May the 4th be with you: Four weird Star Wars facts

Today is May the Fourth, which many fans will recognise as the official Star Wars appreciation day! ?Star Wars storm troopers - may the fourth be with you

  1. Reach for the stars: At 6,4″, Liam Neeson was too tall to feature in the Star Wars films.
  2. Yoda was almost played by a monkey, he was.: Jedi-master Yoda was originally going to be played by a monkey wearing a face mask. (It just look creepy though!)
  3. Say hello to my little… Ewoks: Al Pacino almost played the part of Han Solo, but he ‘didn’t understand the script’.
  4. Bye, bye, bye Justin Timberlake: At George Lucas’s daughter’s request, *NSYNC were to be featured in Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Fortunately/unfortunately, they were cut from the final movie.

Star wars action figures - may the fourth be with you

Bonus Star Wars fact: Yoda has a different number of toes depending on what Star Wars film you’re watching. Sometimes three, sometimes four.

Have an amazing May the Fourth!
May the force be with you in a galaxy far, far away. Because I am your father. ?

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