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Packing for the weekend getaway

Packing for the weekend getaway

by ben

Packing for the weekend getaway

If you’re waiting until the kids go back to school for your holiday for a little more room on the beaches, then you’ll like these tips to help keep a little more room in your luggage too. Packing the essentials in the most efficient way is important for a stress-free trip – particularly if you’re going overseas and need to stick to the 7kg hand luggage limit!

Tip 1.
Pack one light jacket that goes with everything and covers you for all weathers. Roll the sleeves up or down, pop the collar or accessorise it to shake things up a bit.

Tip 2.
Comfy shoes are a must! Never underestimate the amount of walking you’re going to be doing while away. Be sure to stuff socks, knickers and small items into your shoes to save space.

Tip 3.
Layer-up and wear your heavy clothes and shoes on the plane. Your profusely sweaty forehead in the airport may cause a few precautionary checks and pat-downs from security, but at least your big jumper and favourite leather boots aren’t going to weigh your bag down.

Tip 4.
Find the lightest suitcase you can. You don’t need 2kg wasted on the receptacle itself.

Tip 5. 
You will find a hairdryer, shampoo, conditioner and soap so leave them all at home! I would opt for wet wipes and deodorant wipes – they don’t take up much room and they’re convenient to have on the plane.

Thankfully, Postsnap won’t take up any room in your bag – just a little on your phone. So you can easily make and send your postcards while away.


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