Teacher appreciation week: Six things we don’t miss about school

In the USA, teacher appreciation week is from 8 May to 12 May 2017 – why not say ‘thank you for making me a smart cookie’ or ‘you’re an A+ teacher’ with a personalised card? But as for those of us who no longer go to school, or do not yet have children who attend school, let’s reminisce about all the things none of us miss about going to class…

Six things no one likes about school. Doing homework.At least one hour per evening, when all any of us wanted to do was sit on the couch, watch The Simpsons and eat Nutella-drenched toast.

School uniform
Royal blue was not my colour. My school was so strict that you had to buy the super over-priced school-emblemed rain jacket too! Needless to say, when an umbrella wasn’t handy we would undoubtedly turn up to class totally drenched.

Surprise testsSix things no one likes about school. Paying attention in class.
An unnecessary reminder that I should have paid attention in class.

Letters should not be in maths. Now, where’s the maths lesson that teaches me how to budget, pay bills, get a mortgage and balance a chequebook?

No showers after PE
We had five minutes to get out of our sticky gym gear and get to science class. No time for a shower. Hence why I didn’t put much effort into PE. ?

Horridly grumpy teachers
No doubt, they are all smiles when it comes to parent-teacher meetings! Typical.

Gift a personalised card for teacher appreciation weekDid you know: Gifting a teacher an apple dates back to the 1700s when some pupils in Denmark or Sweden would pay for tuition by gifting a basket of potatoes or apples. ?

For those with children still at school, why not help them keep on the good-side of teachers by sending a ‘thank you’ card via Postsnap during teacher appreciation week? ?

Teacher appreciation week with a personalised card

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