Postcard of the Month Competition – the low down


postsnap personalised photo card app UKEvery month Postsnap runs a competition so that we can find the most impressive card you marvellous people have sent. But we have upped our game! Whoever wins will not only get £40 in Amazon Vouchers, but £10 in Postsnap Prepay Credit too!

Postsnap Prepay Credit basically means you’ll have enough dosh on your Postsnap account to make the Greeting Cards and Postcards you have been meaning to do for yonks!

And, Amazon Vouchers basically means you’ll be super in-right-now with new clothes and stationary for when you go back to work, school, university or crochet club.

You! You, who went on holiday in Fiji and made Postsnap cards about your amazing adventures.
You, who sent your best friend a super duper Greeting Card for her birthday.
You, whose Grandad brags about to everyone at Wednesday’s Lawn Bowls Club because you sent him Postsnap Postcards. (You and I both know you’re the favourite grandchild now…)

Your card! Take a photo of your special card for us to see how awesome it is.

Now! Quick!

Post the photo of your card on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag: #PhotoCardApp or #PostcardApp so that we can find it.

Vouchers and credit! Who loves online shopping? All your hands are up, don’t lie. We are offering the lucky winner of August’s Postcard Competition £40 in Amazon Vouchers and £10 of Postsnap Prepay Credit.

Don’t be modest – you know how to use Social Media. (If all else fails, ask the younger generation.)

You’ve done all the hard work – you went on holiday. You’ve done the easy part – you made a Postsnap card. Now there is just one more step – share it! Believe it or not, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter haven’t heard enough about your cards. And, neither have we.

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