Christmas in New Zealand’s summer sun

Being in New Zealand for Christmas

A Postsnap blogger in New Zealand during mid-December 2015.

Christmas is not a cold event everywhere. Back in New Zealand, where I hail from, Christmas is associated with sandals and strawberries rather than snow and socks.

? Rather than a hot turkey, we tend to have BBQs outside. Burgers, sausages, salads and lemonade are common at Christmas dinner.

? Shoes are not a common site in December. You’re more likely to see bare feet and sandals (aka jandals) than boots of any kind.

? Strawberries are a must! They are ripe and in every shop. You can buy them in bulk on the roadside stalls or Sunday farmers’ markets.

? Paper hats from Christmas crackers are not often worn due to them sticking to foreheads… Also, paper hats mess up the Christmas hairdo.

The New Zealand Christmas tree - Pohutukawa

New Zealand’s Christmas tree – the Pohutukawa.

? New Zealand’s ‘national Christmas tree’ is the native Pohutukaua tree, which blooms with bright red flowers in December. The red flowers are beautiful and typically lining suburban streets. during New Zealand summers.

? Kiwi fruit atop a homemade Pavalova is a Christmas must.

?? ┬áMost will make their way to the beach on Christmas day, usually to find a Father Christmas figure handing our lollies. Santa is usually wearing a sleeveless red vest, shorts and sandals. Not forgetting the beard though – to keep it looking authentic.

Ice lollies for Christmas in a warm countryA very strange Christmas for some, but the norm for Kiwis, where summer break and Christmas holidays are merged to create a December to January nation-wide shut-down!

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