Send photos as real postcards with our Postcard App.
Only £1.99 per postcard and £3.49 per greeting card.

*our new web service lets you create and send postcards even without an Apple device

We are primarily a mobile postcard app, but we know that not everyone has an Apple device. So, we have created a new web-based photo postcard maker. This does not offer all the features and products of our mobile app, but we hope you will give us feedback to help us make it even better. Remember to download our free photo postcard app for our full range of products and features.

Postsnap Postsnap

Postsnap is the No.1 photo card app which lets you make and send real personalised postcards and greeting cards using your own photos. In just a few taps you can quickly and easily send one-of-a kind personalised photocards from your iPhone or iPad. Try it on your daily commute, during the lunch break or in the line at the local coffee shop.

Photo postcards are priced at £1.99 in the UK and $2.49 in the US. Large folded greeting cards are just £3.49 in the UK and $4.50 in the US. Prices include FREE shipping to the UK, US and Australia.

Now available in the USA, Canada, and Australia!

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Free UK, US & Australia delivery. We print & post worldwide!

Friends get your cards faster - cards to UK addresses arrive in just 2-3 days (sometimes even quicker!)

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UK delivery times

2-3 days

EU delivery times

5-7 days

Worldwide delivery times

7-10 days

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