Top four child-friendly restaurants in San Francisco

eat out in san franciscoIf you’re heading to San Francisco, be sure to check out these restaurants. All are child-friendly, and there is something for everyone – from cheeseburgers to Vietnamese cuisine.
Tacolicious restaurant San Francisco usa

  1. Tacolicious 
    For the casual taco binge, Tacolicious on Chestnut Street is the place. Sporting the classic San Francisco ingredients of being ‘local, sustainable and organic’, there’s no reason to feel guilty here. Be sure to get there early, as this popular walk-in restaurant does not offer bookings – but they do have a takeaway service. Don’t forget your margaritas!Gott's Roadside restaurant in San Francisco USA
  2. Gott’s Roadside
    Would you like locally-sourced chilli-cheese fries with that? Gott’s Roadside is where you can find the classic American cheeseburger – with a twist. All burgers are made to order, using fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. Don’t forget your milkshake, made from organic ice cream and milk!Pacific Catch restaurant in San Francisco USA
  3. Pacific Catch
    This fish house offers the laid-back atmosphere that is loved by Californians, with a fine-dining experience. Here, you will find the best seafood and ingredients found in the Pacific, including classic fish & chips for the homesick English visitor. However, if fish isn’t your thing, try the tacos, or rice and chicken dishes. A small restaurant (so be sure to get there early for lunch!), with the freshest of fish, and fair prices.The Slanted Door restaurant in San Francisco USA
  4. The Slanted Door
    If you’re looking for a sophisticated restaurant that is a little more smart-casual, this elegant, world-renown dining destination will hit the spot. The Slanted Door offers modern Vietnamese cuisine, that has been adored by chefs and critics alike. A truly unique menu is for the food-lover in all of us.

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  1. We love Tacolicious and Pacific Catch. Slanted Door is great too. We haven’t been to Gott’s Roadside, yet, but we’ll have to add it to our Foodie To Do List. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Such a timely blog.. thank you. I’m off to San Fran soon with my four children and will certainly give your recommendations a try.

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