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Celebrate your best friend this Mother’s Day

Postsnap mother's day greeting card


With our designers putting their finishing touches to our new range of Mother’s Day cards, it’s got me thinking about my best friend: my mum.


One day as a teenager, I decided to skip afternoon history class and headed home early from school. Little did I know that my mum had decided to do the same! When I walked through the back door we both looked at each other like rabbits in headlights.


The look on her face, the look on my face and then the eruption of laughter as we realised that not only had I been caught missing school, but I had caught her eating chocolate while watching Neighbours on the sofa! We still laugh about it today.


This cheeky nature, and her strong sense of humour is what bonds the two of us; she always put a smile on my face. 


Mum inspired us to pursue our hearts’ desire. She would practice what she preached by chasing her own dream of building a successful business of her own. She was then, and still is now, a hard worker (when she’s not skiving off work to watch Neighbours!).


She always put us kids first by pushing us through school while working a demanding job. She would give us every opportunity she and Dad could afford to give us. My mum wants us to be happy and would do anything she could for us.


She hasn’t given me a ton of money (or the brightest mind), but she loves us beyond words and has always been there for us when we needed a little support.


As far as I am concerned, this is all you need in a mum. Put simply: she is my best friend.


Make sure you swing by our Postsnap website or our Postsnap and CustomCard mobile apps for your Mother’s Day cards to celebrate your best friend on March 11.
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Say thanks on Father’s Day for these 3 things…
Happy father's day 2017 funny personalised cardShow Dad that you’re his best creation by making him the best personalised Father’s Day card. Say thank you for his humour, advice and wisdom, such as that time when…
  • He unveiled his dad-jokes:
     “Two peanuts were walking down the street. One was a salted.”
    (Or the time when you asked him for his best joke, and his reply was “you”.)
  • He offered his best advice:
    “Make sure you eat before you go; a soldier fights better on a full stomach.”
  • He gave you his best nugget of wisdom:
    “It’s being a bit scared that makes an adventure. Otherwise it’s just a pleasant day out.”
Father’s Day is June 18, 2017. ?
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Check Father’s Day off of your to do list!

You still have a few days left to order your personalised card for guaranteed delivery before Father’s Day. So why not make Dad’s day extra special this year by using your own photos to create a unique and personalised photo card?

Get 20% off of your Father’s Day order by using the promo code DAD at check out.

Best dad father's day card - wedding


Father’s Day is fast approaching – Sunday, June 18 – so get creating soon!


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Awesome cards your dad will love for Father’s Day

Our designers have been hard at work creating countless new Father’s Day cards for you to personalise! Order today and select a post date closer to the day of June 18, 2017.

Collage cards for when you can’t decide on just one photo

To say thanks for the special days
Best dad father's day card - wedding

Happy 1st Father’s Day cards

Funny ‘best dad’ card
Happy father's day 2017 funny personalised card
From the cheeky monkeys or the little monsters!

(Also available featuring three little monkeys and two little monsters)

For when you need to say: You have no idea how many times you have helped me out!

If at first you don't succeed - call dad fathers day card

Just the two of us

Love from your favourite child…

Happy father's day - from the dog

Super Grandad cards


Which one is your favourite? ?
Happy Father’s Day for June 18, 2017!

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Putting pet dogs on your Mother's Day card.

Mum's pet dog is on your personalised Mother's Day cardDoes Mum’s dog star on Mother’s Day cards rather than you? ? ?

We have seen an influx of Mother’s Day cards featuring pictures of pet spaniels and dachshunds rather than sons and daughters.

Don’t get me wrong, using photos of the forever photogenic pug that Mum adores on Mother’s Day cards certainly takes the pressure off!

(Especially on those days when our selfie faces are not on point…)

Would your mum prefer a Mother’s Day card from her ‘fur-baby’ too?


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Thank you for coming to our wedding guest cards

Sending postcards while on holiday is a welcome surprise for friends and family to receive. But you can do so much more with postcards than sending a beach selfie. From wedding invites to birth announcements, postcards are novel, fun and personal for every occasion.

Thank you
‘Thank you for coming to our wedding.’ 
Sending a photo with your thank you message has proved easy to do on postcards. Use your favourite photo of your special day, to say ‘thanks for sharing it with us’. Or, simply say ‘thank you for being looking after the kids’ during the school holidays.Thank you for coming to our wedding guest cards

Top tip: Choose our larger 8×5 postcards for your most special photos

‘Thanks for choosing us.’
A trend that I’ve noticed, is far from the likes of sending holiday snaps to family. Postcards are also being used by businesses to launch new products and to promote deals or events. It is an easy and personal form of targeted marketing. They’re being sent through new clients’ and customers’ front doors, not in the form of flyers, but as glossy postcards.Send a business marketing postcard


New baby announcement
‘It’s a boy!’
Welcome your baby into the world by sending friends and family a postcard to announce the new arrival. Choose your cutest photos with your choice of text for the personal touch.Welcome baby announcement cards

‘You’re invited to my birthday party.’
Although Postsnap has dedicated invitation cards for this very purpose, I’ve noticed  postcards are proving popular. Postcards are easy to duplicate in order to send to multiple people, and the fact they aren’t sent with envelopes makes them novelty items to keep.Personalised Birthday party invitations


Have fun and get creative with Postsnap’s postcard range. They’re high-quality with a gloss finish, perfect for any occasion. So, get snapping and start sending!

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personalised christmas card appHoorah! The thing we all have on our Christmas wish lists has been delivered! Not by Santa, but by Postsnap…

Photos of personalised christmas cards on a phoneOur magical designers have been working as hard as magical elves, and have created an exciting range of festive cards ready for you to personalise and send out to your loved ones for Christmas!

To check out our new range, download our updated app (1.5.1) here. Tap on  Christmas under Greeting Card’s categories.

A perfect way to send cards to friends and family in a fast, fun, affordable and festive way!


From designs perfect for family photos…

Happy christmas personalised card from the family
…to fun face in the hole designs:

Merry christmas personalised card from the children



With festive borders too:


Personalised christmas card border

We have something for all Postsnappers!

Merry christmas kids personalised card


We have some super organised Postsnappers who have already made some fantastic cards, ready to be dispatched at your chosen date.





Christmas Australian card Merry Christmas grandma personalised card



Send festive fun to all!

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