Top 10 things to do in Dorset this weekend

Got the in-laws over for the weekend? Need a break after the first week of school? We’ve got you covered! Read on to find out what you could get up to in Dorset. With the weather being this good, you have to get outside!

1. Durdle Door
Durdle Door in Dorset on a personalised cardA classic beach day spot to marvel at natural rock formations on the Jurassic Coast. Despite the pebbly beach, it’s a beautiful place to spend the day. After a bit of a walk, you will find yourself looking over the cliffs to the coves below. Once you’ve picked your way down the rocky path with your towels and picnics, I suggest walking an extra two minutes around the cove, you will usually find yourself almost isolated.

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2. Old Harry Rocks
If you’re a fan of views of the open ocean – from the safety of spongy grass clifftops – then I suggest going to Old Harry Rocks in Swanage. A lovely stroll from the road to see the view is worth it. You can carry on around the cliffs for as far as your legs will take you.

3. Wareham
Perhaps a slightly underestimated old town located between the rural town of Wool and Holton Heath. With a few lovely pubs and market days looking over the river, Wareham is a relaxing place to enjoy good food at a leisurely pace.

4. Burley, New Forest
Burley village new forest on a personalised postcard
Burley Village is in the heart of the New Forest with a rich history of smugglers, dragons and witches. Today, it is likely to be witch-less, but full of quaint shops, walks, horses and bike rides. A perfect family day out to relax with the roaming cattle and ponies. Don’t forget your ice creams! Find out more here.

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5. Bournemouth Pier
If you’re looking for something a bit more exciting and bustling I would certainly recommend Bournemouth. If you can brave the traffic and limited parking, you’ll find numerous shops beyond the seafront, which sport a picturesque pier beside a large aquarium.

6. Weymouth
In the 2012 London Olympics, Weymouth’s waters were the host venue for the sailing events. Golden beaches and old fashioned seafronts, Weymouth is a popular holiday spot particularly on a hot summer’s day.

7. Chapman’s Pool
Chapman’s Pool is a beautiful cove to spend a day in (if the weather permits). Walking around to Chapman’s Pool can be challenging depending on where you start, or super easy if you cheat and drive to the nearby carpark. Either way there is a golden reward close by – a pub with the best cider and pasties around called The Square and Compass.

8. Tyneham Village
Tyneham village in Dorset. A great place to get away to on the weekend.
An enchanting ghost town that was evacuated in 1943 during World War II. The eerie and interesting village located near Lulworth is only open on the weekends as the area is still used by the army during the week, and managed by the Ministry of Defence. It’s not just ruins, the church and schoolhouse have been renovated to emulate how it would have looked. Every building has a descriptive plaque to explain who lived in each house, including a brief history of them. A pleasant walk back in time.
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9. Corfe Castle
A haunting thousand-year-old castle ruin, partially demolished in the 1600s during war, overlooks the romantic and historic township of Corfe. A fascinating tour of Corfe Castle, followed by markets and tearooms in the town below makes an ideal day out for all.

10. Postsnap your weekend!
On your weekend, the top thing to do in Dorset is to download the Postsnap app. This way your beautiful photos can be shared to your friends and family in the form of physical postcards sent straight to their door.

Hopefully the weather stays beautiful and sunny for you. But if not, enjoy the tearooms and pubs of Dorset’s beautiful villages. Find out more here.

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