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Celebrate your best friend this Mother’s Day

Postsnap mother's day greeting card


With our designers putting their finishing touches to our new range of Mother’s Day cards, it’s got me thinking about my best friend: my mum.


One day as a teenager, I decided to skip afternoon history class and headed home early from school. Little did I know that my mum had decided to do the same! When I walked through the back door we both looked at each other like rabbits in headlights.


The look on her face, the look on my face and then the eruption of laughter as we realised that not only had I been caught missing school, but I had caught her eating chocolate while watching Neighbours on the sofa! We still laugh about it today.


This cheeky nature, and her strong sense of humour is what bonds the two of us; she always put a smile on my face. 


Mum inspired us to pursue our hearts’ desire. She would practice what she preached by chasing her own dream of building a successful business of her own. She was then, and still is now, a hard worker (when she’s not skiving off work to watch Neighbours!).


She always put us kids first by pushing us through school while working a demanding job. She would give us every opportunity she and Dad could afford to give us. My mum wants us to be happy and would do anything she could for us.


She hasn’t given me a ton of money (or the brightest mind), but she loves us beyond words and has always been there for us when we needed a little support.


As far as I am concerned, this is all you need in a mum. Put simply: she is my best friend.


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