Great Postsnap Bake Off: The finale

The Great British Bake Off has come to an end! All that’s left are the Postsnap bakers who have yet to bake for the team…

lemon and lime Cheesecake for great british bake offTo recap: Our Postsnap office has been so excited for the Great British Bake Off series that we decided to get involved. We each picked a contestant’s name out of a hat, and when that contestant is eliminated the corresponding employee must bake something for us all! Mwahahaha.

Due to Selasi’s elimination, I was due to bake this week. I baked a lemon and lime cheesecake with dark chocolate-coated digestives for the base. Using no oven! Hazzuh!

Due to the three Bake Off finalists representing three Postsnappers who are yet to bake, we are expecting three incredible baked delights in the upcoming weeks. Yuuuum!

Half eaten cupcake for great british bake offBut what we are really waiting for, are the results of the winner of The Great Postsnap Bake Off!

Due to Candice’s win in the program, the correlating team member was Hannah from the marketing team! She baked a fantastic carrot cake muffins to celebrate!

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