Smooth sailing: Send postcards from land or sea

Sending postcards from a cruise shipIf you have internet, you can send a personalised postcard. You could be on a P&O cruise liner from Southampton to Belgium, or on a Condor Ferry from Poole to Guernsey and still create and send postcards with the Postsnap app.

Isn’t technology magical these days.

Selfie from iphone to send as a postcard

Share your selfie in the form of a postcard from land or sea

Having a holiday at sea can be as long or as short as you wish. A Saturday trip to Brownsea Island might be just enough for you and your family. Or, perhaps a week-long cruise would be your ideal summer getaway. Either way, you needn’t feel far from home as most ferry and cruise services offer WiFi.

By the end of your two-day cruise trip, you could come home to your postcards sitting on your welcome mat. A perfect souvenir to remember your incredible family getaway.

Send postcards everywhere, from anywhere* using Postsnap.

*So long as you have internet. 🙂

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