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Send a real personalized postcard using your own photos

Postsnap is an online postcard creator and free postcard app - the easiest way for you to create and send real photo postcards using your own photos.

Our online postcard maker makes it quick and easy to turn your own pictures into postcards that we print and mail for you worldwide. You can upload photos straight from your mobile, desktop, Facebook or Instagram and use Postsnap's postcard templates and creative designs to help you make the perfect personalized postcard.

No matter where you are in the world - in a coffee shop in London, in the Swiss Alps, or just being creative online at home, share your memories and send a Postsnap photo card for only £2.29/$2.57 and we will print, post and deliver it with fast worldwide shipping.

Whether you're looking for photo birthday cards, save the date cards, party invitations or just want to keep in touch by printing your own social media photos, our photo card app allows you to upload your images, add a personalized message and add even create a truly personal touch with a handwritten signature.

Here's why we believe Postsnap is the best postcard app for sending photo postcards straight from your phone:

  • Choose your own photo collage template
  • Select between large and standard postcard sizes
  • Add beautifully designed borders, colors or patterns
  • Write, move and rotate a custom message to the front of your photo postcard
  • Duplicate cards to send to multiple contacts, perfect for invitations or save the dates
  • Never lose progress, we save your card while you’re making it to make sure you don’t lose your cards
  • No sign up required when paying using Apple Pay
  • Address autocomplete lookup to make checking out your post cards even easier
  • Not just postcards! We also offer a fantastic range of photo greeting cards, invitations and even canvas prints

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