? World Teacher’s Day: Best excuses for not doing your homework

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Forget about the dog eating your homework, you need an excuse and fast! Not doing your homework is detention-worthy. So, in the spirit of World Teacher’s Day, here are some excuses for not handing in your work that your teacher might just believe…

I’m afraid this list is coming from a goody-two-shoes student. Unfortunately, the excuses I’ve always given to my teachers were the truth, and resulted in an ugly-cry, dribble smeared across my face and hair stuck to my damp eyes while screaming “I’M SORRYYYY! I-I-I-I FORGOT IT!!” as I try to catch my breath between sobs. ?  (Embarrassingly, I’m not just talking about about primary school here.)

My most unbelievably-true excuse was that my goat ate my homework. …this is not a lame spin-off of ‘the dog ate my homework’. This really happened.

We were bottle-feeding two young goats in the house (to my dad’s despair) because it was cold outside. My little goat Lucy decided to eat my geography homework (and my iPod earphones, which I was slightly more mortified about). So I handed in my homework, half-eaten. I don’t remember what the repercussions were – I probably fainted with worry, but thankfully escaped a detention. ?

But, anyway! Despite me not being a particularly bad pupil at school, I happen to think that this will work in your favour. Because all my excuses are based on real-life events. Meaning, these excuses really will work for you during your time of need:

1. My mum accidentally put it in the recycling
This really and truthfully did happen to me in Year 3. My mum threw it away during her Sunday morning cleaning frenzies. (This excuse only works if the homework is paper-based of course.) But it gives you a green tick for being environmentally friendly and recycling, plus, you’re blaming someone else for your misfortune.
Top tip: Half done is better than none done. Bring in something. Showing that you tried is better than nothing. You will likely be let off the hook or at worse given half a detention.

2. Be honest
I would imagine being honest about preferring to watch The Great British Bake Off instead of doing homework would only work if you’re usually a diligent student, and only with a particularly friendly teacher. But you might be lucky.

3. Dad put my homework in the wash
You did it, but it happened to fall on the floor and got scooped up with the dirty washing… It’s not your fault!
Top tip: Bring in some paper that has actually been through the wash so it looks like you’ve genuinely done it and tried to recover it.

4. I stayed up too late studying for the test
“I was so worried about the maths test on Thursday that I got carried away practicing and couldn’t do my homework! I simply had to prioritise… You’re not really going to give me a detention for knowing my eight-times table, are you?” ? This has worked before. No word of a lie.

5. I forgot it!
Although this sounds like a typical excuse, it can actually become a genius one. Simply follow these steps:
Walk into class
Run up to the teacher and confess you’ve forgotten your homework (look worried)
Apologise, and ask if there is anything you can do, maybe stay in during lunch? (Stay with me here, trust me with this…)
You’ve admitted it and you’re concerned and you have offered to be reprimanded. You must feel really awful… Who could possibly punish you now??

You’re welcome.

Of course, just doing your homework may be a whole lot easier. Be nice to your teacher on World Teacher’s Day, and hand in your work on time.

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