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Up your postcard appreciation game with PostSnap’s thank you feature

Nothing says 'you're on my mind', quite like a personalised printed postcard from Postsnap. There’s a refreshing charm in receiving a joyful capture of your grandchildren playing in the pool or a heartfelt message from family members on the other side of the world. These tokens of love speak volumes, and we’re taking it one step further with our innovative thank you feature, making it even easier to express your gratitude when a personalised postcard comes through the letterbox. Read on to find out how it works…

Say thank you for your postcard in three easy steps

1) Grab your postcard & scan the QR Code

The first step to unlocking the magic of our ‘thank you’ process couldn’t be easier. Simply take out your smartphone, open up the camera and scan the QR code on the back of your personalised postcard until a handy link appears.

Say Thank You for Your Personalised Postcard

2) Type your thank you message

Click the link and the PostSnap website will open with a blank text box that’s ready and waiting for your personalised message. Whether it's a simple acknowledgement of a beautiful image or an appreciation that they’re thinking of you, our feature ensures that your response is as personal as the postcard itself.

PostSnap Personalised Thank You Feature

3) Send your personalised reply

The final step in this easy process is just one click away. Once you’re happy with your message, simply hit the send button, and your heartfelt thank you will be delivered to the sender’s email address, making the impact of your appreciation almost instant, whatever the distance.

Say Thanks with PostSnap photo printing

Send a postcard in return

For those who want to go the extra mile, PostSnap offers an additional option to send a personalised postcard in reply. This time, when the website opens, scroll to the bottom of the screen, where you'll find the 'send a postcard' button. This allows you to share the joy by sending a postcard back to the original sender, with a photograph of your choice and a thoughtful message that turns a simple thank you into a grand gesture.Whether you find yourself on a summer staycation or a family trip abroad, PostSnap makes it easy for you to send personalised postcards to your loved ones. Our user-friendly website facilitates hassle-free sending, so you can share your special moments, from the convenience of your phone. Order postcards today.

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