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Seven dead-scary treat ideas for halloween

Disguising healthy vegetable snacks as sweets is a mortifying trick in itself. But if you want to get a bit more creative with your Halloween snacks, here are some ideas:

Halloween red smoothieBlood beetroot mocktails
The easiest trick in the book, since beetroots already provide the natural blood-red colour you’re after. Chuck a load of beetroot in the blender with a banana (for sweetness), a handful of frozen berries and a squeeze of orange juice. Top with some mint leaves… If you dare to have devilishly fresh breath.

Breakfast scare
Egg and bacon skull and cross bones is an easy breakfast scare to get the kids out of bed! Fry two eggs and form into the shape of a skull with the yolks for eye sockets. Cut red peppers into small strips to form the teeth, and a splodge of tomato sauce for the nose holes. Then, place two strips of criss-crossed bacon for the bones behind the skull.

halloween pumpkin cakePumpkin cake
Just like a carrot cake, but with 500g grated pumpkin, mixed spice and sultanas instead. Alternatively, you could make a sweet pumpkin tart using pureed pumpkin with ginger.


Unnervingly delicious red velvet cupcakes
Chocolate and raspberry velvet cupcakes will go down a treat. Use a cream cheese icing, drizzled with sticky raspberry sauce.

nachos and corn chips for halloween

Ghoulishly green and blood-curdling black guacamole
Guacamole mixed with whole black beans makes a swampy yet tasty topping or dip. Perfect with red-hot nachos.

Need a hand with the punch?

Make your favourite punch, but with a twist! Fill a surgical glove with water and freeze it. Once frozen, remove the glove and place the hand-shaped ice cube in the punch to creepily float around.

Scary puff pastry snacks for halloween

Petrifying puff pastry
Cut puff pastry into the pattern of cats and bats. Then top with poppy seeds for a blackened look, or paprika for a red tinge before baking.


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