Grandparent’s Day: 100-year-old words of wisdom


personalised thank you cardGrandparent’s Day is a dedicated time to give appreciation to our parent’s parents. They make the meanest Sunday roasts, have the best vintage wardrobe, but above all, they tend to hold knowledge and wise words.

With thanks to this article I have discovered some marvellous pieces of advice from the older generation. 100 pieces of advice from 100-year-olds. I have picked my favourite pieces of wisdom to share with you fine people.

  1. “Exercise, to me, is totally unnecessary. I think it’s mostly overrated. And the use of vitamins, forget it. And I don’t encourage going to a lot of doctors, either.”
    Advice from a 100-year-old doctor. (I like this doctor.)
  2. “Forgive.”
  3. “I drink the faucet water.”
    I’m not entirely sure these are necessarily wise words… Or perhaps I am too young and naive to understand the deeper meaning of it just yet.
  4. “Don’t die too early.”
  5. “There is no need to ever retire, but if one must, it should be a lot later than 65.”
    I know a lot of people who will disagree with this one.
  6. “Take naps every day.”
  7. “Travel while you’re young and able. Don’t worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.”
  8. “You have to be lucky, but I made the best of things when bad things happened. I also ate prunes every single day.”
  9. “Keep an open mind, and things seem less strange.”
    Sounds like a line for The Matrix… “Neo, keep an open mind, and things seem less strange.” Yes. ?
  10. “Try not to eat anything that’s healthy. It’s true. I eat whatever I want. The secret to longevity is ice cream.”
    Keen! ?

I hope you sent a card to the grandparents on Grandparent’s Day to let them know you’re thinking of them (if not – it’s never too late!). Let us know what wise (or perhaps not so wise), Matrix-esk advice they have too. #PostcardApp #GrandparentsDay ? ?

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