Forget me not: Six things to remember for Christmas day

Christmas is coming to PostsnapYou’re working through buying the last of your Christmas gifts, but what about beyond the morning of Christmas of present-opening? Do you have all the food and bit and bobs you’ll need for the rest of the day?

Lucky for you, I have had a dig around the depths of the internet to find out popular things that we all forget to buy for Christmas day. Plus, a couple of things that I always remember going without on the day…

Christmas isn’t complete without…

  1. A spare present in the cupboard for those impromptu visitors. Chocolate is a great go-to option, which is perfect for any age or gender.
  2. Lots of napkins
  3. Different sized batteries for toys (and fire alarms for when the Turkey is done…)
  4. A range of sauces, gravies and condiments
  5. Your gift receipts!
  6. Spare Christmas cards. You can make personalised cards via Postsnap, and have them sent to you with a blank envelope for you to fill in when you need to. ?

Top tip: Been meaning to return your heater that broke on the weekend? Need to complain about your broadband contract? Bought the wrong thing on Amazon? Make the phone calls you’ve been putting off now – don’t wait until all the shops and call centres have shut for Christmas.

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