Tips we wish we knew before starting uni


postsnap personalised photo card app UKYour bags are packed, you know what train to catch, and have a map of the university campus in your pocket. But your education starts here with this post.

A few things you need to know:

My first top tip is to not watch too many Hollywood films based at university or college. I know this was my biggest mistake.

  • After watching Good Will Hunting, I was fooled into thinking I was smarter than I really was. Or that the people I would meet will all be undercover geniuses disguised as janitors. But, for the most part, we were just as scared as each other – no matter what our A-Level results were. We are all starting from the same place again.
  • After watching Toy Story 3, I expected my first day to be nostalgic and reflective. But I was far too concerned about which bus to catch that day to think about the wellbeing of my childhood toys gathering dust in the loft.
  • After watching 22 Jump Street, I thought every night would be a party… Although, to be fair, I was too anti-social to go to the few gatherings I was invited to. (Don’t be anti-social! Be brave!)
  • And, ‘no’, The Social Network is not a good judge of how much drama there will be at uni.

Information point:
You will quickly realise how similar university is to your old secondary school, and that it’s not so scary after all. Especially if you’re not going ‘away’ to uni. The only difference being that you are the new kid, again.

Did you know?
Being hung-over in class, or turning up tipsy after a pint at lunchtime and still take coherent notes is something that will certainly become a carefully honed skill of yours.

Top tip:
Reassess the time you need to allocate to studying!
Sharing and tagging friends in ‘Brace Yourselves, Assignment Season is Coming’ memes, or, ‘I Have No Idea What I’m Doing’ memes will certainly eat into your study time.

Don’t forget!
To take extra pens. There are always cute guys and girls who forget stationary in the first lecture, and lending them a pen is a sure way to make friends. I came prepared and bought a pack of 50 pens to keep in my bag.
(However, you do run the risk of remaining friendless, and penless, by mid-semester but at least you’ll have a reputation for being organised. Which, is a great thing in the eyes of your lecturers.)

But above all, enjoy yourself. I know you’ve been told this before, and you won’t feel like you’re having much fun when you’re knee-deep in assignments with the bin over-flowing with Red Bull cans. But university is a great excuse to being moneyless while still being allowed to have fun. Take advantage of every situation (including extra-curricular things) and make your three or four years of higher education Pitch Perfect.

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