Our Gurgle Competition winner – Amanda!

postsnap personalised photo card app UKAfter entering our Postsnap competition last month via Gurgle, Amanda was our lucky winner! A first-time mum at age 39, she is excited to put her prize of £100 Amazon Vouchers to good use.

Despite a buggy and car seat being on her wish list, Amanda says she is ‘feeling very practical at the moment’ and will likely stock up on baby essentials such as baby wipes.

Amanda has decided to keep the sex of her baby as a surprise for her due date in January – how exciting! She says she is looking forward to the feeling of having “someone so small rely on me for everything. [It] is so exciting, but also over whelming.”

All the very best to Amanda, Postsnap’s winner of the Gurgle competition! We hope you stock up on all the things you need, ready for your baby boy or girl’s arrival next year!
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