Easter. Pancake recipes were a way to use up the rest of the milk, eggs and butter before Lent. These were rich foods that were typically avoided during Lent.

To make the most out of Pancake Day, here are some tips to make the perfect pancakes, and tips on how to flip them successfully:

Best way to make and flip pancakes on pancake dayWhat makes the perfect pancake?

The addition of eggs and self-raising flour in your recipe helps to make pancakes light and fluffy!

Don’t over-mix! 
The gluten in the flour starts to develop as soon as liquid touches it- the more you mix, the tougher and more rubbery your pancakes will become.

Non -stick
Non-stick pans that are lightly greased with oil (butter tends to burn) means the pancakes won’t get stuck. Make sure you apply oil with a paper towel, as pouring the oil straight in may be the culprit for unevenly-cooked pancakes.

Top tip: The second side won’t take as long as the first side to cook!

How do you flip the perfect pancake?

If you master the art of pancake-flipping, it will be worthy of a place on your CV. Here are some tips on how to perform a perfect pancake flip:

Best way to make and flip pancakesMake sure the bottom part of the pancake is cooked
You will know it is ready to flip when bubbles appear on the top, and if the pancake moves when you shake the pan.

Put the pancake on edge
When you’re ready to perform the flip, shimmy the pancake to the edge of the pan so that a couple of centimetres of the pancake is over the lip of the pan.

Swish and flick!
It’s all in the wrist. Flick your wrist in a similar motion to how you would when tossing a stir-fry.

Top tip: Once you have the hang of it, you may be tempted to flip again and again. However, this will not do your pancakes any favours and can cause them to deflate.Best way to make and flip pancakes for pancake day

Ideas for toppings

  • Add lemon juice and sugar. (A particular favourite topping of mine.)
  • Blueberries and honey
  • Chocolate spread and bananas
  • Go savoury by adding herbs into your pancake batter, and topping them with
    • Bacon and spinach
    • Mushroom and cheese
    • Feta cheese and red peppers


Happy Pancake Day, everyone!
Be sure to share your pancake triumphs and fails with us on Facebook

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Download these must-have travel apps on your phone

There may be times when you need to put your phone away while travelling. But your phone can also become the handiest travelling buddy you can have.

Here are the top five apps every traveller should have on their phone while on the go:

Air Bnb - Must have travel appAirBnb
Perfect for the impromptu traveller. With the AirBnb app, it is easy to book accommodation at short notice – particularly helpful for long-term stays. Something I didn’t know, was that you can use this app to book guided local experiences and excursions, for a Sunday afternoon or a mini-break.

Trip Advisor - must have travel appsTrip Advisor
This is my go-to for finding places to eat when in a new, strange city. Wanting to find a close-by coffee shop to experience the local culture and cuisine, while avoiding the likes of Starbucks and Costa? The Trip Advisor app will conveniently list numerous places that fit your dietary requirements and criteria, including independent reviews from previous customers to base your choice upon.

Trip Advisor also offers millions of reviews and information on accommodation and destinations.

Whatsapp - must have travel appsWhatsapp
The instant messaging app that allows you to easily keep in touch with friends and family for free. It has overtaken the likes of text messaging, which may incur extra charges while overseas. Whatsapp, similar to Facebook Messenger and Viber, allows group chats as well as photo, video and file sharing, enabling you to keep in touch and share your experiences easily with the people who matter most.

Google Translate - must have travel appGoogle Translate
A rather handy tool to ensure you’re always able to communicate with people around you without a language barrier. Just like the desktop-based Google Translate, you can copy and paste text for immediate translation. But a particularly smart feature of this app includes the ability to point your device’s camera at a sign or text, and the app will translate it for you in real time. Handy when you need to know which is the men’s and women’s toilets!

Postsnap - must have travel appPostsnap App
Postcards are coming back. Personalise your own postcard with your own text, and your own photo of the Golden Gate Bridge or Sydney Opera House to send back to friends and family in physical form. Use the Postsnap App for a personal card while you’re so far away from home.

There’s also no excuse to miss birthdays or anniversaries while away anymore, either. Postsnap also provides personalised Greeting Cards that are sent in envelopes.

As long as you have WiFi and battery on your iPhone, you are set for travelling. Sometimes your phone is the best travelling tool you can have.

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Foggy photo of a church in Dorset. Postsnap

Best places to take foggy winter photos

by ben

With all this fog around in the UK at the moment, it’s difficult to see past the inconvenience of it. However, this misty weather can be used to your advantage by making ordinary places moody and interesting in photos – so get your phone out!

  1. Water
    A sunset over Poole’s harbour looks beautiful in sunshine, but perhaps even better through the fog. Still lakes, rivers and creeks all lend themselves to foggy photos too.

    Poole quay. postsnap cards

    Poole’s clear sky at sunset



    Morning in Poole harbour. Postsnap App

    Sunset in moody, dark fog

    2. Beaches
    When the sun is behind hazy mist, photos of beaches take a whole new tone. Particularly if you are on a clifftop where the fog can create a ‘waterfall’ effect as it drifts off the edge and out to sea.

    Beach in Bournemouth postsnap


    3. Farmland
    Go for a winter stroll through the fog in the mornings for some different angles.

    Rural fog photo postsnap

    Rural Dorset

    Top tip: The lack of harsh sunlight makes photos easier to take. So don’t stay indoors when the sun is in, because the lack of shadows is doing your photos a favour!

    4. Mountains

    If you find yourself near snowy mountains on a grey day, the low clouds settling and sinking around them make for interesting and contrasting scenes.

    Scottish highlands postsnap app

    Scottish Highlands

    5. Villages
    What would be boring photos in the sun, become intriguing sights beneath the dense fog we’ve been having.


    Foggy train station postsnap

    Foggy rural train station

    Foggy photo of a church in Dorset. Postsnap

    Foggy photo of a church in Dorset.

    Don’t let your photos use up your phone’s memory – get them printed on a Postsnap card to send to yourself, or someone in your phone book for them to enjoy.

All photos by Jodie.
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Creative ways to use Postsnap for Christmas cards
Sending personalised Postsnap Christmas cards can be so much more creative than you may think!

On the twelfth day of Christmas…
…my true love sent to me: A Postsnap card sent to the addressee! Mark each day of Christmas with a special personalised card.

Santa photo for a personalised christmas cardA letter from Santa

Send a card to your child from Santa in response to their wish list (yes, Santa loves using Postsnap. He told me so). Or perhaps a letter from Santa to make sure the children get off the naughty list before Christmas!

Treasure hunt
Hide presents and mail the clues to find them! Takes a bit of effort, admittedly, but by taking photos of the location of the next clue, only to lead them back to the Christmas tree at home might be a bit of fun.

Make a collage on a Large Postcard and frame it.

Send a card to your favourite celebrity
Send a copy to yourself too so that you can feel content in the thought that you have the exact same card as your favourite celeb. Perhaps Amy Schumer, Ryan Gosling or Johnny Depp will be the lucky recipient. Google their publicist’s address – I’m sure they’ll adore your Christmas fan mail. ?

Santa rides a horse for a personalised Christmas cardDress up
Dressing up and making cards out of your quirky photos will surely bring a smile to many!

From anon.
Send an anonymous Christmas card to someone who needs it most.

Make your personalised Christmas cards this year with Postsnap. Our Christmas card range is now available!

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1.Fun photos of the fur babies!
The pets shan’t be exempt from festive fun! (No animals should be harmed or distressed in the process of making a fabulous photo card.)

Santa horseriding for a personalised christmas card

2. Family photos from last Christmas
The last time the whole family got together would likely be last Christmas. Perfectly worthy of being celebrated!

3. Dress up for the camera!
Dig out your elf hats and Christmas jumpers for a bit of a laugh for your recipients.
Christmas Australian card4. Get creative!
Black and white photo
Display your photo as part of your decorations
Set up a photoshoot yourself
Wrap everyone up in Christmas lights
Not photo-ready? Take a photo of the family’s shadows.
Falala personalised christmas card

5. Let the kids take over
Let the kids take charge of this year’s photo. Let them decide on the location and costumes and see what you get!


Download Postsnap App today to get started on your Christmas cards!

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personalised christmas card appHoorah! The thing we all have on our Christmas wish lists has been delivered! Not by Santa, but by Postsnap…

Photos of personalised christmas cards on a phoneOur magical designers have been working as hard as magical elves, and have created an exciting range of festive cards ready for you to personalise and send out to your loved ones for Christmas!

To check out our new range, download our updated app (1.5.1) here. Tap on  Christmas under Greeting Card’s categories.

A perfect way to send cards to friends and family in a fast, fun, affordable and festive way!


From designs perfect for family photos…

Happy christmas personalised card from the family
…to fun face in the hole designs:

Merry christmas personalised card from the children



With festive borders too:


Personalised christmas card border

We have something for all Postsnappers!

Merry christmas kids personalised card


We have some super organised Postsnappers who have already made some fantastic cards, ready to be dispatched at your chosen date.





Christmas Australian card Merry Christmas grandma personalised card



Send festive fun to all!

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Wake up and be awesome personalised cardThe clocks are going back, which means you have one full hour at your disposal. That’s 60 minutes for you to learn a new skill. That’s 3,600 seconds for endless possibilities! Read on to get some ideas on ways to spend your extra hour…

– Turn off your phone and computer for an hour
Give yourself a break from scrolling up and down Facebook, dwelling on picturesque selfies and drooling over food photos. Give your mind a rest.

– Enjoy a good old fashioned daydream out the window
There are many benefits to doing this seemingly pointless act. Including exercising empathy and feeling closer to friends and family, according to this site.

– Check your car’s tyre pressure, water and oil
It’s just one of those chores we always put off until there is a problem!

– Start to read that novel you bought and never looked at
You might get hooked once you start!

– Quick spring clean
A bit of light dusting or polishing not only takes care of the house, but counts as a form of physical activity for you too!

– Sew on that missing button!
Everyone has a coat or cardigan that you haven’t worn since the Cretaceous Period because a precariously-placed button is missing. Now’s the time.

– Write your Christmas to-do list
Your future self will thank you.

– Prepare and enjoy an extravagant breakfast
Spoil yourself with a fruit salad with yoghurt, poached eggs on toast with spinach and tomatoes, porridge with blueberries and banana… Or all of the above!

– Get up at your usual time and go for a stroll
Just half an hour of walking can do you a world of good! Bench friends Personalised cardIt can lower the risk of heart disease and benefit your sleep patterns. Read more here!

– Do a spot of colouring in.
Once a childhood past-time, is now a well-acknowledged relaxation tool for adults. Colourfil is a particularly fantastic colouring-in app for your phone or iPad! ?

– Clean under the sofa and the sofa cushions
Who knows what you’ll find! ?

– Clean out the fridge
Culprits of mysterious smells might finally be discovered. Getting rid of expired food and left overs can be strangely therapeutic too.

-Begin writing out your Chrimbo cards
Via Postsnap of course.

– Reorganise your email
I’m sure you’ll feel far more in control of life in general once your emails are correctly tagged and in folders.

– Invest in a face or hair masque
Your hair and skin will thank you for it, and you’ll have an hour of pure relaxation.

But let’s be honest, your extra hour is probably going to be spent sleeping… ?

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