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Send cards for Thinking of You Week

thinking of you week - send a postsnap card from your iphone

Thinking of You Week is the best excuse to get back in touch and say ‘remember that time when…’.

For those friends you promise to stay in touch with, but never get around to texting. For that distant aunt who you send a shop-bought Christmas card to every year. For those cousins who moved away years ago, and only wish a ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!’ to on their Facebook wall.

thinking of you week - send a postsnap card

Let those important friends and family members know that you are still aware of their existence by sending them a personalised greeting card, reminding them of the good old days.

Dig out those embarrassing graduation photos with your university friends, or the 50 Shades of Beige fashion styles worn at your christening.

The best thing about Thinking of you Week is that it restarts communication between you all again. Just like the old days.

Create your personalised greeting card – or postcard if you want to be a little less formal – with Postsnap. Download the app here.


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