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Send cards for Thinking of You Week

thinking of you week - send a postsnap card from your iphone

Thinking of You Week is the best excuse to get back in touch and say ‘remember that time when…’.

For those friends you promise to stay in touch with, but never get around to texting. For that distant aunt who you send a shop-bought Christmas card to every year. For those cousins who moved away years ago, and only wish a ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!’ to on their Facebook wall.

thinking of you week - send a postsnap card

Let those important friends and family members know that you are still aware of their existence by sending them a personalised greeting card, reminding them of the good old days.

Dig out those embarrassing graduation photos with your university friends, or the 50 Shades of Beige fashion styles worn at your christening.

The best thing about Thinking of you Week is that it restarts communication between you all again. Just like the old days.

Create your personalised greeting card – or postcard if you want to be a little less formal – with Postsnap. Download the app here.


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Creative ways to use Postsnap on your wedding day

Postsnap is perfect for weddings. Many of our customers use postcards and invitation cards as part of their big day – some ideas are particularly creative.

We're getting married postsnap wedding invitations

Postsnap offers invitations, which many of our customers use as wedding invitations. They are wallet-friendly because they are sold in bulk. There’s also an opportunity to ‘send back to me with blank envelopes’, which allows you to handwrite your invites before mailing them out yourself in the blank envelopes included.

Top tip: An increasing amount of customers use our glossy postcard range as invitations to create a unique travel-themed invite.

Thank you for coming to our wedding guest cardsThank you
Our invitations and postcards are perfect for the thank you letters to guests after the wedding.

There’s plenty of space to type your personalised messages at the back. If you choose the invitations then you can send them back to yourself to handwrite your message on, before posting them out to your wedding guests.

Top tip: Practice your calligraphy for a super fancy invite! Our Postsnap designers recommend water brushes with drawing ink.

Wedding name cards postsnapName cards
We’ve heard of our creative customers using Postsnap’s announcement card range as name plaques at the dinner table. These double-up as a very cool keepsake too, as you can write a lovely message on the back.

Instead of using their names, you could just use your favourite photos of your guests.

Love is in the air! ? Download the Postsnap app to get creating.

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Successful people who failed school

’tis the time to take your A-Levels! The results may influence what you do next year in terms of education, but it does not necessarily dictate what you do with the rest of your life. So, to make you feel a bit better, here are six people who have dropped out of high school, failed their A-Levels or did not get accepted into university, yet are remarkably successful nevertheless.

success at school - a-levels

Wildly-successful entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson, dropped out of school at 15. In 2017, Forbes estimated his net worth to be about $5 billion (USD).

Founder of Tumblr, David Karp, dropped out of high school at 15. He founded Tumblr in 2007 and sold the company to Yahoo for $1.1 billion (USD) in 2013.

Successful writer, actor and director, Quentin Tarantino, dropped out of high school at 15. At the age of 29, he released his first cult hit Reservoir Dogs which grossed $2.8 million (USD) in the United States alone.

I know him from the tender, low-fat chicken his branded grills produce, but you may know George Foreman better for his boxing success. He dropped out of high school at 15 as well, and at the age of 19 he won gold at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics in the boxing/heavyweight division.

English actress Carey Mulligan, now with a net worth of $15 million (USD), did not get into the three London drama schools she applied to at the age of 17. She talked her way into getting an audition for her first film Pride & Prejudice.

Harry Potter novelist, J.K. Rowling, took the entrance exams for Oxford University, but was not accepted. She did get into the University of Exeter, although one of her lecturers recalls how Rowling “…gave the appearance of doing what was necessary”. However, Rowling says she simply preferred to listen to The Smiths, and read.

Sometimes it just goes to show that if you really want something, you can do it no matter what your grade says. Sometimes it’s simply who you know, not what you know!

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Sunny getaways are on the cards this summer

The school holidays are basically here! No more uniform, no more homework, no more boredom because…


Schools out for summer


Now that you can relax and have fun in the sun, get your phones and cameras out and get snapping! Send friends and family your postcards to show off where you are and what you’re doing.

?? Sunny getaways and day trips are on the cards for this summer! ??

Download the app now, get snapping and share your creation with us on Instagram.

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Send a postcard to Summer camp

Summer camp postcard_postsnap2

Summer camp season is upon us! While your little one is having the time of their lives, remind them you’re thinking of them by sending a personalised postcard.

You could even send one early so they have a warm welcome card to put a smile on their face during this fun – but perhaps slightly scary – adventure. Personalise your card with funny stories, photos and words of advice and we’ll send it straight to camp.

Then upon their return, make a souvenir card to remember their amazing time away!

summer camp card postsnap

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Check Father’s Day off of your to do list!

You still have a few days left to order your personalised card for guaranteed delivery before Father’s Day. So why not make Dad’s day extra special this year by using your own photos to create a unique and personalised photo card?

Get 20% off of your Father’s Day order by using the promo code DAD at check out.

Best dad father's day card - wedding


Father’s Day is fast approaching – Sunday, June 18 – so get creating soon!


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Awesome cards your dad will love for Father’s Day

Our designers have been hard at work creating countless new Father’s Day cards for you to personalise! Order today and select a post date closer to the day of June 18, 2017.

Collage cards for when you can’t decide on just one photo

To say thanks for the special days
Best dad father's day card - wedding

Happy 1st Father’s Day cards

Funny ‘best dad’ card
Happy father's day 2017 funny personalised card
From the cheeky monkeys or the little monsters!

(Also available featuring three little monkeys and two little monsters)

For when you need to say: You have no idea how many times you have helped me out!

If at first you don't succeed - call dad fathers day card

Just the two of us

Love from your favourite child…

Happy father's day - from the dog

Super Grandad cards


Which one is your favourite? ?
Happy Father’s Day for June 18, 2017!

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Get Prepay for the Spring bank holiday
Walking through the woods over the Spring bank holiday

Get out and about this bank holiday

Get ready for the long weekend by purchasing your Prepay now. The Spring bank holiday is on its way (May 29) to celebrate the end of Spring and the approaching Summer.

Prepay gets you more cards for your money because with every top-up you will receive FREE Prepay, which is immediately added to your balance.

The more you buy, the more free Prepay you’ll receive – find it under ‘Prepay‘ on the Postsnap app:

Prepay for Postsnap postcards

In other words, if you buy £75 worth of Prepay, you will get £15 Prepay extra – so you’ll end up with a total balance of £90!

Once you have your Prepay, what photos will you use for your bank holiday postcards?
Here are some suggestions:

Spend the day walking through the woods, beach or countryside
Going for a walk in Spring

Catching up with the fam’
Hanging with the family

Get the house ready for sale –
Spring typically has more buyers, and Summer makes great photos
House up for sale in Spring or Summer

Make the most of your weekend with Postsnap Prepay!

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Top four child-friendly restaurants in San Francisco

eat out in san franciscoIf you’re heading to San Francisco, be sure to check out these restaurants. All are child-friendly, and there is something for everyone – from cheeseburgers to Vietnamese cuisine.
Tacolicious restaurant San Francisco usa

  1. Tacolicious 
    For the casual taco binge, Tacolicious on Chestnut Street is the place. Sporting the classic San Francisco ingredients of being ‘local, sustainable and organic’, there’s no reason to feel guilty here. Be sure to get there early, as this popular walk-in restaurant does not offer bookings – but they do have a takeaway service. Don’t forget your margaritas!Gott's Roadside restaurant in San Francisco USA
  2. Gott’s Roadside
    Would you like locally-sourced chilli-cheese fries with that? Gott’s Roadside is where you can find the classic American cheeseburger – with a twist. All burgers are made to order, using fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. Don’t forget your milkshake, made from organic ice cream and milk!Pacific Catch restaurant in San Francisco USA
  3. Pacific Catch
    This fish house offers the laid-back atmosphere that is loved by Californians, with a fine-dining experience. Here, you will find the best seafood and ingredients found in the Pacific, including classic fish & chips for the homesick English visitor. However, if fish isn’t your thing, try the tacos, or rice and chicken dishes. A small restaurant (so be sure to get there early for lunch!), with the freshest of fish, and fair prices.The Slanted Door restaurant in San Francisco USA
  4. The Slanted Door
    If you’re looking for a sophisticated restaurant that is a little more smart-casual, this elegant, world-renown dining destination will hit the spot. The Slanted Door offers modern Vietnamese cuisine, that has been adored by chefs and critics alike. A truly unique menu is for the food-lover in all of us.

Enjoy your time in San Fran, and don’t forget to send your postcards! ??


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Teacher appreciation week: Six things we don’t miss about school

In the USA, teacher appreciation week is from 8 May to 12 May 2017 – why not say ‘thank you for making me a smart cookie’ or ‘you’re an A+ teacher’ with a personalised card? But as for those of us who no longer go to school, or do not yet have children who attend school, let’s reminisce about all the things none of us miss about going to class…

Six things no one likes about school. Doing homework.At least one hour per evening, when all any of us wanted to do was sit on the couch, watch The Simpsons and eat Nutella-drenched toast.

School uniform
Royal blue was not my colour. My school was so strict that you had to buy the super over-priced school-emblemed rain jacket too! Needless to say, when an umbrella wasn’t handy we would undoubtedly turn up to class totally drenched.

Surprise testsSix things no one likes about school. Paying attention in class.
An unnecessary reminder that I should have paid attention in class.

Letters should not be in maths. Now, where’s the maths lesson that teaches me how to budget, pay bills, get a mortgage and balance a chequebook?

No showers after PE
We had five minutes to get out of our sticky gym gear and get to science class. No time for a shower. Hence why I didn’t put much effort into PE. ?

Horridly grumpy teachers
No doubt, they are all smiles when it comes to parent-teacher meetings! Typical.

Gift a personalised card for teacher appreciation weekDid you know: Gifting a teacher an apple dates back to the 1700s when some pupils in Denmark or Sweden would pay for tuition by gifting a basket of potatoes or apples. ?

For those with children still at school, why not help them keep on the good-side of teachers by sending a ‘thank you’ card via Postsnap during teacher appreciation week? ?

Teacher appreciation week with a personalised card

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