? Six ways to make Halloween fun for kids

Halloween is approaching scarily fast! Read on to find out how you can entertain the children…

1. Keep it old school. Carve a pumpkin.
I’ve seen bright orange pumpkins for sale in Sainsburys, and even ‘pick your own pumpkin’ in rural Dorset! Certainly a fun day for all. Put a candle inside for a glowingly spooky pumpkin!

2. ? Bake a scary cake…
There are plenty of natural food colourings around now, so perhaps create an orange and green monster cake!

3. Hide and Seek
A game of hide and seek automatically gets cooler when everyone is in costume!
Super scary tip: Throw a Halloween party

Just as fun as a birthday party, but with a spooky theme! Postsnap has some fantastic borders to wrap around your invitations! ?

Children's Halloween party personalised invitation card


4. Make warm pumpkin soup with the family.
It’s turning chilly now, and if you’re not into decorating pumpkins, get everyone involved with making a delicious soup out of it instead! Starting soup from scratch is a rewarding and fun experience that children will surely enjoy. This spicy pumpkin soup recipe looks particularly warming, topped with pumpkin seeds, and with fresh, crusty bread on the side.

5. Trick or Treat!
Perhaps an obviously typical activity, but certainly something many of us rural kids missed out on. Take the children out into suburbia to get in on the Trick-or-Treating! (But make sure everyone is supervised.)

6. Dress up your pets
Keep it kind. Keep it cute.

Halloween personalised dog card


Halloween lands on Monday this year, so perhaps put aside a few hours over the weekend to get prepared and then make Monday a day everyone can look forward to. ?

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