Creative ways to use Postsnap this Christmas

Creative ways to use Postsnap for Christmas cards
Sending personalised Postsnap Christmas cards can be so much more creative than you may think!

On the twelfth day of Christmas…
…my true love sent to me:¬†A Postsnap card sent to the addressee! Mark each day of Christmas with a special personalised card.

Santa photo for a personalised christmas cardA letter from Santa

Send a card to your child from Santa in response to their wish list (yes, Santa loves using Postsnap. He told me so). Or perhaps a letter from Santa to make sure the children get off the naughty list before Christmas!

Treasure hunt
Hide presents and mail the clues to find them! Takes a bit of effort, admittedly, but by taking photos of the location of the next clue, only to lead them back to the Christmas tree at home might be a bit of fun.

Make a collage on a Large Postcard and frame it.

Send a card to your favourite celebrity
Send a copy to yourself too so that you can feel content in the thought that you have the exact same card as your favourite celeb. Perhaps Amy Schumer, Ryan Gosling or Johnny Depp will be the lucky recipient. Google their publicist’s address – I’m sure they’ll adore your Christmas fan mail. ?

Santa rides a horse for a personalised Christmas cardDress up
Dressing up and making cards out of your quirky photos will surely bring a smile to many!

From anon.
Send an anonymous Christmas card to someone who needs it most.

Make your personalised Christmas cards this year with Postsnap. Our Christmas card range is now available!

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