The Great Postsnap Bake Off

Sprinkle cupcakes for the great British bake offfWhether it was Val’s dancing you loved, Candice’s lipstick or Andrew’s upbeat attitude, The Great British Bake Off has been delightfully sweet to watch!

The second episode of The Great British Bake Off included Ginger Bread houses and their subsequent demolitions. I found myself yelling at the television – especially with Val’s frustratingly laid-back attitude.

Our Postsnap office has been so excited for the series that we decided to get involved.

We picked a contestant’s name out of a hat, and when that contestant is eliminated the corresponding employee must bake something for us all! Mwahahaha.

Unfortunately, it didn’t get off to a great start, since our lovely staff member who picked Lee was away the week that he was eliminated!

Thankfully one of our wonderful in-house designer (who has a fabulous talent for baking) came to work bearing sprinkle muffins… Which, didn’t last long.

We are thoroughly enjoying our office cakes and sweet treats, while watching The Great British Bake Off!


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