Five top snaps to use on a Christmas card

1.Fun photos of the fur babies!
The pets shan’t be exempt from festive fun! (No animals should be harmed or distressed in the process of making a fabulous photo card.)

Santa horseriding for a personalised christmas card

2. Family photos from last Christmas
The last time the whole family got together would likely be last Christmas. Perfectly worthy of being celebrated!

3. Dress up for the camera!
Dig out your elf hats and Christmas jumpers for a bit of a laugh for your recipients.
Christmas Australian card4. Get creative!
Black and white photo
Display your photo as part of your decorations
Set up a photoshoot yourself
Wrap everyone up in Christmas lights
Not photo-ready? Take a photo of the family’s shadows.
Falala personalised christmas card

5. Let the kids take over
Let the kids take charge of this year’s photo. Let them decide on the location and costumes and see what you get!


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