Great Postsnap Bake Off: Rolling with the punches in Pastry Week

Soggy-bottomed pastry, cold ovens, and broom handles for rolling pastry. Bake off had it all last week. Thankfully, to make us feel better we were treated to the best brownies I have ever tasted in the Postsnap Office…

To recap: Our Postsnap office has been so excited for the Great British Bake Off series that we decided to get involved. We each picked a contestant’s name out of a hat, and when that contestant is eliminated the corresponding employee must bake something for us all! Mwahahaha.

Triple chocolate brownies for the Great British bake offPastry week looked tough on contestants last week. But with soggy Bakewell Tarts and precarious use of floss, my personal favourite was unfortunately sent home…

To cheer us up, though, we came into work to find scrumptious brownies made by Melissa from our design team.

(Thank you, thank you, thank you!) We may not have Val’s words of wisdom to look forward to anymore, but at least we have tummies full of brownies.

“When you bake you always bake for a reason… And you make it with love.” – Val

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