• Five ways to take great photos in the sun

    by ben

    Bright sunshine can mean severe glare and harsh shadows in the photos you take. But you can use this beautiful weather to your advantage to create the best snapshots you can on your iPhone by following these few simple tips…

  • Size of a postcard – UK, Australia and USA


    Picture postcards have been in existence since the 1800s, but the overall appearance of postcards has hardly changed.

    Postcard sizeA standard postcard is typically made of rectangular card with the following dimensions for a standard postcard size: 148 x 105mm in UK and Europe or 6 x 4 inches in the USA.

    These postcard dimensions are equivalent to an A6 piece of paper, which is approximately one quarter of an A4 sheet of paper…

  • Postcard postage rates for UK and beyond


    Being part of Generation Y, snail mail is not something I am completely familiar with. I remember having to send my first official letter (without mum’s guidance) not that long ago. But it needn’t be that difficult or expensive…

  • Five smart apps to have when travelling

    by ben

    There may be times when you need to put your phone away while travelling. But your phone can also become the handiest travelling buddy you can have.

    Here are the top five apps every traveller should have on their phone while on the go…

  • Best places to take foggy winter photos

    by ben

    With all this fog around in the UK at the moment, it’s difficult to see past the inconvenience of it. However, this misty weather can be used to your advantage by making ordinary places look moody and interesting in photos – so get your phone out!