#SelfieDay: How to discover your best selfie

selfie day with postsnap postcards

Today isn’t just June 21, 2017. It’s selfie day! National Selfie Day was established by a DJ in 2014. I know every day is selfie day (#fabulous #instagramthat #bestside) but today means a selfie is a must!


What do I need in order to get my selfie game on point?

  • Selfie day 2017 selfie stick goals#Phone
    (this is compulsory)
  • #Selfiestick
    (optional, and generally frowned upon by the public)
  • #Socialmedia
    (if a selfie isn’t posted and shared… Did it even happen?)
  • #Postsnap
    (to send your #selfieday selfie on a postcard to Granny who isn’t on FB or Insta.)


So many angles! So many options!
Here are some ideas to try for your best #selfieday selfie:

  1. #creativeselfie: Mirror-reflection selfie 
    Selfie day 2017 in the mirror
  2. #idc: ‘I don’t even care’/’bored’ selfie 
    Selfie day 2017 too cool to care
  3. #superserious: Intense selfie 
    Selfie day 2017 serious
  4. #waterproofcamera: Underwater selfie 
    Selfie day 2017 under water
  5. #bff: Couples/group selfie 
    Selfie day 2017 couples
  6. #oldschool #postsnap: Postcard selfie! 
    selfie day nan

Let us know what your best selfie is on Facebook! Get your selfie stick out and have Happy Selfie Day!



  1. Its happy time, (Selfie Time) me and my family is crazy for selfies always ready.

  2. Thank you, that’s an very nice article with good tips! 🙂

    I’ll also have a suggestion. If you want to get natural looking which don’t look too posed: Make a selfie video from you when you are hanging out with your friends or when you are having a good time. Afterwards just look your video again and take screenshots of the best parts and et voilà: your perfect and natural looking selfie is done! 🙂 A selfie stick can also be helpful sometimes! 🙂

    Have a great time taking selfies and best regards,
    Selfie-Lisa 🙂

  3. I’m sure my family will love all the selfies I’m going to take after reading this blog

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