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Our Favourite Reasons To Send Cards in 2019!



As the New Year approaches, we thought we at PostSnap would make a list of our favourite reasons to send a little something to make your loved ones smile all throughout the year! At PostSnap, we make postcards with your own personal photos, so no matter where you are, what you’re doing, you’re only a few clicks away from sending your loved ones a postcard! Simply download our app, or visit our website to get started!

Thank You Cards!

After all the presents have been unwrapped and you’re sick of the sight of leftover turkey; why not take the time out of the inevitable food coma to send thank you cards to all the family for their gifts! It’s a great way to keep the cheer from the holiday season going into the New Year, and it’s always nice to have a little note saying “thank you!”. We have plenty of Christmas Thank You cards to continue the festive spirit, but also “thank you” cards no matter what the occasion for all year round!


Valentines Day

Flowers, chocolates and a personalised postcard. Want something sweet to send your loved one for Valentines day? Keep it simple with a special little note to remind someone how much you mean to them! Personalise a postcard or even a greetings card with us to give someone butterflies all over again. If you’re single, why not use the day to celebrate your best friends. Thanks to the hit TV show “Parks & Rec”, Galentine’s Day is an unofficial holiday for celebrating your best female friendships on February the 13th. Why not send your besties some cards to remind your friends how much you love them!


Mother & Father’s Day

Whether it’s you sending a card for your own parents, or sending your significant other something from the pet for being the best Dog Mum ever; we at PostSnap have everything you need to make your Mother’s Day or Father’s Day special. Send personalised postcard thanking your parents for everything they do; we don’t often say it enough! Our postcards allow you to write your own messages, meaning you can pick all your favourite family photos to really make your cards special!



Ahh, the postcard. A staple of holidays both home and away. Take the hassle out of finding stamps, international postage and a postbox by using our free app to send a postcard online  to anyone in the world, wherever you are! Whether you’re staycation-ing at the seaside or you’re traveling the world on your gap year; keep friends and family updated on your travels with us at PostSnap. Not getting away for the summer? Send your city-breaks, coffee shop visits or even cats you met in the street on a postcard to make your friends and family smile! Holidays

Just Because

Whether it’s a birthday, party thank yous, or just because, our postcards are fully customisable meaning they can be sent for any occasion. And with our postcards available any time, anywhere and can be sent to anyone, there’s no limit on what occasion you can use send something to your loved ones.

PostSnap is a free postcard app where you can upload your own photos from your camera roll, Instagram or Facebook. For Android users or for those sending from the comfort of their laptop, our website is also available and mobile optimised for whenever you are to send your loved one a postcard. With in app options like adding borders and text, we’ll make sure your card looks great and gets sent to your loved one.


Happy PostSnapping From All of Us! Have a Wonderful 2019!

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How to write the perfect Valentine’s Day card

Postsnap personalised Valentine's Day cards 2018

Firstly, it depends on what tone you’re aiming for. Have you been together with your significant other for fifteen years and want to keep it light and casual? Have you just started dating? Or, is it your second anniversary and are searching for the perfect words to express your undying love?

Don’t despair! Here are some ideas for you to draw inspiration from…

OPTION 1. If you’ve been together for yonks and want to go for the fun and light-hearted tone, keep it painfully casual. If you’ve been together for so long, Valentine’s Day does become more of a chore. So maybe just embrace it rather than trying too hard.
How to write a Valentine's Day card - PostsnapOPTION 2. There’s no shame in using romantic quotes to your advantage! Elton John, Moulin Rouge and The Notebook are icons in the romantic film/music genre, so don’t be afraid to use their words to express your love:
How to write a romantic Valentine's Day card - Postsnap
OPTION 3. If you’re not sure where you’re at and need to keep it cool and ‘bro-mantic’, then keep it sweet and harmless with food-related comedy:
How to write a fun Valentine's Day card - Postsnap

Top tip: If all else fails, chuck a load of confetti in the card so that it falls everywhere when they open it. They’ll never be able to pick up all the confetti, so when they come across bits of glitter in the carpet weeks later, they’ll think of you. ?? #genius

Send a Postsnap card for a happy Valentine’s Day!

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Christmas has arrived at Postsnap!

Our Christmas card range is now available in the Postsnap app!

We have fun face-in-the-hole cards, and beautifully unique designs:




Designed by our very own in-house team of designers, our unique cards are fun to customise.

Open the app, tap on Greeting Cards –> Categories –> Christmas to find all of our festive and fun Christmassy designs.

Postsnap app christmas cards


Have a fun and happy Christmas! ?? ??

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Seven dead-scary treat ideas for halloween

Disguising healthy vegetable snacks as sweets is a mortifying trick in itself. But if you want to get a bit more creative with your Halloween snacks, here are some ideas:

Halloween red smoothieBlood beetroot mocktails
The easiest trick in the book, since beetroots already provide the natural blood-red colour you’re after. Chuck a load of beetroot in the blender with a banana (for sweetness), a handful of frozen berries and a squeeze of orange juice. Top with some mint leaves… If you dare to have devilishly fresh breath.

Breakfast scare
Egg and bacon skull and cross bones is an easy breakfast scare to get the kids out of bed! Fry two eggs and form into the shape of a skull with the yolks for eye sockets. Cut red peppers into small strips to form the teeth, and a splodge of tomato sauce for the nose holes. Then, place two strips of criss-crossed bacon for the bones behind the skull.

halloween pumpkin cakePumpkin cake
Just like a carrot cake, but with 500g grated pumpkin, mixed spice and sultanas instead. Alternatively, you could make a sweet pumpkin tart using pureed pumpkin with ginger.


Unnervingly delicious red velvet cupcakes
Chocolate and raspberry velvet cupcakes will go down a treat. Use a cream cheese icing, drizzled with sticky raspberry sauce.

nachos and corn chips for halloween

Ghoulishly green and blood-curdling black guacamole
Guacamole mixed with whole black beans makes a swampy yet tasty topping or dip. Perfect with red-hot nachos.

Need a hand with the punch?

Make your favourite punch, but with a twist! Fill a surgical glove with water and freeze it. Once frozen, remove the glove and place the hand-shaped ice cube in the punch to creepily float around.

Scary puff pastry snacks for halloween

Petrifying puff pastry
Cut puff pastry into the pattern of cats and bats. Then top with poppy seeds for a blackened look, or paprika for a red tinge before baking.


Let us know your go-to halloween food ideas on Facebook and Twitter!

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Send cards for Thinking of You Week

thinking of you week - send a postsnap card from your iphone

Thinking of You Week is the best excuse to get back in touch and say ‘remember that time when…’.

For those friends you promise to stay in touch with, but never get around to texting. For that distant aunt who you send a shop-bought Christmas card to every year. For those cousins who moved away years ago, and only wish a ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!’ to on their Facebook wall.

thinking of you week - send a postsnap card

Let those important friends and family members know that you are still aware of their existence by sending them a personalised greeting card, reminding them of the good old days.

Dig out those embarrassing graduation photos with your university friends, or the 50 Shades of Beige fashion styles worn at your christening.

The best thing about Thinking of you Week is that it restarts communication between you all again. Just like the old days.

Create your personalised greeting card – or postcard if you want to be a little less formal – with Postsnap. Download the app here.


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Creative ways to use Postsnap on your wedding day

Postsnap is perfect for weddings. Many of our customers use postcards and invitation cards as part of their big day – some ideas are particularly creative.

We're getting married postsnap wedding invitations

Postsnap offers invitations, which many of our customers use as wedding invitations. They are wallet-friendly because they are sold in bulk. There’s also an opportunity to ‘send back to me with blank envelopes’, which allows you to handwrite your invites before mailing them out yourself in the blank envelopes included.

Top tip: An increasing amount of customers use our glossy postcard range as invitations to create a unique travel-themed invite.

Thank you for coming to our wedding guest cardsThank you
Our invitations and postcards are perfect for the thank you letters to guests after the wedding.

There’s plenty of space to type your personalised messages at the back. If you choose the invitations then you can send them back to yourself to handwrite your message on, before posting them out to your wedding guests.

Top tip: Practice your calligraphy for a super fancy invite! Our Postsnap designers recommend water brushes with drawing ink.

Wedding name cards postsnapName cards
We’ve heard of our creative customers using Postsnap’s announcement card range as name plaques at the dinner table. These double-up as a very cool keepsake too, as you can write a lovely message on the back.

Instead of using their names, you could just use your favourite photos of your guests.

Love is in the air! ? Download the Postsnap app to get creating.

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Awesome cards your dad will love for Father’s Day

Our designers have been hard at work creating countless new Father’s Day cards for you to personalise! Order today and select a post date closer to the day of June 18, 2017.

Collage cards for when you can’t decide on just one photo

To say thanks for the special days
Best dad father's day card - wedding

Happy 1st Father’s Day cards

Funny ‘best dad’ card
Happy father's day 2017 funny personalised card
From the cheeky monkeys or the little monsters!

(Also available featuring three little monkeys and two little monsters)

For when you need to say: You have no idea how many times you have helped me out!

If at first you don't succeed - call dad fathers day card

Just the two of us

Love from your favourite child…

Happy father's day - from the dog

Super Grandad cards


Which one is your favourite? ?
Happy Father’s Day for June 18, 2017!

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Teacher appreciation week: Six things we don’t miss about school

In the USA, teacher appreciation week is from 8 May to 12 May 2017 – why not say ‘thank you for making me a smart cookie’ or ‘you’re an A+ teacher’ with a personalised card? But as for those of us who no longer go to school, or do not yet have children who attend school, let’s reminisce about all the things none of us miss about going to class…

Six things no one likes about school. Doing homework.At least one hour per evening, when all any of us wanted to do was sit on the couch, watch The Simpsons and eat Nutella-drenched toast.

School uniform
Royal blue was not my colour. My school was so strict that you had to buy the super over-priced school-emblemed rain jacket too! Needless to say, when an umbrella wasn’t handy we would undoubtedly turn up to class totally drenched.

Surprise testsSix things no one likes about school. Paying attention in class.
An unnecessary reminder that I should have paid attention in class.

Letters should not be in maths. Now, where’s the maths lesson that teaches me how to budget, pay bills, get a mortgage and balance a chequebook?

No showers after PE
We had five minutes to get out of our sticky gym gear and get to science class. No time for a shower. Hence why I didn’t put much effort into PE. ?

Horridly grumpy teachers
No doubt, they are all smiles when it comes to parent-teacher meetings! Typical.

Gift a personalised card for teacher appreciation weekDid you know: Gifting a teacher an apple dates back to the 1700s when some pupils in Denmark or Sweden would pay for tuition by gifting a basket of potatoes or apples. ?

For those with children still at school, why not help them keep on the good-side of teachers by sending a ‘thank you’ card via Postsnap during teacher appreciation week? ?

Teacher appreciation week with a personalised card

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May the 4th be with you: Four weird Star Wars facts

Today is May the Fourth, which many fans will recognise as the official Star Wars appreciation day! ?Star Wars storm troopers - may the fourth be with you

  1. Reach for the stars: At 6,4″, Liam Neeson was too tall to feature in the Star Wars films.
  2. Yoda was almost played by a monkey, he was.: Jedi-master Yoda was originally going to be played by a monkey wearing a face mask. (It just look creepy though!)
  3. Say hello to my little… Ewoks: Al Pacino almost played the part of Han Solo, but he ‘didn’t understand the script’.
  4. Bye, bye, bye Justin Timberlake: At George Lucas’s daughter’s request, *NSYNC were to be featured in Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Fortunately/unfortunately, they were cut from the final movie.

Star wars action figures - may the fourth be with you

Bonus Star Wars fact: Yoda has a different number of toes depending on what Star Wars film you’re watching. Sometimes three, sometimes four.

Have an amazing May the Fourth!
May the force be with you in a galaxy far, far away. Because I am your father. ?

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Mother’s Day: Create a card to make a smile

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, 14 May 2017 for pretty much everyone except for UK and Ireland. So get ready for the big day USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand…

Check out our new borders:

We Love you Ma - Mother's Day card


World’s best mom or mum?
Doesn’t matter how you spell it, we have a card for you to personalise:


Choose a collage layout
If you can’t decide on just one photo:


Get cute!Cute mother's day card
It doesn’t matter what you call her – mum, mom, ma or Sharon – a personalised Mother’s Day card will be a welcome surprise.

Find them in the app under Greeting Cards ? Categories ? Mother’s Day [USA].


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