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Ten of the best photo frames to buy this year

Looking for the perfect picture frame for your photos? Our team has reviewed the best photo frames from leading UK retailers including Ikea, John Lewis and The Range and picked 10 of the best for a variety of photo print sizes. Read on to find out more…

Do you hang or stand? Either way, you’ll need a photo frame to display your beautiful photo prints on a wall or mantlepiece. Photo frames make a great gift too. However, there are so many options available it’s hard to know where to start when choosing the best frame to complement your photos. To help you make the right choice, and to save you time choosing the right picture frame, our team visited ten well-known UK retailers of photo frames to compare, review and rate their range of frames. We reviewed large photo frames, small photo frames and multi-aperture photo frames so there’s sure to be a recommendation ideal for you. Discover our favourite photo frames below…

1. The White Company

The White Company is a premium brand and although expensive their photo frames are stylish and elegant. It is best for top-of-the-range, luxury photo frames you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

Our favourite White Company photo frame:
Fine Silver Triple Aperture Hinged Photo Frame – 3×3”
£35.00 plus delivery

Frame dimensions – 3.15 inches high x 9.6 inches wide (8 x 24.5 cm) – This frame includes 3 hinged photo areas.
Photo print size – 3 x 3 inches without mount
Number of photos – 1

White Company 3x3 photo frame for Postsnap 3x3 photo prints

This Fine Silver Triple Aperture Hinged Photo Frame is the perfect picture frame for 3×3” photo prints. Although a little pricey at £35, a triple 3-inch square photo frame is perfect for grouping three of your favourite images together. Ideal for framing close-up images and family portraits, the frame will display three of your most treasured memories perfectly. It’s also incredibly sleek, stylish and elegant, and will add a touch of opulence to your home. 


✓ Classic and stylish frame to wow your friends
✓ Premium, Silver-plated elegant design
✓ High-quality materials and well-made
✓ Supplied in an attractive gift box
✓ Lets you display 3 photos in one frame
✓ Works really well with small 3×3 inch black and white photo prints


✗ Not easy to find 3×3 inch photo prints although these 3-inch mini prints are sold by PostSnap
✗ Pricey at £35.00 plus delivery
✗ Using the optional white mount makes the visible photo area very small and so is not ideal for very detailed photographs 

In addition to their online store The White Company also has a number of well-located stores in the UK including Westfield London, Liverpool One, Stratford upon Avon, Southampton West Quay and Meadowhall in Sheffield.

2. Ikea

Who hasn’t visited one of Ikea’s huge furniture stores as a student or newlywed? You can’t miss their impressive range of photo frames which won’t break the bank. Ikea is best for large picture frames with a fresh Scandinavian style.

Our favourite Ikea photo frame:
Ribba Frame Black – 40 cm x 50 cm 
£9.00 plus delivery

Frame dimensions20.5 inches high x 16.5 inches wide (52 x 42 cm)
Photo print sizes –Without mount: 20 x 16 inches. With mount: 16 x 12 inches.
Number of photos – 1

Ikea photo frame for Postsnap large photo prints

Although advertised as a 40 x 50 cm frame the overall frame size is 42 x 52 cm. This Ribba photo frame is an ideal photo frame for a huge 20 x 16 inches photo print. However, the frame can also be used with 16 x 12 inches photo print if using the mount which is provided with the frame. The Ribba frame is a classic photo frame and is kind to the wallet. This best-selling frame is available in black or white (we prefer the black option) and offers a clean and timeless look, making it a great all-rounder in any room. For just £9, it’s a perfect large photo frame for portraits and landscape images and is available in many other photo print sizes. This range also lends itself well to creating a gallery wall effect on the stairs. 


✓ Inexpensive and superb value for money
✓ Good-looking frame with a classic and timeless look
✓ Versatile and can be hung vertically or horizontally
✓ Comes in a large range of sizes and because it has a mount each frame can be used for two different sizes of print
✓ Easy to hang on a wall
✓ Straightforward 180-day returns if there is a problem


✗ Cheaper materials which can make it prone to instability and bowing
✗ Difficult to hang without deep hooks
✗ A very popular choice meaning there’s little individual or unique about it
✗ Perspex front can scratch if you are not careful when fitting the photo print

In addition to their online store, Ikea has a number of well-located regional stores in the UK including Southampton (our favourite), Warrington, Exeter, and Wednesbury on the M6.

3. John Lewis

John Lewis is the nation’s favourite department store and they have a large range of photo frames which are well displayed. It’s best for a wide selection of premium, high-quality picture frames some of which are from premium independent UK photo frame manufacturers. 

Our favourite John Lewis photo frame:
Wavy Slim Edge Photo Frame – 5 x 7 inches
£20.00 plus delivery

Frame dimensions7.5 inches high x 5.4 inches wide (19 x 13.8 cm)
Photo print size 5 x 7 inches
Number of photos – 1

John Lewis photo frame for Postsnap 5x7 photo prints

The Wavy Slim Edge photo frame is a great picture frame for a 5 x 7-inch photo print. This frame is available in antique effect silver or gold and a variety of sizes from 4 x 6 inches to 8 x 10 inches. Our preference is the 5 x 7-inch option. The slim profile and contemporary design complement a modern and minimalist interior and are great for emphasising artistic or landscape imagery or monochromatic prints. The neutral colour scheme allows it to fit in with most interior designs and the slim profile makes it more delicate than other bulky frames. A standing-only frame.


✓ Unique pretty and understated design which sparkles and stands out on a table or mantlepiece
✓ Lightweight with a classy, delicate design
✓ Good quality and well-made
✓ Easy to fix photo inside
✓ Can stand in portrait or landscape orientation
✓ Slim profile so more of the picture is visible
✓ Available in a silver or gold finish


✗ A little expensive compared to some other small frames
✗ Not real silver
✗ Not supplied with a mount like many other frames
✗ May not integrate with some interior design choices
✗ Not suitable for hanging

John Lewis has one of the most popular UK online retail stores and also has a great number of well-located department stores in most large UK cities.

4. The Range

The Range is an out-of-town chain of homewares stores now located throughout the UK.  It’s the best place for a large range of bargain-priced photo frames.

Our favourite Range photo frame:
Elodie Metal Mounted Frame – A4 Photo Frame in Silver
£5.49 + delivery

Frame dimensions14 inches high x 11.1 inches wide (35.8 x 28.2 cm)
Photo print sizeA4 (approximately 11.7 x 8.3 inches).
Number of photos – 1

The Range photo frame for Postsnap photo prints

The Range’s Elodie frame is suitable for A4 photo prints. This lovely Elodie picture frame from The Range was the best A4 A4-sized photo Frame we came across in our research – it’s a tasteful and elegant choice for showcasing your cherished memories. Designed with a touch of charm, this slick, smooth, polished frame effortlessly combines style and convenience. The thin metal frame and white mount ensures your photo is the centre of attention and the frame’s understated elegance makes it a perfect addition to your living room or bedroom, effortlessly blending with any interior style. This frame design is available for large A4 photo prints but also comes in smaller sizes for 6×4, 7×5 and 10×8 photo prints.


✓ Stylish and sleek silver metal frame
✓ Affordable and good value for money
✓ A popular size for large photo prints
✓ A thin frame which does not detract from the photo itself
✓ A versatile picture frame which can be hung on the wall or stood on a sideboard or mantlepiece
✓ Works equally well in portrait or landscape orientation
✓ Includes a free mount 


✗ Unusual frame size without the mount which meant we found it impossible to find a photo print to fit the frame without using the mount
✗ The actual frame size varied by 3mm compared to the advertised size in inches so it’s best to order a slightly larger print and trim it down if necessary – remember not to have any important parts of the photo near the edge of the photo as these may be trimmed off or hidden behind the mount.
✗ The very thin frame isn’t ideal if you are framing without using the white mount.
✗ Breakable glass front which works well with matt prints but is not ideal for gloss prints

The Range has a nationwide portfolio of out-of-town retail warehouse stores and an easy-to-navigate online store.

5. The Cotswold Company

The Cotswold company is a relatively small, premium homewares and furniture company offering products designed with timeless style. We think it is the best for premium, multi-aperture photo frames with classic style.

Our favourite Cotswold Company photo frame:
Fine Black Metal 7 Aperture Photo Frame
£35.00 plus delivery

Frame dimensions14.17 inches high x 14.17 inches wide (36 x 36 cm)
Photo print sizes4 x 6 inches x 4 and 4 x 4 inches x 3.
Number of photos – 7

Cotswold Company photo frame for Postsnap photo prints

Elevate your memories with this chic, beautiful and modern 7-aperture black photo frame. This large square frame features seven apertures for 2 different photo sizes and a clean white mount, allowing your best photos to tell their unique stories. The frame comes with a luxurious black velveteen standing strut for that extra touch of elegance. You will need 6 x 4 and 4 x 4 photo prints for this frame.


✓ Good value for a high-quality frame
✓ Holds 7 photos of 2 complementary sizes
✓ Stylish black frame
✓ Solid well-made frame
✓ Black velvet back adds a classy touch
✓ A statement frame ideal for hanging in a prominent position on a wall
✓ Well packaged


✗ Only available with a black frame
✗ £35 is at the top end of the photo frame prices of the frames reviewed

The Cotswold Company has a handful of stores predominantly located in the Midlands and South East and a website for online shopping.

6. Oliver Bonas

Oliver Bonas is an independent retailer offering fashionable, lifestyle products including unique photo frames for mini photo prints we haven’t seen anywhere else. We feel it’s the best retailer for quirky, well-priced photo frames you won’t find at other retailers.

Our favourite Oliver Bonas photo frame:
Gold & Glass Hanging Photo Frame 2×2″
£4.50 plus delivery

Frame dimensions – Not specified.
Photo print size2 x 2 inches
Number of photos – 1

Oliver Bonas photo frame for Postsnap 2x2 mini prints

For something a little different, Oliver Bonas has a range of stunning 2×2’ brass and glass hanging frames available for little photo prints. These little 2×2 inch picture frames come with blue, grey, green and pink velvet-like ribbons. On the market for just £4.50, the brass frame adds a touch of ju ne sais quoi to your living space, offering a unique and detailed frame for showcasing tiny photos of your cherished memories.


✓ Well-built by a reputable brand
✓ Small, dainty and reasonably priced
✓ Multipurpose and easy to display


✗ Need to buy multiple frames to achieve an effective display of photos
✗ Hanging only option
✗ It’s not easy to find 2×2 inch photo prints although these 2 inch mini prints are sold by PostSnap

In addition to their online store, Oliver Bonas has 83 well-located stores located throughout the UK including London, Northern Ireland, Scotland and the rest of the UK. 

7. Next

Next’s homewares range is the most modern and fashionable range we came across during our research. All of their photo frames are on trend with frame designs straight out of Homes and Gardens. Next is the best for fashionable photo frames which offer show home style. 

Our favourite Next photo frame:
Silver Monaco Picture Frame 6×4 inch
£10.00 plus delivery

Frame dimensions: 7.87 inches high x 5.90 inches wide (20 x 15 cm)
Photo size: 6 x 4 inches
Number of photos – 1

Next photo frame for Postsnap photo prints

If you’re yet to browse Next’s home section, you’re missing out. As well as fabulous furnishings and decor, their picture frames are some of our favourites, especially since they’re available in a range of sizes and priced competitively at between £8-£14. The style of this frame is sleek and timeless and ensures that your images are the star of the show. This Monaco picture frame is the perfect frame for 6×4 photo prints and was our personal favourite in silver but the range also includes black and gold frames and sizes for frames for 4×4, 7×5 and 10×8 photo prints. If we had to choose a photo to showcase using these frames, it would be a photo of the children or cherished family pets. 


✓ Good quality
✓ Simple and elegant show home style design which goes with virtually any room décor
✓ Unique, transparent glass border around the photo
✓ Multiple size frames that can be paired together
✓ Value of money price


✗ Full glass frames are prone to breakages and fingerprints
✗ The rectangular versions of the frame only take portrait photos

In addition to their award-winning, easy-to-navigate online store Next has stores in virtually every large UK town and city.

8. Dunelm

Dunelm is the UK’s leading out-of-town home furnishings retailer. In our opinion, it is the best for functional photo frames at super low prices. 

Our favourite Dunelm photo frame:
White Oversized Mount Square Photo Frame – 10×8
£7.00 plus delivery

Frame dimensions: 15 inches high x 15 inches wide (38 x 38 cm)
Photo print size – 10 x 8 inches with mount
Number of photos – 1

Dunelm photo frame for Postsnap photo prints

This sleek, modern 15-inch square frame comes with a mount to fit a 10 x 8 photo print. The frame is the perfect surround for any and all imagery. Whether it’s a family photo, travel memory, graduation or newborn baby photo, your images will be housed beautifully with this budget-friendly frame. Available for just £7 each this frame is also available in other sizes designed to fit 6 x 4, 12 x 12 and 12 x 8 photo prints.


✓ Bold and contemporary
✓ Perfect for creating gallery walls
✓ Budget-friendly for a modern feel
✓ Great price point compared to its competitors 


✗ Basic quality frame
✗ Perspex rather than glass front

Dunelm has a nationwide portfolio of out-of-town retail warehouse stores and an easy-to-navigate online store.

9. Habitat

Habitat has been creating original modern designs since 1964 and their range of large photo frames will give an on-trend modern galley feel to any home, especially with a set of 3 or more large frames used together on one wall. We like habitat for large photo frames. 

Our favourite Habitat photo frame:
Habitat Aluminus Metal Picture Frame – Black – 31x41cm
£20.00 plus delivery

Frame dimensions16.3 inches high x 12.4 inches wide (41.5 x 31.5 cm)
Photo print sizes – 16 x 12 inches
Number of photos – 1

Habitat photo frame for Postsnap photo prints

This popular large frame has a high-end matt black aluminium frame giving a contemporary gallery feel. contemporary. The high-quality aluminium and glass frame is lightweight and easy to hang in portrait or landscape orientation. It’s the perfect frame for large wedding photos for example. 


✓ Narrow black frame gives a contemporary, sleek, high-end look which really compliments a photo
✓ Aluminium rather than plastic frame and glass rather than Perspex front – so it feels and looks expensive
✓ Well-made and well-packaged
✓ Secure backing clips
✓ Easy to assemble and hang


✗ No option to use it as a freestanding frame – can only be hung on a wall
✗ No mount provided

Habitat is available at Argos and Sainsbury’s stores across the UK, stocking homewares such as photo frames in cities including Nottingham, Southampton, Exeter and Newcastle.

10. Marks and Spencer

We left the best to last – Marks and Spencer is the UK’s premier retailer offering classic, high-quality homewares including a great range of picture frames. It’s our favourite because you can’t fail to find a premium, reasonably priced photo frame at Marks! Their picture frames come in a multitude of sizes and in our tests they were all well-made and designed.

Our favourite Marks and Spencer photo frame:
Emelie Beaded Photo Frame 8×10 inch
£12.50 plus delivery

Frame dimensions10.7 inches high x 8.7 inches wide (27.2 x 22.1 cm)
Photo print size 8 x 10 inches
Number of photos – 1

M&S Silver photo frame for Postsnap photo prints

The Emelie is a very good quality and elegant silver beaded picture frame which will look great on any mantelpiece, sideboard or side table. It holds one single 8 x 10 photo and is perfect for displaying photos of the family especially in black and white. We were delighted with the quality and price of this frame which is also available for 6×4 and 5×7 photo prints. The best of the best in our opinion and our personal favourite for a small classy photo frame.


✓ Classic and stylish frame which is the perfect choice to display your precious photos
✓ Premium, elegant design which looks far more expensive than it actually is
✓ High-quality materials and well-made with sturdy velour backing
✓ Premium velour backing
Supplied in an attractive gift box 


✓ None that we found

In addition to their online store, Marks and Spencer also has a number of large, well-located stores in the UK which offer furnishings and homewares such as photo frames including Nottingham, Southampton, Exeter and Newcastle.

The Best Photo Frame

We love all 10 frames above and would have no hesitation in displaying them in our homes. However in our opinion the best photo frame is Marks and Spencer’s Emelie Beaded Photo Frame which is available in 8 x 10″, 6 x 4″ and 5 x 7″ sizes.

Our Picture Framing Advice

We reviewed nationwide retailers of photo frames which have an online presence to be sure you can buy the best frame for your pictures wherever you are in the UK. 

Choosing a photo frame for yourself or as a gift is a very personal choice and ideally, you want to see the frames displayed – we therefore included a link to each retailer’s store finder so that you can check if there is a store near you. If not, all 10 retailers reviewed have easy-to-use online stores offering speedy delivery.

Most photo frames are sized in metric (centimetres) whereas photo prints are sized in imperial measurements (inches) and therefore the inch measurements for frames are rounded measurements worked back from centimetre sizes. 

We found it confusing that some retailers advertise their frame sizes as the required photo size and that the photo size is different if a mount is used. For this reason, we recommend buying the photo frame and checking the aperture (photo opening) dimensions before ordering your photo prints.

It is important to remember that some of your photos will be hidden by the photo frame itself or the mount if you use one. This means that you should check that there is nothing within 1 centimetre of the edge of your photo you want to see displayed as this may not be visible once the printed photo is in the frame. 

We always recommend choosing a matt photo finish for photo prints if you plan to frame them behind glass. This is because gloss prints have a tendency to stick to the glass and give a “wavy” effect.

Order Photo Prints Online

Whether you want to make a bold statement with a large 20 x 16 RIBBA picture frame from Ikea or add a touch of glamour with a 6×4 Monaco picture frame from Next, you’ll need high-quality photo prints. 

You can find more photo print sizes than anywhere else at PostSnap, the UK’s leading online photo printing service. The PostSnap website offers easy photo upload, high-quality photo printing and speedy delivery of well-packaged photo prints in sizes from 2 x 2 inches to 20 x 16 inches. Custom-sized prints are also available if you have an unusual picture frame size.

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Creative wedding photo print ideas

They’ve arrived! One of the best moments after your wedding day is receiving the images back from your photographer. Your wedding is one of the most photographed events in your lifetime, so what to do with all the stunning images? Here we provide all the ideas and inspiration to help you soak up those special moments year after year. From the traditional to the quirky, read on for creative wedding photo print ideas.


7 creative wedding photo print ideas


1. Create a gallery wall

When it comes to wedding photos, you are going to be spoilt for choice! A gallery wall is the perfect way to showcase a selection of your favourites. When selecting which wedding photo prints to display on your gallery wall, we recommend choosing a mix of different shots – the special couple, your guests, some of the finer details like flowers or wedding rings.

What’s so great about this wedding photo print idea is you can choose a layout and frames to suit your home and décor. From matching simple black edged frames in a grid style, to a mismatched look featuring a selection of different frame finishes and sizes.


Wedding photo thank you cards

2. Print wedding photo thank you cards

Wedding photo print ideas which allow you to easily share your favourite images with your nearest and dearest and say thank you all at the same time – winning! With ready-to-go templates, it’s really simple to create thank you cards using your wedding photos. All you need to do is choose your favourite photo and if you are struggling to select just one, simply choose a collage style design.

If your wedding photos are displayed in an online gallery, why not include the link on your thank you cards so your guests can relive the day too!


3. Take over a shelf

You like the idea of displaying multiple photos in the same place, but don’t fancy the faff of putting up a gallery wall? Then try taking over a shelf in your home. A console table or large chest of drawers works brilliantly for this too.

This is one of our teams favourite wedding photo print ideas, because you can use the space to display other wedding keepsakes too, one’s which you wouldn’t be able to hang form the wall. Perhaps some dried flowers from your bouquet or buttonhole, a meaningful card, or some special jewellery.


4. Wedding photo canvas prints

This wedding photo print idea will really add some love to your walls. Give those couple shots the attention they deserve and create stunning wall art for your home. Canvas prints also make a brilliant choice to display large group shots, such as wedding family portraits or wedding party images.


Wedding photo print ideas - photo frames leaning against a wall

5. Lean photos against the wall

Looking for a more casual way to display your wedding photos prints? Try leaning your frames against a wall. For extra-large frames, we recommend placing them directly on the floor. For medium-sized frames, try positioning them on a console table or large chest of drawers. You can play around with layering different sized frames too. The results here are much more relaxed than hanging photos from a wall, an effortless but stylish way to display your wedding photo prints. And the best bit about this wedding photo print idea? It’s so simple to do, no hammering or hanging required!


6. Wedding Photo Garland display

A photo garland makes a super fun and casual way to display your wedding photo prints. You can choose to hang from twine, ribbon or for a really romantic feel, try using string lights.

What’s particularly great about this wedding photo print idea, is that you can you display lots of images, plus you can quickly and easily update the pictures too. This means more of your wedding photos can get the attention they deserve!


Wedding photo prints for wedding photo album

7. Create a wedding photo album

Wedding photography is all about capturing the story of your day and the ultimate way to relive this story is in an album.

Arguably, this is one of the best wedding photo print ideas to remember your special day with others. A family favourite; a real printed album which can be passed around and enjoyed together. The ultimate wedding keepsake.

We hope these creative wedding photo print ideas have inspired you to make more of your wedding photos. Turn your digital wedding photos into real photo prints in a matter of minutes with PostSnap so you can relive your best day ever for years to come..


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Dog photos: Tips for taking great pet portraits with your iPhone

Pets make some of the cutest (and funniest) photo subjects, but we know that photographing your four-legged friend isn’t always easy! That’s why we’ve put together our top tips for capturing dog photos on your phone.


1. Think about your location

Simple backgrounds work best when capturing photos of dogs. If you’re looking to take pet portraits in the great outdoors then a backdrop of a white sandy beach or green trees will work well.

Remember to pay attention to colour, you want your dog to stand out. For example, a chocolate Labrador will blend into a background of brown tree trunks, you want to choose a backdrop which will provide contrasting colours.


Cute dog photos - young child and her dog

2. Get down to their level

To get the best dog photos, it’s important they feel at ease. So instead of standing over them, take a knee, sit on the floor, lie on your belly, or do whatever you need to get eye-to-eye with your dog.

Not only will this help your pet to feel more comfortable, it will allow you to capture dog photos from their view of the world.


3. Add some props to your dog photos

There’s no doubt about it, props add a real personal touch to your images. If you’re looking to create cute dog photos, try taking a picture of them sitting in your arm chair (if they are allowed on the furniture of course), snuggled up in their bed, or with their favourite soft toy.

Adding a prop, or costume can also be an easy way to capture funny dog photos, so if you are looking for that laugh out loud factor try searching sites such as Pinterest for the best prop and costume ideas. A couple of our favourites, a pair of sunglasses or for that special birthday dog photo, try a party hat.


Funny dog photos

4. Time your dog photos just right

If you are looking to capture more formal-looking pet portraits then choose a time when your dog is a little sleepy. Getting a crisp, sharp shot is much easier when they are a little less active and on-the-go!

Equally, if you want some real action shots to show off their playful nature, then choose the time of day when they get that sudden burst of energy!


5. Getting their attention

The beauty of using your iPhone means you don’t need to have your own eye down a lens, so you can get the dog to engage with you. Or if you have an assistant, even better! Get them to engage with your dog whilst you concentrate on getting the shot!

When it comes to getting their attention, you will know what works best for your dog. From calling their name, making a sound they respond to, using their favourite toy or providing treats. Be sure to keep rewarding your pup between shots!


Dog photos close up

6. Get creative with close ups

For the ultimate cute dog photos, be sure to capture those close-ups. Try getting up close so your dog fills the entire frame, or snap a head shot which shows off their profile.

Feeling extra creative? Get even closer to highlight your favourite part of your dog, from their gorgeous black, wet nose to those small but perfect formed paws! Try experimenting with angles too, front on, from above at 45 degree angles.


7. Think about lighting

Most amateur photographers do best with warm, natural sunlight, so that means shooting in the mornings or evenings, on slightly overcast days, or in the shade if it’s a really sunny day.

If you’re taking photos of dogs indoors, you will want to choose a room which gets lots of natural light. You won’t want to be using a flash as this could startle your pet so opt for the room with the largest window!

Cute photos of dogs

8. Capture dog photos which are full of character

You know your dog best and their funny little quirks and traits are what you love so much – so make sure to capture them.

Perhaps you have a smiling Spaniel or a French Bulldog who will snooze in the strangest positions? Think about what makes your pet so special, and then when the opportunity arises, grab your iPhone and get snapping. Guaranteed to result in some hilarious and rather cute dog photos.


Put all of these tips into action and you’ll have a phone full of gorgeous pet portraits! With PostSnap you can take your pictures from your phone to real photo prints in a matter of minutes, so you can fill your home and albums with your favourite dog photos.

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School photos

The start of each school term marks yet another milestone in your little one’s childhood. Capturing these memories with our phones has become part of the back-to-school routine, being able to share these special moments with friends and family in photo form. We have put together our favourite ideas, inspiration and tips for capturing these school photos perfectly.


1. Be prepared

We all know how manic a morning routine can be, so it’s important to take some simple steps to ensure you have enough time for your school photoshoot. A lot of this will come from preparation the night before, have the lunchbox packed, the uniform ironed and make sure you have both agreed on the school photos hairstyles! Of course, getting up a little earlier will help too.


School photoshoot - boy sat on school steps

2. Choose your location

Taking back to school photos in front of your front door has become a firm family favourite. A door provides a clean and simple backdrop, you can also try a location in front of a brick wall for a similar, simple yet polished effect.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different try taking your photos at school itself. In front of the school gate, by your child’s peg, on school steps or with their class teacher.


3. Think about props

Adding props to your photoshoot can provide a lovely pop of colour as well as add a personal touch. Need some ideas on the types of props? There are lots of things around the house you can use such an apple, your child’s rucksack or lunchbox, their favourite book or a chalk board.

Props can add a real sense of fun to your images and if your little one suddenly gets camera shy; they make a great distraction. Ask them to interact with the props whilst you snap away!


Back to school photo - brother and sister walking to school

4. How to get candid school photos

If you’re a fan of natural, documentary style portraits, there are some simple ways to create gorgeous candid shots.

Take pictures of them whilst they get ready – brushing their hair, pulling up their socks, doing up their buttons or buckling their shoes. All of these finishing touches make perfect moments for capturing back to school photos.

The journey to school also provides ample opportunities for beautiful photos. Take your phone or camera on your walk to school to capture some great moments, holding their siblings’ hand, the moment they start skipping out ahead, carrying their schoolbag.


5. Get the end of term school photo too!

Our little one’s grow up so much between the first and last day of each school year. Capture school photos on both the first and last day of term so you can compare side by side. We recommend taking these shots in the same location each time, that way you really can see how much they’ve grown!


Secondary school photos

6. Capture school year photos

Taking back to school photos shouldn’t stop with infant school photos, keep the tradition alive all the way through to capturing secondary school photos.

From photos featuring gap toothed smiles, through to those tricky teenage years questioning the choice of hair for school photos! It may require some serious encouragement (and perhaps bribery), but you will both love looking back on your school year photos together for years to come.


7. Make more of your school photos

You’ve completed your photoshoot and your camera role is now full of school photo images – what now? With PostSnap you can take your pictures from your phone to real photo prints in a matter of minutes. Whether it’s prints for a year book album or photos to fill the frames in your home, get school photos online with PostSnap.


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Baby photos

Welcoming a new baby is a joyous occasion for your family. Those first few weeks, months and years are full of so many precious moments you want to capture for a lifetime. A baby photoshoot is the perfect way to document all those treasured memories for you to enjoy again and again. When it comes to capturing baby photos, you can choose to hire a professional for a baby photoshoot, or you can opt to capture those moments yourself. Here we take you through our top tips for achieving your own baby photoshoot at home.


1. Prepare your baby photo ideas

Before you get started, it’s good to have some shots in mind, so you know the end goal you want to achieve. If you’re not sure about the types of baby photos you are after, no problem, sites such as Pinterest or Instagram are full of baby photo ideas. Try searching for types of photos such as baby photos newborn, baby photos funny or baby photos boys. You can then put together a shortlist of your favourite baby photoshoot ideas.


Newborn baby photos

2. Capture newborn baby photos in the first two weeks

Timing is everything! If you’re looking for images capturing the true newborn stage, with the classic wrinkly newborn skin, then aim for the first two weeks. Babies are typically sleepier at this stage too, so try and time your baby photoshoot around nap time. This will help you to feel more relaxed and with a less wriggly baby it will be easier to capture your baby photos.

After two weeks your baby will be more alert, and so potentially fussy, however if you are looking to get baby photos with more eye contact and capture more of your little one’s personality, then we would suggest waiting until they are a couple of months old.


3. Time the light right

When capturing baby photos at home, you should think about when and where gets the most natural light. A north-facing window lets in indirect sunshine that’s not too harsh or glaring, as long as you have daylight, you can use this location at any time of day. You can get similar results by taking your baby photos at the right time of day, for a west-facing window that’s in the morning or an east-facing window in the afternoon.

If you want to take the shoot outside, time it for golden hour. That is the first hour after sunrise or the last two hours before sunset. These times provide optimum shooting conditions for your baby photos, the light is softer and warmer and shadows are longer.


Baby photo props

4. Use some baby photo props

Adding a few props to your baby photoshoot can give both a professional and personal feel. Need some ideas on the types of props for baby photos? There are lots of things around the house you can use such as a moses basket, a snuggly blanket or swaddle cloth, sheepskin rugs or their favourite cuddly toy.

If you want to inject some colour and fun into your baby photos, how about adding a colourful head band, or seasonal props such as Christmas stockings or a pumpkin. Another option is to find an adorable costume, a quick google search of baby photos boys or baby photos girl will provide plenty of costume inspiration.


5. Safety first

It goes without saying, safety of your newborn always comes first. Here are a few things to consider when undertaking your baby photoshoot at home. Ensure any props are sturdy and well-built. If you’re shooting from above, ensure you use the camera neck strap or a holder if shooting using a phone, just in case the device slips from your hands.

Babies comfort is also key, this will keep both you and baby relaxed and calm to get the most from your baby photoshoot. Ensure to choose props which won’t irritate delicate newborn skin, use a blanket or swaddle layer between baby and any props, just ensure they are washed in unscented detergent. Warm babies are happy babies, keep the room at an optimum temperature.

6. Get baby photos with the siblings

Baby photos with their older brothers and sisters are always a family favourite. To achieve natural shots it’s best to give their siblings a role. For example, you could ask them to read to their baby brother or sister. If they are a little younger, ask them questions to get them involved, for example can you touch babies’ nose? This will result in more candid shots whilst keeping the older ones occupied and interested – win win!


7. Do your baby photoshoot in stages

Unlike when you hire a professional photographer, a baby photoshoot at home provides the gift of time. Instead of trying to pack all the shots in a couple of hours (between feeds and changing), you can choose to take a few shots at a time over the course of a few days.

This is where your preparation really comes into its own. Be sure to have your shortlist of favourite baby photoshoot ideas to hand so you can tick them off as you go!

There are so many milestones in your babies first twelve months, opting for a baby photoshoot at home allows you to capture your baby’s growth and adventures! Try taking a picture of your little one in the same location or with the same prop once a month. This makes perfect baby photo prints for a baby photo album, scrap book or to share with family and friends.


Baby photoshoot at home

8. Capture the tiny details

For guaranteed baby photos cute factor, be sure to capture the close-ups. Photos of their tiny toes, little fingers wrapped around one of yours and don’t forget those adorable baby rolls.


9. Showcase your baby photos

You’ve put all the tips into action and your baby photoshoot is complete, now it’s time to create treasured keepsakes! With PostSnap you can take your images from camera roll to real photo prints in a matter of minutes. Whether it’s prints for your baby photo album or photos to fill the frames on your gallery wall, we’re sure to have the baby photo format for you.

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Example of what to write in a Christmas card, featuring photo Christmas cards

The sending and receiving of Christmas cards is an age-old tradition which dates back to 1843 and sitting down on a cosy evening to write your Christmas card messages is a special part of preparing for the holiday season. But when it comes to putting pen to paper, how often do you struggle to write season’s greetings for your friends and family? Our guide on what to write on a Christmas card, will provide all the inspiration you need to help you share more joy this holiday season.


Choosing your Christmas cards

We have many choices when it comes to how we wish to stay in touch with friends and family, but there is no better way to send holiday wishes than with a Christmas card.

Before you start writing your Christmas greetings, you need to select your chosen style of Christmas card. You could get crafty and create homemade Christmas cards, choose to make it extra meaningful and turn a photo into a Christmas card, or simply opt for a traditional shop bought Christmas card.


Ideas for what to write in a Christmas card

We’ve made composing a thoughtful message for your holiday card simple. We’ve categorised our ideas to ensure you have the right seasons greetings for each person on your list.


Simple Christmas card greetings

  • Merry Christmas. Wishing you all the best this holiday season.
  • Wishing you a Christmas that’s merry and bright!
  • Merry Christmas with lots of love.
  • I hope your Christmas is filled with joy and laughter.
  • Happy Holidays! I hope all of your Christmas wishes come true.
  • Best wishes for Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year.
  • Wishing you a magical and blissful holiday.
  • Peace, joy, and love to you and your family


Photo Christmas Card For Partner

Christmas card messages for your partner

  • The only thing I love more than Christmas is you.
  • It’s not what’s under the tree that matters most, it’s who’s around it. Every year I’m so grateful to have you there.
  • All I want for Christmas is you.
  • I’m so lucky to be spending another Christmas with you!
  • Merry Christmas! You’re the best gift I could ask for.
  • Christmas is magical because we’re together.
  • The best gift of all is the gift of loving you. Merry Christmas.
  • Being with you has given me something to celebrate every day. Here’s to another Christmas with you.


Christmas Card For Nanny And Grandad

Christmas card sayings for your family

  • So glad we’re family…and so grateful for all the great Christmas memories we share.
  • For me, the holidays start when we get together.
  • There is no greater gift this festive season than spending time with family.
  • You’re all so important to us. Stay safe and stay happy this holiday season!
  • Having family like you is the best Christmas gift there ever could be.
  • Grateful to be blessed with such a wonderful family. Merry Christmas!
  • You can’t choose your family, but even if you could, I’d still choose you. Merry Christmas! Looking forward to spending some time with you.
  • I’m so thankful to have been blessed with such a wonderful family with which to celebrate this meaningful time of year.
  • It makes me so happy to remember all of our special memories from the past years.


Photo Christmas Card For Friends

What to write in a Christmas card to friends?

  • So grateful to have a friend like you at Christmas and all year long.
  • The warmest Christmas wishes from our home to yours.
  • This year I have been so grateful for your friendship—thank you for being such a wonderful part of my life.
  • Christmas is a good excuse to send cards to all my favourite people.
  • It’s friends like you that make this season so special and magical.
  • Holidays are so much more special when they are celebrated with important friends like you.
  • Wishing one of my most dearest and special friends a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
  • I hope your holiday season is as awesome as you are.


Photo Christmas Card

Christmas card messages for those who are far away

  • Missing you even more at this joyful time of year.
  • We may not be together in person this Christmas, but you’ll be in my thoughts and my heart.
  • Christmas won’t feel the same without you here. We wish you a wonderful holiday time.
  • Wish we could be together this holiday season, but since we can’t, I’m sending the warmest wishes your way.
  • Thinking of you with lots of love at Christmas.
  • We are not celebrating together this year, but my love and wishes will be with you always. Merry Christmas.
  • As we celebrate this Christmas in different places, we wish for good health and well-being for all of you. A very Merry Christmas to all of you.


Words to sign off your Christmas cards

  • Love,
  • With love,
  • Love always,
  • Much love to you,
  • Best wishes
  • Warmest wishes at Christmas and always,
  • Warmest wishes,
  • Christmas blessings,
  • Best wishes
  • All my love,
  • With all our love
  • Happy Holidays
  • Merry Christmas
  • Much Love
  • Hugs and kisses
  • All the best
  • Take care
  • Yours truly
  • Sincerely
  • Cheers
  • Lots of love
  • Your friend


One-of-a-kind words for one-of-a-kind photo Christmas cards

Meaningful Christmas greetings are even more meaningful when sent in personalised photo Christmas cards. If you want to send a card you can’t find in store, why not try an online greetings card maker. PostSnap’s greeting cards apps and online greetings card marker turn a photo into a Christmas card. Easy to use and available on Android and iOS. PostSnap photo Christmas cards are available as singles as well as in packs of 5 or 10.

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How to write a postcard

Have you always wanted to send a postcard whilst on holiday but didn’t know how to write one? Well you’ve come to the right place, writing a postcard couldn’t be easier with our handy guide. 

Sending postcards to friends and family is a great way to show your loved ones just how much you care about them. Not only is it a sweet gesture but it is a fun way to share your adventures with your nearest and dearest. When it comes to how you’re going to send a postcard you have two options. You can either buy a postcard from a local shop or you can use your own photos to create your own unique photo postcard using an online postcard maker.


Postcard Format 


1. Choosing a postcard

One of the best things about sending a postcard is choosing the image on the front. This image will be the first thing your recipient sees so be sure to pick a postcard image that not only best represents your holiday but also an image you think your recipient would like best. 

Front Of Photo Postcard And Back Of Postcard With Message


2. Where to write on a postcard?

Greet your recipient on the back left hand side of a postcard but ensure you leave enough room below for a message. When writing postcards, the greeting is the perfect place to start off your message and make your recipient feel special and valued. If you’re aiming for a formal tone start your postcard with ‘Dear, (name)’. If you’re aiming for a more informal tone you could start your postcard with ‘Hello, Hi or Hey (name)’. 

Once you’ve chosen your postcard greetings, it’s now time to share holiday memories or your latest news with your recipient. Write your message on the back left hand side of the postcard just under the greeting. When it comes to writing a postcard the space is limited so your message needs to be short and sweet. Before putting pen to paper, plan what you are going to write to ensure you have enough space – there is nothing worse than running out of space in the middle of a sentence! If you’re stuck for ideas about what to write on a postcard, we run through 10 things to write on a postcard later on in this post.  

The next stage of postcard writing is signing off your postcard, so be sure to leave enough room as no postcard is complete without a heartfelt farewell to your loved ones. Choose to sign off your postcard with a ‘See you soon!, Wish you were here, Hugs from (destination)’ and be sure to include your name so your recipient knows who the postcard is from.

Back Of Postcard With Message


3. How to address a postcard

When it comes to addressing a postcard, write the recipient’s address on the right hand side. The standard postcard format has a vertical line down the middle, with a blank space to the left, and a lined space to the right. Write your recipient’s full name and address on the lined space to the right. Be sure to include the recipients full address including city/town, country and postcode.

Back Of PostCard with Postcard Address


4. Where to place a postcard stamp?

Place the stamp within the outlined box on the top right of the postcard (if purchasing a postcard from a local shop and not online). Whilst on holiday you can head to the post office, bank or petrol stations to purchase a stamp and if you’re wondering about postage rates, you can read our article, How much is a postcard stamp? Be sure that the stamp is only placed on the back of the postcard in the outlined box, anywhere else will increase the chances of the postcard getting lost.


What to write on a postcard – 10 ideas

Due to limited space on the back of a postcard it can often seem intimidating writing postcards.  Luckily, if you’re stuck for ideas, here are 10 things to write on a postcard:

  1. Share your favourite day of your trip – just come back from a boat cruise, city tour or water sports activity? Write a short description of your experience. 
  2. Say something personal – let your loved ones know how much you’re missing them. Beginning your postcard with a thought about the recipient will make them feel truly special. 
  3. Talk about the weather – has there been a day with especially interesting weather. Whether it rained, snowed or was a particularly beautiful day write a short summary to make your recipient feel closer to you.
  4. Share a local word or phrase with a translation – one of the best things about visiting a new country is getting to learn the basics of a new language so why not share your new favourite phrase. 
  5. Travel tips – what are the best must-sees around? Let your recipient know. 
  6. Fun fact about the location you’re visiting – have you learnt something interesting recently that your recipient would not know? 
  7. Explain the story behind your postcard photo – whether choosing a postcard locally or creating one online let your recipient know why the photo you’ve chosen best represents your trip. 
  8. Draw a picture that reflects your travels – don’t fancy writing, get artistic and draw a picture of your surroundings. 
  9. Share a new tradition that you’ve learned – have you attended a local festival and found a new tradition you think your recipient would love? 
  10. Write about the local food – just tried a local dish that you loved, describe the meal or even share the recipe.

Remember when writing a postcard the message on the back will be visible so be sure to not include any personal information. 

If you’re struggling to find a postcard in a local shop, why not try an online postcard maker. PostSnap’s postcard apps and online postcard maker turn your own photos into postcards in just a few minutes. PostSnap’s apps are easy to use and available on Android and iOS. PostSnap will print and mail 6 inch x 4 inch post cards worldwide from just £2.49 or $2.75 including postage.

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How much is a postcard stamp? Postcard postage rates for UK, US and beyond

We often get asked how much are postcard stamps to and from popular destinations such as the UK, Australia and the US. Here is our guide to postcard postage rate.

UK postcard stamp price

Sending a postcard within the UK is good value using the Royal Mail. A standard A6 postcard is treated the same as a small letter and costs 76p for the 1st class service or if you choose 2nd class the postcard stamp cost is 65p.

In the UK, you can purchase postcard stamps at the Post Office or major supermarkets, such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda. Whether buying from the Post Office or a supermarket, the pricing generally stays the same.

UK Postcard Stamps


USPS postcard stamps

Sending a postcard within the US is an affordable way to communicate using the U.S Postal Service. A USPS postcard stamp costs just $0.35.

US Postcard Stamp 

Postcard stamp price when sending overseas

If you are sending postcards abroad, the postcard stamps price can increase substantially.

Below you will find the postcard stamp cost for the UK, US and Australia, whether your card is being sent domestically, or internationally.


Postage rates for postcards, showing domestic and international postcard postage.

The postcard stamp rate is based on a standard A6 postcard size. Prices are correct as of 7th October.

PostSnap postcard stamp cost

We often get asked, how much does it cost to send a postcard with PostSnap? The good news is, UK postage is included as standard. Whether you are sending the postcard from the UK or abroad, as long as it is going to a UK address, the cost of the postcard stamp is covered for free.  Sending a little further afield, international postage prices are never more than £0.50 or $0.50.

Sending a personalised photo postcard straight from your phone also removes the hassle of spending any of your precious holiday time in post office queues.

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Postcard Front and Back

Standard Postcard Size UK

Standard Postcard Size USA

Picture postcards have been in existence since the 1800s, however the overall appearance and size of a postcard has hardly changed in that time. Postcards are still very popular in the UK and USA and to this day the size of a standard postcard is still based upon the original 6 inch x 4 inch format.

Postcard Size UK & Europe

The standard postcard size in the UK is 148mm x 105mm (14.8 cm x 10.5cm) which is the equivalent of A6. The postcard size in inches is 5.8 inches x 4.2 inches.

This is the size of a postcard typically found in seaside holiday resorts and sent home to family and friends. This is the standard postcard size in other European countries too. Some retail outlets also sell large postcards measuring 210mm x 148mm which is the equivalent of A5. 

When it comes to posting, Royal Mail advise that a stamp for a postcard costs the same as a letter. This means that Royal Mail will mail postcards with dimensions up to 240mm x 165mm and a thickness of no more than 5mm. The weight of the postcard should not exceed 100g.  Standard postcards of 148mm x 105mm easily fall into this category as do large postcards up to A5 size (210mm x 148mm).

The cost of mailing a postcard in the UK is currently 76p for 1st Class mail and 65p for second class mail (as of October 2020.) If you’re looking for more information on the cost of a postcard stamp, you can read our article on postcard postage rates

Postcard Size UK


Postcard Size USA

The standard postcard size in the US is 5.8 x 4.2 inches, which is the equivalent of A6 and is broadly based on the traditional 6 inch x 4 inch standard postcard format. The postcard size in centimetres 14.8 x 10.5 cm.

The traditional postcard comprises of a century-old postcard template of a photo on the front and a message and address on the back. The first postcards went on sale in the US in 1873, as a quick and affordable way to communicate, and they remain that way until this day.

Postcards are mailed in the US for as little as 35c as long as the postcard meets certain size and weight criteria as set out by USPS. The minimum and maximum dimensions of a postcard are defined as 5 inches x 3-1/2 inches to 6 inches x 4-1/4 inches. In addition, a postcard must be between 0.007 inch – 0.016 inch thick.

Postcard Size US


Standard Postcard Dimensions

The table below sets out dimensions of a standard postcard.

Standard Postcard Dimensions


Postcard Apps

The picture postcard maybe an age-old tradition, however it is a tradition which has evolved with the recent introduction of postcard apps which let users turn digital photos into real printed postcards.

With the PostSnap’s postcard apps and online postcard maker you can turn your own photos into postcards. PostSnap’s apps are easy to use and available on Android and iOS. PostSnap will print and mail 6 inch x 4 inch post cards worldwide from just £2.49 or $2.75 including postage.

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Beach personalised holiday postcard


With its effortlessly cool feel, vibrant culture and stunning architecture, it’s no surprise people are finally realising Miami is a contender in America’s great cities. At PostSnap, we’re big believers in there’s no better way to share your vacation photos than creating your own postcards with them. Our free app allows you to send your own postcards straight from your phone no matter where you are in the world. PostSnap means no stamps and no hunting for post boxes is needed so you can spend your time soaking up the city vibes.


We’ve rounded up the top five things to see on your vacation to Miami, and the absolute best shots to take for perfect postcards back home!



  • Everglades National Park


No trip to Miami is complete without a day trip to Everglades National Park. One of the most renowned locations for wildlife in the USA, the Everglades consists of 1.5 million acres of wetlands, marshes and mangrove forest. The entrance to the park at Homestead is an hour’s drive away and it’s only a short drive on to trails, lookouts and abundant wildlife. We recommend taking shots of walkways that stretch out into miles of greenery, views from observation towers (we recommend the Shark Valley Observation Tower) and of course the iconic airboats that are easily the best way to see the wildlife on offer. Bicycles can also be rented out: the flatness of the park makes it the perfect place for a bike ride.

Perfect For: Explorers & Wannabe David Attenbourghs


  1. Wynwood Walls

Wynwood is one of Miami’s coolest neighbourhoods but it’s main attraction is the collection of street art and murals at Wynwood Walls. This outdoor art gallery showcases some of the best street art, and is the perfect way to spend a morning or afternoon admiring the art. Each wall has a unique design, and it’s a perfect spot for brightly coloured photos for your postcard. The gallery also has its own bar and kitchen, meaning it’s the perfect place to chill out and soak up the city vibes. The neighbourhood of Wynwood is also filled with cool food markets, eateries and art galleries, meaning there’s plenty to see and do. Send a postcard with shots of the street art for the perfect colourful message back home.

Perfect For: Hipsters and Art Enthusiasts.


  1. South Beach

A classic and an essential. Palm trees, quirky lifeguard houses and perfect white sand make this one of the most well known beaches in the world. Take photos of the beach to make everyone at home wish they were on vacay with you. South Beach is also home to dreamy art deco architecture that dominates the seafront. Essential shots include the multicolour lifeguard towers which stretch for miles up South Beach and shots of the Art Deco District. South Beach is also home to Miami’s vibrant nightlife; take shots of the art deco buildings glowing with neon and all the hustle and bustle of the city’s most iconic neighbourhood.

Perfect For: Sunworshippers & Nightowls


  1. Fairchild Tropical Gardens


Retreat to the quiet side of town by visiting the Fairchild Tropical Gardens. This expanse of tropical parkland is one of the best tropical gardens, complete with its own tram tours and a butterfly house. The collection of plants in this tropical garden is a beautiful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city, and also offer an array of plants that make perfect postcards for gardeners back home and budding horticulturalists. Spend a morning here for a tropical retreat in nature not far away from the hub of the city.


Perfect For Plant Moms


  1. Little Havana

Cuba and the US’s history is long and complicated, but nowhere do the two merge so wonderfully than Little Havana, east of the city centre. This neighbourhood is home to the large Cuban diaspora and exiles , and is the perfect blend of American cool and Cuba’s latina feel. Stroll along Calle Ocho, Miami’s answer to the Hollywood Walk of Fame honouring Latina artists to see the area’s rich heritage or stop at the many food stalls and Restaurants for some of the best cuban food in the country. With the background of cigar smoke and latin music, this lively neighbourhood is a must see. Take photos of street food to make your family and friends’ mouth water or head to Domino Park for scenes of old men playing Dominos and smoking cigars.


Perfect for: Foodies and Budding Historians


Where are your favourite spots in Miami? Let us know and we’ll keep our eyes pealed. PostSnap is a free app, designed to turn your photos into lovely things that makes it easier to stay in touch. Whether you’re on the other side of the world and sending a postcard back home or you need a last minute birthday card, our easy to use app has got you covered. Download today from the app store or head to www.postsnap.com to make your first postcard!


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