?? Keeping Christmas fun without the kids

Not having children around on Christmas can sometimes take the magic out of the day. So here are some ideas to keep it alive at Christmas time, to keep December 25 from turning into just day off.

Using your pet dogs for Christmas cards

There’s no Play-Doh to make things with, no one to discuss Santa with (obviously there isn’t much to discuss. Santa is real.) and no one to blame the badly decorated tree on. It can be hard when the kids have flown the nest, when the grandkids have grown up, or when family have moved away. So read on to discover how fun the festive season can be.

?? Santa hat on corner of TV
Place a Santa hat on the corner of the television, and when ever it looks like the character on screen is wearing the hat, then take a sip of the eggnog, eat a toffee, pull a cracker, or take a gulp of your hot chocolate!

?? Whoever falls asleep first…
Drawing on Uncle Barry’s bald head after he’s fallen asleep due to eating too much turkey, is one of many pranks you can pull on the weakest of Christmas party-goers.

stephen homer at postsnap dresses up as santa

Postsnap’s MD dresses up as Santa

?? Santa MUST be present… no pun intended
In my family someone MUST dress up as Santa to hand out the presents. No exceptions. A white beard must be worn. Children or no. Usually my mum is designated, but I took on the role one Christmas, which I thoroughly enjoyed. By the way, milk and cookies is gifted to whoever the designated Santa is that year.

?Keep it real: Don’t stop putting up that tree!
I’ve noticed the trees tend to get smaller the older the children get, until there is no tree at all… I say no! Not only should you keep the Christmas tree hunched beneath the low ceiling, but keep it real!?  Make a day (or night) of it – finding a tree to cut down, strap it to the top of the Micra and whizz it home to perch in the living room.

?? Make a family tradition
For sixteen years now, my parents make sure our real estate agent comes over every morning for breakfast. After my parents moved from England to New Zealand, he helped them get our first house in the country. So from then on he came for breakfast on Christmas day. It makes sure that everyone is out of bed bright and early, and into the Christmas spirit (whether you like it or not!). ?

?? If I can’t find a reindeer, I’ll make one instead.
Dress up your horse for a Christmas cardNo children around doesn’t mean no silliness.
Despite not being a tremendous fans of dogs in general, a well behaved and playful dog can sometimes be just what you need to liven the place up! (Especially with all the food around!) Or any pet in general.
A furry friend to dress up, someone to fetch the presents, and someone to pick up the food scraps that fall on the floor at dinner.

?? Don’t be a Grinch
I’m talking to the teenagers out there (and my past 16-year-old self). It may be super random and totally in right now to think outside the box and decide to be a complete Grinch on Christmas because it’s all corporate now. But I say to stuff your humbugs in a sack, mister! For the sake of the people around you – even though it may just be your parents – lighten up and enjoy the day. It will all be back to normal tomorrow, kids. ?

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