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How to make an Easter chocolate mocktail

Easter chocolate mocktailChocolate is one of many wondrous inventions we have gifted to ourselves. Some may say it’s a creation worthy of celebration on par with other genius inventions, such as electricity, motor vehicles or Tipex…

Easter is a time many of us choose to indulge in chocolate. But if Easter eggs aren’t your chocolate-style, then perhaps give one of the below ‘choctails’ a try!

Unwanted Easter eggs are easily made into tasty mocktails and cocktails – something any true chocoholic would enjoy.

  1. Chocolate martini mocktail ?
    Just goes to show that anything can become a ‘martini’ if served in a martini glass.
    Simply whizz together the below ingredients in a blender, with quantities at your own discretion. ?Easter chocolate mockail martini
  • Chocolate or vanilla ice cream – invest in a quality brand for a creamier texture
  • Milk
  • Hot chocolate powder – I recommend a traditional swiss chocolate brand for a richer taste
  • Parts of your favourite chocolate egg
  • Ice

For the rim of the martini glass, dip in melted chocolate (or just dampen with water) and then dip in chocolate powder. Then pour the above mixture in, and top with cream, sprinkles and/or marshmallows – or plop a strawberry on top to make yourself feel a bit better. ?

2. Vegan chocolate cinnamon mocktailCinnamon chocolate easter mocktail
If you can’t have dairy, you don’t have to miss out on chocolate over Easter. Get your blender out of the cupboard and give this recipe a go!

  • Rice milk or soy milk (or hazelnut, almond or coconut milk if you want to have a taste sensation)
  • Green & Blacks hot chocolate powder (dairy-free)
  • Two overripe bananas (if desired, for a banana-chocolate taste)
  • Pinch of cinnamon

Be sure to grate some of your favourite dark chocolate on top!

3. Chocolate Baileys cocktail 
Ice chocolate easterIf you’re not fancying a mocktail, spice it up with an alcoholic version. I recommend using the leftover Baileys from Christmas – they have an extraordinarily long shelf life even after opening, so no need to chuck them yet!

  • One scoop of vanilla ice cream (chocolate flavour may be too overwhelming)
  • Chocolate Baileys – or try the orange-chocolate flavour if you can still find it!
  • Milk (you shouldn’t need too much though)
  • Your favourite hot chocolate powder or parts of your favourite chocolate egg
  • Lots of ice!

Get experimenting with the quantities to your preferred taste, and get blending!

? Have a fantastic Easter weekend (April 14 – 17, 2017) ?

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Where to hide Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt.

Where to hide Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt.Easter weekend is fast approaching! So it’s important to begin your preparation now, particularly for the classic Easter egg hunt for the kids. It’s easy to get sloppy with hiding places, especially once they get older.

But I have trawled the internet on your behalf to provide you with new and exciting indoor hiding places. (Plus, hiding places that are not such a great idea!)

My first tip is to make a note of where you have hidden them. The last thing you want is to find a melted Easter egg in someone’s pillowcase in a few days’ time.

Once you have hidden eggs in shoes, beneath couches, flower vases and in toy boxes, you may have run out of ideas. So here are a few:

Five creative hiding placesbreakfast-easter-eggs hiding hunt postsnap.jpg
?? Use duct tape to secure Easter eggs beneath chairs.

?? In the egg carton in the fridge.

?? Remove a lightbulb in a lamp and replace it with an Easter egg. ?

?? Inside the pocket of someone’s clothes (stealth-mode needs to be implemented.)

?? Inside toilet paper rolls. (Make sure your Easter eggs are well wrapped first!)

My second helpful tip is to name each Easter egg with the names of the children hunting for them. ie Timmy only gets to keep the eggs that are named ‘Timmy’. This way, nine-year-old Timmy doesn’t get all the eggs, before 5-year-old Sally finds any.
It also makes hiding places age-appropriate. ie: Sally’s hiding places are lower down, and Timmy’s are a bit harder to find.

Four not so great hiding placesdog easter egg hunt postsnap
?? Attached to a pet’s collar- I feel this is a tad risky. Since dogs in particular can get very sick from eating chocolate. ?  

?? Atop a ceiling fan blade – I found this suggestion online, and I have to say this sounds like the perfect way to end up in A&E for the weekend.

?? Inside the exhaust pipe of your car – I feel like, firstly, this could very easily roll away out of reach. Secondly, I think little hands should be kept away from exhaust pipes…

easter egg nest hunt postsnap?? In a real bird’s nest – I have seen this suggestion across a few sites, but I really don’t think chocolate would be welcome in a bird’s nest. Nests tend to be very difficult to reach too, and easily destroyed.
Plus – Magpies will likely steal it if your eggs are         wrapped in shiny foil!

My third sweet suggestion – if you have enough time and fewer eggs – make clues to find each one.

This year, Good Friday is April 14, and Easter Monday is April 17, 2017.
Have an amazing Easter weekend! ?

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