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Valentine’s Day

How to write the perfect Valentine’s Day card

Postsnap personalised Valentine's Day cards 2018

Firstly, it depends on what tone you’re aiming for. Have you been together with your significant other for fifteen years and want to keep it light and casual? Have you just started dating? Or, is it your second anniversary and are searching for the perfect words to express your undying love?

Don’t despair! Here are some ideas for you to draw inspiration from…

OPTION 1. If you’ve been together for yonks and want to go for the fun and light-hearted tone, keep it painfully casual. If you’ve been together for so long, Valentine’s Day does become more of a chore. So maybe just embrace it rather than trying too hard.
How to write a Valentine's Day card - PostsnapOPTION 2. There’s no shame in using romantic quotes to your advantage! Elton John, Moulin Rouge and The Notebook are icons in the romantic film/music genre, so don’t be afraid to use their words to express your love:
How to write a romantic Valentine's Day card - Postsnap
OPTION 3. If you’re not sure where you’re at and need to keep it cool and ‘bro-mantic’, then keep it sweet and harmless with food-related comedy:
How to write a fun Valentine's Day card - Postsnap

Top tip: If all else fails, chuck a load of confetti in the card so that it falls everywhere when they open it. They’ll never be able to pick up all the confetti, so when they come across bits of glitter in the carpet weeks later, they’ll think of you. ?? #genius

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All you need is love on valentine's day - six lovely things

Valentine’s Day is on the way! For those of you who have already rolled your eyes, or who are dreading the cheesiness of February 14, let me remind you of the lovely things to enjoy about the day.postsnap valentine's day banner - lovely things about valentine's day

1. Single? No excuse.
A lovely thing about Valentine’s Day is that you don’t have to be in a relationship to have a great day. There is no reason to not join in on the festivities. My mum always used to put a funny ‘love note’ in my lunchbox when I went to school on Valentine’s Day. My best friend and I would take each other to the movies to make fun of gushy (or often awkward-looking) couples on their first dates. Or, if all your friends are taken, spend time with your loved ones for a fun dinner and movie night indoors.

Buy red roses for Valentine's Day from Postabloom2. Red roses
Red roses are a classic and timeless expression of love. In fact, why wait for Valentine’s Day as an excuse to gift them to someone who should have a reminder of their importance to you?

3. Sweets ?
Due to many of our New Year’s resolutions of eating better, and to cut-down on sugar, how timely is February 14 to act as the perfect exception to this rule? Chocolate is great, and comes in many different flavours, and is simply a wonderful creation for anyone in love or single… ?


Valentine's Day card for Tinder boyfriend or girlfriend4. Cheesey Valentine’s movies in the cinema and on TV
I enjoy the cheese. The cheese on the tellie at Christmas time, and around Valentine’s Day. I think these movies should be embraced and taken at face-value – remember they are for entertainment purposes only.

5. February 15 chocolate sales
Heart-shaped chocolates that were expensive luxuries prior to February 14 are now in the half-price sale. Stock up!

6. Excuse to feel loved-up and on Cloud 9!
Today isn’t about the thorns, it’s about the beauty! Embrace today as an excuse to acknowledge the lovely people around you – whether it’s via mail, or in flower-form.


 Don’t forget to…
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