Wind back the clocks: 15 ways to spend your extra hour wisely

Wake up and be awesome personalised cardThe clocks are going back, which means you have one full hour at your disposal. That’s 60 minutes for you to learn a new skill. That’s 3,600 seconds for endless possibilities! Read on to get some ideas on ways to spend your extra hour…

– Turn off your phone and computer for an hour
Give yourself a break from scrolling up and down Facebook, dwelling on picturesque selfies and drooling over food photos. Give your mind a rest.

– Enjoy a good old fashioned daydream out the window
There are many benefits to doing this seemingly pointless act. Including exercising empathy and feeling closer to friends and family, according to this site.

– Check your car’s tyre pressure, water and oil
It’s just one of those chores we always put off until there is a problem!

– Start to read that novel you bought and never looked at
You might get hooked once you start!

– Quick spring clean
A bit of light dusting or polishing not only takes care of the house, but counts as a form of physical activity for you too!

– Sew on that missing button!
Everyone has a coat or cardigan that you haven’t worn since the Cretaceous Period because a precariously-placed button is missing. Now’s the time.

– Write your Christmas to-do list
Your future self will thank you.

– Prepare and enjoy an extravagant breakfast
Spoil yourself with a fruit salad with yoghurt, poached eggs on toast with spinach and tomatoes, porridge with blueberries and banana… Or all of the above!

– Get up at your usual time and go for a stroll
Just half an hour of walking can do you a world of good! Bench friends Personalised cardIt can lower the risk of heart disease and benefit your sleep patterns. Read more here!

– Do a spot of colouring in.
Once a childhood past-time, is now a well-acknowledged relaxation tool for adults. Colourfil is a particularly fantastic colouring-in app for your phone or iPad! ?

– Clean under the sofa and the sofa cushions
Who knows what you’ll find! ?

– Clean out the fridge
Culprits of mysterious smells might finally be discovered. Getting rid of expired food and left overs can be strangely therapeutic too.

-Begin writing out your Chrimbo cards
Via Postsnap of course.

– Reorganise your email
I’m sure you’ll feel far more in control of life in general once your emails are correctly tagged and in folders.

– Invest in a face or hair masque
Your hair and skin will thank you for it, and you’ll have an hour of pure relaxation.

But let’s be honest, your extra hour is probably going to be spent sleeping… ?

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