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How To Send A PostCard From Your Cruise

How To Send A Postcard From Your Cruise

PostSnap is the easiest way to send personalised postcards from home or on the waves!


Photo Credit: newdarlings.com


Cruises can be the ultimate way to unwind and they’re a great way to see all sorts of wonderful places around the world. If you’re looking for an easy way to send postcard without the hassle of stamps and trawling across cities searching for a postbox, PostSnap allows you to send your own photos as real postcards from anywhere in the world! Whether on shore or on land, PostSnap: The Postcard App is the easiest way to send a smile from your seabound adventure!

1. Download PostSnap From The App Store

Before you leave, download the PostSnap app from the App Store! Our allows you to send postcards with your own photos from anywhere in the world, so before you leave, sign up and make sure everything is ready to go before your trip! The best thing is, it’s free to download and if you have Apple Pay, there’s no need to sign up! We also offer pre-pay packages so you can load up before you set off. Sounds pretty easy to us! Our wesbite is also optimised for mobile uses, so no matter what your device, there’s a way for everyone to easily make a postcard! 

2. Take your photos!
This is the easy and most fun part. Whether you’re island hopping or soaking up city vibes, take all the photos you can. From skylines to selfies, when you’re exploring remember to take snaps to share with all your friends and family. Everyone loves to see holiday photos, whether on a postcard or on Instagram, so take as many snaps as possible to show everyone back home (and maybe make them a little jealous!).


Photo Credit: newdarlings.com


Our tips for the best photos to send on postcards are:

  • The Basics
    Blurry photos are never good, whether online or printed out! To ensure that your photos are the best they can be, hold the camera steady and take your time! If possible, make sure they are well lit; dark photos can be hard to fix, no matter how pretty the filter is. Also, if you’re taking photos of people, make sure eyes are open and there’s big smiles on faces. You are on holiday after all! Who wants to look miserable on holiday? 
  • Get Inspired!
    There’s no shame in seeing where the top locations and sights are in the city you’re stopping off at. Head online to places like Instagram or Pinterest for those picture-perfect locations that everyone wants to see or take a wander around the city to find the prettiest places to snap! If you’re on board, there’s all sorts to see and do while at sea, so remember to keep your camera on you at all times to capture all the excitement!


  • Keep It Interesting!
    You’re travelling the world! Go tick off your bucket lists and have the photographic evidence to prove it. Snap things that only you can see in the place you’re in! Whether that’s a Singapore Skyline or Roman Ruins, no matter where you are, there’s always something you can show back home that you’ve never seen before.




3. Make your postcard!

When you head back on board or wherever you go for your dose of wifi, remember to send a postcard! With PostSnap you can use photos from your camera roll but also use your Facebook and Instagram photos to create the perfect postcard!



Our postcards are fully customisable with the ability to add filters, text and borders so you can really make your postcards special. It’s so quick and easy, you can get back to exploring in an instant; no stamps and no letterboxes required! It’s especially easy for when you’re in the middle of the ocean with not a speck of land in sight. What’s even better, is that cards back home have free delivery, making it the easiest way to send snail mail.

Remember whether you’re home or away, PostSnap is the best and easiest way to send your own personalised postcards to your friends and family. Whether you end up on cruise or not, our free app makes it really easy to send snail mail. We’re also available via our website www.postsnap.com so you can use it on any of your devices.

Download PostSnap from the app store today to start sending personalised postcards now.


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How to make an Easter chocolate mocktail

Easter chocolate mocktailChocolate is one of many wondrous inventions we have gifted to ourselves. Some may say it’s a creation worthy of celebration on par with other genius inventions, such as electricity, motor vehicles or Tipex…

Easter is a time many of us choose to indulge in chocolate. But if Easter eggs aren’t your chocolate-style, then perhaps give one of the below ‘choctails’ a try!

Unwanted Easter eggs are easily made into tasty mocktails and cocktails – something any true chocoholic would enjoy.

  1. Chocolate martini mocktail ?
    Just goes to show that anything can become a ‘martini’ if served in a martini glass.
    Simply whizz together the below ingredients in a blender, with quantities at your own discretion. ?Easter chocolate mockail martini
  • Chocolate or vanilla ice cream – invest in a quality brand for a creamier texture
  • Milk
  • Hot chocolate powder – I recommend a traditional swiss chocolate brand for a richer taste
  • Parts of your favourite chocolate egg
  • Ice

For the rim of the martini glass, dip in melted chocolate (or just dampen with water) and then dip in chocolate powder. Then pour the above mixture in, and top with cream, sprinkles and/or marshmallows – or plop a strawberry on top to make yourself feel a bit better. ?

2. Vegan chocolate cinnamon mocktailCinnamon chocolate easter mocktail
If you can’t have dairy, you don’t have to miss out on chocolate over Easter. Get your blender out of the cupboard and give this recipe a go!

  • Rice milk or soy milk (or hazelnut, almond or coconut milk if you want to have a taste sensation)
  • Green & Blacks hot chocolate powder (dairy-free)
  • Two overripe bananas (if desired, for a banana-chocolate taste)
  • Pinch of cinnamon

Be sure to grate some of your favourite dark chocolate on top!

3. Chocolate Baileys cocktail 
Ice chocolate easterIf you’re not fancying a mocktail, spice it up with an alcoholic version. I recommend using the leftover Baileys from Christmas – they have an extraordinarily long shelf life even after opening, so no need to chuck them yet!

  • One scoop of vanilla ice cream (chocolate flavour may be too overwhelming)
  • Chocolate Baileys – or try the orange-chocolate flavour if you can still find it!
  • Milk (you shouldn’t need too much though)
  • Your favourite hot chocolate powder or parts of your favourite chocolate egg
  • Lots of ice!

Get experimenting with the quantities to your preferred taste, and get blending!

? Have a fantastic Easter weekend (April 14 – 17, 2017) ?

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