? DIY Halloween: Decorations for the lazy and un-crafty

Halloween personalised dog cardFor all of us anti-DIY folk, here are some super quick cheats to make your Halloween party up to the high standards of your craft-savvy friends…

Thanks to this website I have discovered the most basic ways to make it seem like Halloween has arrived in force.

Cheese cloth
I had to look this up, because I didn’t even know this light lacy mesh I had occasionally seen around had a name. It is a fabulous substitute for buying those cans of goodness-knows-what that, when sprayed, resemble cob webs. By draping cheese cloth over mirrors and windows, you have instant spider webs. Or even draped over suspended balloons for a vaguely ghoulish effect.

Photo of a face in a jar
Print out your face – best to be pulling a face, crazy hair or with eyes closed – laminate and pop into an a large pickling jar. Fill with water with green food colouring, and you’ve got yourself a ‘head in a jar’!

Spray paint wine bottles and use as candlestick holders.
Of course, you’ll need to drink the wine first. Spray paint either black, green or orange, and find tall, skinny black candles to fit in the top securely. Perhaps print out some spooky labels to stick on the front too! My favourite suggestion I’ve seen is: “Bottle of Boos.”

Personalised halloween party invitation

Floating candle sticks
This feels like it could really work, or become a total disaster rather quickly. But, here is how I understand you do it: Gather together your empty kitchen rolls and toilet rolls, plant battery-powered* candles into the top, and suspend to the ceiling using fishing line (or similar). *Be sure to use pretend candles, please. We’re not at Hogwarts just yet.

Scary soap and ice cubes
Add creepy things to your liquid soap and ice cubes – plastic eyes, spiders, flies… Easy peasy. But be sure to clean them first! ?

Bat decorations
This sounds overly-simple and obvious, but the photos I’ve seen look rather effective. Cut out bats from black paper and stick on the wall – or just buy some plastic bats from the shop. It’s simple but effective when done against a light wall in large numbers.

The great uses for googly eyes!
?  Stick googly eyes on painted/spray-painted pebbles. They become simple monsters that don’t take up a lot of room, or time, to litter about the place.
?  Googly eyes on drinking cups
?  Giant google eyes on front door, perhaps with a mouth and spiky teeth made out of felt to make a scary face.
?  White footballs with a big black spot drawn on each = a super lazy way to put googly-eyes places where they don’t need to be. Great to chuck into trees, on car windscreens, deckchairs… They bring big inanimate objects to life!

Write ‘BOO!’ in chalk in random places… It’s all over Pinterest and Instagram, I swear.

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