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#SelfieDay: How to discover your best selfie

selfie day with postsnap postcards

Today isn’t just June 21, 2017. It’s selfie day! National Selfie Day was established by a DJ in 2014. I know every day is selfie day (#fabulous #instagramthat #bestside) but today means a selfie is a must!


What do I need in order to get my selfie game on point?

  • Selfie day 2017 selfie stick goals#Phone
    (this is compulsory)
  • #Selfiestick
    (optional, and generally frowned upon by the public)
  • #Socialmedia
    (if a selfie isn’t posted and shared… Did it even happen?)
  • #Postsnap
    (to send your #selfieday selfie on a postcard to Granny who isn’t on FB or Insta.)


So many angles! So many options!
Here are some ideas to try for your best #selfieday selfie:

  1. #creativeselfie: Mirror-reflection selfie 
    Selfie day 2017 in the mirror
  2. #idc: ‘I don’t even care’/’bored’ selfie 
    Selfie day 2017 too cool to care
  3. #superserious: Intense selfie 
    Selfie day 2017 serious
  4. #waterproofcamera: Underwater selfie 
    Selfie day 2017 under water
  5. #bff: Couples/group selfie 
    Selfie day 2017 couples
  6. #oldschool #postsnap: Postcard selfie! 
    selfie day nan

Let us know what your best selfie is on Facebook! Get your selfie stick out and have Happy Selfie Day!


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