Great Postsnap Bake Off: It’s not messy, it’s informal

Strawberry cupcakes for the great bake offDon’t break down and rye – crumb and get it! This is what we were bread for! Bread week on the Great British Bake off was entertaining to say the yeast…

To recap: Our Postsnap office has been so excited for the series that we decided to get involved. We each picked a contestant’s name out of a hat, and when that contestant is eliminated the corresponding employee must bake something for us all! Mwahahaha.


“It’s not messy, it’s informal” – Mary Berry’s wisdom.

A great excuse for all baking failures, stated in the fabulous bread-based episode this week.

Sprinkle cupcakes for the great British bake offfBack in the Postsnap office, however, we have been continually spoiled by our rather formal-looking baked goods! Last week we had delicious Sprinkle Cupcakes by our in-house designer Caroline, who baked voluntarily.

This week’s Great Bake Off episode has been particularly entertaining. Especially thanks to Val…

Despite the undefined Noah’s Ark-themed bread centre piece, tea-sipping Val did well making a classic Biblical story new again. There weren’t two bread elephants,“because they had a fight”, and there was only one bread dove “because the other flew away”… We love you Val.

Lemon rainbow cake for the great british bake offAnd, this week’s elimination has brought some even more sweet treats into the Postsnap office.

Although Caroline helped us out by baking cupcakes when Gemma was away, Gemma has brought in her entry this week – a spectacular Lemon Rainbow Cake!!

Don’t worry, it has lemon in it, so it’s healthy.

Luckily for us, Caroline is to bake again because her nominated contestant was sadly eliminated on the last episode. Chocolate cheesecake, here we come!

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