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Creative ways to use Postsnap on your wedding day

Postsnap is perfect for weddings. Many of our customers use postcards and invitation cards as part of their big day – some ideas are particularly creative.

We're getting married postsnap wedding invitations

Postsnap offers invitations, which many of our customers use as wedding invitations. They are wallet-friendly because they are sold in bulk. There’s also an opportunity to ‘send back to me with blank envelopes’, which allows you to handwrite your invites before mailing them out yourself in the blank envelopes included.

Top tip: An increasing amount of customers use our glossy postcard range as invitations to create a unique travel-themed invite.

Thank you for coming to our wedding guest cardsThank you
Our invitations and postcards are perfect for the thank you letters to guests after the wedding.

There’s plenty of space to type your personalised messages at the back. If you choose the invitations then you can send them back to yourself to handwrite your message on, before posting them out to your wedding guests.

Top tip: Practice your calligraphy for a super fancy invite! Our Postsnap designers recommend water brushes with drawing ink.

Wedding name cards postsnapName cards
We’ve heard of our creative customers using Postsnap’s announcement card range as name plaques at the dinner table. These double-up as a very cool keepsake too, as you can write a lovely message on the back.

Instead of using their names, you could just use your favourite photos of your guests.

Love is in the air! ? Download the Postsnap app to get creating.

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Thank you for coming to our wedding guest cards

Sending postcards while on holiday is a welcome surprise for friends and family to receive. But you can do so much more with postcards than sending a beach selfie. From wedding invites to birth announcements, postcards are novel, fun and personal for every occasion.

Thank you
‘Thank you for coming to our wedding.’ 
Sending a photo with your thank you message has proved easy to do on postcards. Use your favourite photo of your special day, to say ‘thanks for sharing it with us’. Or, simply say ‘thank you for being looking after the kids’ during the school holidays.Thank you for coming to our wedding guest cards

Top tip: Choose our larger 8×5 postcards for your most special photos

‘Thanks for choosing us.’
A trend that I’ve noticed, is far from the likes of sending holiday snaps to family. Postcards are also being used by businesses to launch new products and to promote deals or events. It is an easy and personal form of targeted marketing. They’re being sent through new clients’ and customers’ front doors, not in the form of flyers, but as glossy postcards.Send a business marketing postcard


New baby announcement
‘It’s a boy!’
Welcome your baby into the world by sending friends and family a postcard to announce the new arrival. Choose your cutest photos with your choice of text for the personal touch.Welcome baby announcement cards

‘You’re invited to my birthday party.’
Although Postsnap has dedicated invitation cards for this very purpose, I’ve noticed  postcards are proving popular. Postcards are easy to duplicate in order to send to multiple people, and the fact they aren’t sent with envelopes makes them novelty items to keep.Personalised Birthday party invitations


Have fun and get creative with Postsnap’s postcard range. They’re high-quality with a gloss finish, perfect for any occasion. So, get snapping and start sending!

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